During pregnancy, should the husband derailment divorce?Listen to what these women say

Marriage is an important part of life, and the derailment of husband during pregnancy may bring great pain and trouble to women.Facing this issue, different women may have different views and choices.Today, let’s listen to the four women’s views on whether her husband derailed during pregnancy.

The first woman was Yang Lei. She believed that her husband’s derailment during pregnancy was an unacceptable betrayal and should be decisively divorced.She said that her husband was derailed during pregnancy, which caused huge damage and pain to her. Her husband’s infidelity caused her to lose trust in marriage.She believes that since her husband chose to betray when she needs him most, it shows that he is no longer serious about the marriage.Although divorce will bring a momentary pain and inconvenience, she thinks that there is no meaning of marriage without trust and security.

The second woman is Zhang Lin. She believes that her husband’s derailment does not necessarily divorce during pregnancy, depending on the specific situation and the relationship between husband and wife.She said that during pregnancy is a special stage in marriage, and husbands and wives may experience various changes and challenges.If the husband’s derailment is only temporary emotional distress and does not cause great harm to this relationship, she thinks she can consider giving her husband a chance.She believes that through sincere communication and support, husband and wife can re -establish a trust and happiness marriage.

The third woman is Wang Jing. She resolutely advocates that her husband derails to divorce during pregnancy.She said that her husband’s derailment during pregnancy is a betrayal and irresponsible behavior of the entire family.She believes that women during pregnancy are in a very fragile state, and need a safe and stable environment to ensure the health of herself and the fetus.Her husband’s derailment brought her great harm and insecurity. She firmly believed that a husband without a family responsibility was not worth going to continue his life with him.She believes that divorce is for the happiness of herself and children, and there is no reason to stay in such a marriage.

The fourth woman is Liu Fang. She thinks that her husband derails needs to be regarded as a matter of time, and it is not advisable to make a decision by impulse.She said that she has experienced many ups and downs in marriage, and every husband and wife occasionally have problems and frictions.Pregnancy itself is a test of husband and wife relationship. If the husband’s derailment is only a momentary error and loss, she thinks she can try to understand and forgive.She believes that emotional problems can be solved through communication and understanding. Divorce is just a solution to avoid reality, not the fundamental way to solve problems.

The above is the different views of the four women’s derailment during pregnancy.Faced with such emotional dilemma, everyone has their own choices and decisions.Divorce is an extreme solution that needs to think carefully and rational judgment.Before making a decision, we can try to communicate and understand each other’s position and motivation, and we must also pay attention to our inner needs and happiness.Only in the balance of rationality and sensibility can we make a decision to satisfy ourselves.In any case, I hope everyone can find their own love and happiness.

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