During pregnancy, the bloating is not fart?These 4 little tricks may help you with one arm

Many pregnant women will encounter such embarrassing things during pregnancy, that is, there will always be a gas in the stomach.However, it cannot be discharged by farting.In fact, pregnant women find that their stomachs have flatulence but can’t put farts. This situation is very obvious in the second and second trimester of pregnancy.However, this phenomenon is also very normal.Because the fetus will gradually grow, the uterus of pregnant women will continue to increase.The uterus will cause some compression of the gastrointestinal of pregnant women, and normal peristalsis will be affected, which will cause pregnant women to indigestion.So, how can pregnant women let farts be released?

How can pregnant women let farts release?

1. During pregnancy, it is not impossible to do exercise, but the pregnant woman can exercise appropriately under the situation of being suffered, which has certain benefits for themselves and babies.If pregnant women feel flatulence, they can go outdoors to promote intestinal peristalsis and defecate or exhaust as soon as possible.

2. In daily diet, you should eat more foods that can promote digestion, such as oranges, apples and tomatoes.These foods are sweet and sour, which can promote digestion and alleviate the symptoms of flatulence.

3. Women during pregnancy are relatively special. Even if they find their belly swelling, they must not eat at this time.Because the development of the fetus needs to rely on the nutrition of food, it can reduce the burden on the stomach and intestines by eating less meals, so that the stomach has more space to digest food.You can take a meal of 6 to 8 meals a day, but do not eat too much for each meal, and you ca n’t eat those foods that are difficult to digest.Yogurt can not only supplement calcium and protein, but also a very nutritious food, but also promote the growth of the beneficial bacteria in the large intestine.Drinking a small cup of yogurt may promote defecation.

4. Maintaining the smooth stool is very helpful to reduce the appearance of flatulence.If the feces cannot be discharged in time, it will be accumulated in the large field, and a certain amount of toxicity will be produced.In addition, the performance of flatulence will be more serious.For pregnant women itself, constipation will be more likely to occur.Therefore, during pregnancy, too much water should be supplemented so that this can promote bowel movements.Pregnant women are best to drink more warm water, eat more crude fiber foods, and mainly use fresh vegetables and fruits to improve the stomach.

In short, pregnant women need to pay attention to their activity during pregnancy.If the amount of activity is reduced, there will be more foods, and they belong to large supplements, which will easily lead to flatulence of the stomach.In addition, eating too fast can also affect your own health. It is best to eat some food that is easy to digest. Each meal should ensure the diversity of food.You can usually go outdoors and walk, so that you can regulate your emotions, and at the same time, it can promote the digestion of the stomach and intestines.

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