During pregnancy, there are three expectant mothers, and it is difficult to lose weight after giving birth.

Many women become obese after pregnancy, looking forward to gaining weight quickly after giving birth.But the reality gave us a heavy blow: the female star was pregnant in October, and it could return to her body before confinement; and some Baoma couldn’t lose weight for three or four years after giving birth, and could only look at her previous small size.The clothes were crying empty.

Why can some people recover their bodies soon after giving birth, but some people are difficult to recover?The key is during pregnancy!If expectant mothers have the following three characteristics during pregnancy, it will be difficult to lose weight after giving birth, and special efforts need to be worked.

1. Excess weight growth

Under normal circumstances, the total weight growth during pregnancy should be around 12kg. The specific growth is 2kg in the early stages of pregnancy.If the weight increases too much, it will not only cause the expectant mother to find too much fat accumulation, it is difficult to lose weight after giving birth, and it is easy to produce "huge children", which affects the baby’s health.

Many people think that they are fat after pregnancy to provide sufficient nutrition for the fetus.This idea is wrong. During pregnancy, you cannot eat and drink without restraint. Instead, you must learn to eat a reasonable diet to achieve a balanced nutrition. Regularly measure your weight to adjust your diet.

2. Sit and play with your mobile phone after eating

After pregnancy, because of the bulky body and inconvenience in action, the expectant mothers started to become lazy. After eating, they played mobile phones on the sofa, but they were unwilling to move.

Look at those female stars, and insist on going to the gym after pregnancy. Some are eight months pregnant. The abdomen still has only a slight bulge. Other parts have not changed. Of course, they can quickly return to their pre -pregnancy figure.

During pregnancy, expectant mothers should move more. Proper exercise can enhance physical fitness and reduce fat accumulation. It has great benefits for the development and postpartum weight loss.

Third, someone will help bring children

Although some women are a lot of fat during pregnancy, they can lose weight quickly after giving birth for a month. This is because it is a very hard thing to bring children. It is necessary to get up at night to feed and change diapers.The body has also lost weight.

If someone at home helps to bring children, Baoma can be much easier, and it is difficult to lose weight if you don’t deliberately lose weight.

What about you, how much do you get fat during pregnancy, how long does it take to lose weight after giving birth?

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