During the couple’s pregnancy, men’s food should be avoided as much as possible. Maybe you can see if your husband has eaten?

As the saying goes, you are pregnant in October and give birth.In every family, I hope that the couple will have the crystallization of love.This is also the performance of love each other, and also hopes to pin the relationship between the two people on the child.There are no thoughts about men and women now, and they are all paying attention to eugenics, and the couple are in the process of preparing for pregnancy. If they do not pay attention, they will not succeed in preparing pregnancy.

For example, her friend Xiaoli always came back when she went to the hospital to check the day before yesterday.No need to ask, and they have been pregnant for two years, and they have never been pregnant.Yesterday, he asked him what was going on. He said that when he went to the hospital for examination, the doctor said that there were no problems, but his husband had some problems.His friend Xiaoli replied that during this time, the doctor asked her husband to correct some food.Yes, and her husband often has the habit of drinking coffee, which has caused pregnancy and sperm.

And her husband often loves smoking and drinking, which makes sperm vitality worse and worse.Then Xiaoli said that some food doctors said that they should not choose to eat. If you persist for a while, see if you find it.So today, let’s find out what are the attention of men during pregnancy and which foods cannot be eaten?Let’s share it today.


Now for many white -collar workers or office workers, they like to drink coffee. Coffee can be refreshing, and the taste is also particularly fragrant. Many people have become part of life during the process of drinking coffee.And lead to indirect excitement of our nervous sense.And when the nerve activity is frequent, it may be under pressure, resulting in a decrease in male sexual function, and finally wants to drink coffee.

fried food

Nowadays, foods are dazzling. Many men go out to go shopping and like foods such as fried chicken legs or chicken chops. These fried foods are harmful to our health. Now these fried foods and a large amount of oil cannot be replaced.There are many carcinogens, starch foods of fried foods contain carcinogens, such as acrylamide.It may lead to the phenomenon of small and weak sperm. If you eat frequently, it will easily lead to sperm quality.


If you often eat too much garlic, it is easy to cause lethality to sperm, but now you still eat less garlic during pregnancy. Do not eat it during pregnancy. Just control it.It is best to cook or pickle garlic and eat, so that cooked plans may reduce lethality of sperm.


Celery is also one of the foods that we like to eat more. He is very good. Dietary fiber can not only help us discharge black stools, but also reduce hypertension. Men should eat less celery during pregnancy, because there are celery in celeryInhibit the substances produced by testicide affect sperm and quality.And during pregnancy, I still eat less, which is to avoid unsuccessful pregnancy.

Soybean products

Soy products are also divided into many types. For example, tofu is loved by women, and eating tofu has beauty, beauty, whitening skin care, and protects the benefits of breasts.But those who still pay attention to eat tofu or try to eat good tofu as much as possible. Do not eat more. If you eat it every day in the soy products, it may lead to a decline in the quality of men’s sperm, and this isoflavone is the best to supplement women to supplement women.of.

For Xiaobian’s article, during the preparation of the husband and wife, men’s food should be avoided as much as possible. Maybe you can see if your husband has eaten?

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