During the period of pregnancy, the 4 major dietary precautions, the pet owner must pay attention to

There are more and more people raising dogs now, and when dogs are pregnant, there are many precautions for diet. Do you know?Today, let’s talk about the 5 major diet that it needs to pay attention to during the dog’s pregnancy!

After the dog is pregnant, its body is weaker than before, so be sure to pay special attention to its diet.First of all, the dog cannot feed it cold food and water during pregnancy, because it is easy to stimulate the dog’s stomach, which causes vomiting and gastroenteritis, and can easily cause the dog’s abortion. Therefore, the pet owner must pay attention toEssence

After the dog is pregnant, the nutrients needed by the body will increase, especially the lack of calcium and protein. Therefore, it is necessary to give the dogs with protein -containing foods, such as animal organs, eggs, pet calcium tablets, etc.Of course, dog food also needs to choose some natural grains containing calcium and protein, so as to fully supplement the dog with nutrition.

During the dog’s pregnancy, it is very important to ensure that the dog’s nutritional balance is very important.Therefore, in order to ensure sufficient nutritional needs of dogs and promote the smooth production of dogs, pets can feed dogs with goat milk powder.This can ensure both nutritional needs, but also make dogs grow better.Of course, after the baby is born, it can also feed it some goat milk powder to enhance resistance and immunity.

During the dog’s pregnancy, the most important thing is to pay attention to changes in the amount of food.Within one month of pregnancy, the amount of pet feeding does not need to change, just as the normal period; and in the second stage, it is one and a half months of pregnancy. You can feed the dogs with meat and eggs;In the last stage, the amount of dog food will increase significantly, and then you can add lunch once a day.

Raise dog staple food matters:

The nutritional ingredients needed during pregnancy during pregnancy are much higher than usual, especially calcium and protein, so at this time, the staple food dog food is best to choose a high calcium content, and it is a high -protein, low -fat natural food, can supplementCalcium and protein, rich and easy to absorb.Occasionally feed some fruits and vegetables, so that nutrition is more comprehensive.

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