During the pregnancy, judging whether it is "pregnant", and the personal clothes may give you the answer

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Preparation is a complicated and hard -working process. During this period, in addition to paying attention to physical conditions, women found that pregnancy is more helpful to protect pregnant mothers.The process of preparing for pregnancy is always full of expectations. Once the pregnancy is successful, the pregnant mothers feel the joy of the lottery.

Usually, women discovered that they were pregnant after menstruation, but in fact, there were other signs that could also prove that the pregnant mother was pregnant, such as seeing the clue from personal clothes.


Some time ago I saw a post on the Women’s Forum, and a expectant mother Lili shared her pregnancy experience.Lili has been actively preparing for pregnancy, but she has not succeeded for a long time. When she was discouraged, Lili found that she had the phenomenon of leucorrhea.

This made her feel that this may be inflammation in the lower body, and she was even more confident in preparing for pregnancy.So Lili did not have the intention to do a check. After a few days, Lili went to see the doctor after packing her mood. When she explained her situation with her doctor, the doctor suggested that she have a pregnancy test.

Lili was wondering, but she felt happy.After the examination, Lili was really successful.It turned out that Lili thought that she had inflammation was not a real inflammation but a manifestation of pregnancy.After coming out of the hospital, Lili quickly announced to her family that the good news officially entered pregnancy.


During pregnancy, being stimulated by progesterone, the body secretion of pregnant mothers will change significantly.Careful pregnant mothers will find that the material on the clothes is different from the past in the early days of pregnancy.Some pregnant mothers think it is physical inflammation, but it is actually a normal manifestation of pregnancy.When the pregnant mother does not know whether the pregnancy is successful, you may find the answer from the secretions on the underwear.

The signs on the underwear during pregnancy

Symptom 1: Increase leucorrhea

Women have leucorrhea secretion every day. This is normal. When pregnant mothers are pregnant, they will find that leucorrhea increases significantly. The amount of cervical mucus secretion has changed significantly, and it will be more prominent in about ten days of ovulation.

Symptom 2: The leucorrhea becomes dirty

Under normal circumstances.The leucorrhea is transparent, or it is milky. When the pregnant mother finds that the leucorrhea has become dirty, there are other secretions, which implies to the success of pregnancy to some extent.

Symptom 3: Blood wire in the leucorrhea

When fertilized eggs, it will cause blood vessel cracking, which causes blood wires in the leucorrhea, usually disappearing in about 2 days, and this is significantly different from the time of menstruation.This is also relatively easy to be prepared to be prepared for a signal of successful pregnancy.

What should I pay attention to during my husband and wife during pregnancy?

Note point 1: Check your teeth before pregnancy

Many pregnant mothers will ignore this. In fact, this is very noteworthy during pregnancy.If you have to repair your tooth before pregnancy, you will have great risks during pregnancy, and may even cause abortion.

Note points 2: Women who take contraceptives need to pay more attention to

Start taking contraceptives at least one month before pregnancy.If you take long -term contraceptives, you should prepare for pregnancy after half a year.The specific situation can be operated under the instructions of the doctor, and it should not be too intertwined.

Note points 3: Adjust your physical condition

Reduce activities with a large amount of labor, maintain an appropriate amount of exercise, and adjust the body in the best state.Avoid too fatigue and exposure to irritating external environment.For example, the radiation and noise environment should stay away from women.

Pay attention to 4: Pay attention to the diet

Keep nutritional supply, do not picky eaters, pay attention to supplement folic acid.At the same time, improve bad living habits, reject tobacco, alcohol and garbage food.Women who are too obese should pay attention to diet and try to maintain their weight within the range of health.Women with light weight should also pay attention to adjusting weight.

During pregnancy, women should maintain a peaceful mentality. Excessive anxiety or anxiety is not conducive to conception.Many pregnant mothers will find that long -term pregnancy is not effective, but it is successful to prepare for pregnancy with her husband, which means that relaxation of mood is also important.What else do you know about pregnancy?What are the experiences of this?

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