Early exercise or rest in early pregnancy?Why do pregnant mothers always feel particularly tired, the answer is like this

Early pregnancy is a vital stage for each pregnant mother, because when many pregnant mothers first learned that they were pregnant, they would look more excited. HoweverWhat is followed by severe pregnancy reactions, some pregnant mothers will have severe pregnancy, and some pregnant mothers often feel tired, always in a more tired state.This is the case after Lily’s pregnancy, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, we all know that the pregnant mother needs a series of changes to the body. At the same time, some doctors suggest that Lily can do some appropriate exercises in the early pregnancy.It is very good for the fetus, so Lily has always followed the doctor’s instructions, and every time Lily went downstairs to take a walk, the pregnant dad was particularly uneasy and kept with Lily. After recently, Lili walked back and always felt thatIt is particularly tired, and you have to breathe after entering the house. At this time, the pregnant father is not assured. Worried about whether Lily’s walking time is too long, so it will be so tired. After reading the book to check it, it means that in the early pregnancyWhen the pregnant mother will feel more tired than usual due to changes in physical hormones, and this kind of tiredness is not related to walking and exercise. This is a feeling of the pregnant mother itself, but there are some pregnancy.Due to the differences in physical fitness, the mothers cannot adapt for a while, and they will feel more obvious.

Therefore, the pregnant mother must pay more attention to rest in the early stages of pregnancy. Although the proper exercise may have certain benefits to the fetus, if the pregnant mother always feels tired and tired, it is recommended to rest more to avoid the appearance of the body that is not conducive to the body.Symptoms, and early pregnancy is the most prone to stems and abortion, so pregnant mothers must rest in bed, so as to help the embryo develop better, and also allow the fetus to better settle in the pregnant mother’s belly.EssenceHowever, pregnant mothers must remember to be a little bit. In addition to rest in the early stages of pregnancy, pay attention to the following two points:

1. Cultivate a good sleeping habit

We all know that in the early stages of pregnancy, we often feel that the body is very tired, and at the same time feel that his body will be particularly heavy, so you usually rest early. Sometimes when you lie on the bed during the dayThe situation, so pregnant mothers may wish to cultivate a good sleeping habit with this time, which is very helpful for the entire pregnancy.

2. Supplement folic acid on time

We all know that for women who are preparing for pregnancy, they should usually start to supplement folic acid from before pregnancy, and the same is true for pregnant mothers in the early stages of pregnancy. After pregnancy, folic acid must be supplemented on time, because this is not only about whether the fetus can be healthy whether the fetus can be healthyAt the same time, supplementing folic acid is good for pregnant mothers and fetuses, and the current recommendation of China is: from 3 months before pregnancy, 0.4 mg of folic acid is added daily, and the entire pregnancy week is continued.However, the pregnant mothers need to pay attention to it, and still take their own situation and the quantity of the doctor’s advice.

In fact, no matter which pregnant mothers in the early pregnancy, it is a very important stage. Of course, the pregnant mothers must pay attention to the changes in their bodies in the early stages of pregnancy.I wish pregnant mothers a baby safely and smoothly.

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