Early pregnancy end pregnancy, choose abortion or drug flow

Not every little life will be popular in this world, some are hard -working, but some are unexpected encounters, or irresponsible love results, so many people will choose to terminate pregnancy during early pregnancy.EssenceWhy do n’t contraceptive measures when you love and love? For young men and women, the initial taste of the forbidden fruit will always make them feel affection. Boys feel that wearing a cover affects their own feelings, and girls do n’t have the consciousness of eating contraceptives.What is the first seven and eight safety periods, and even some even the consciousness of contraception. It was not until the aunt did not come to the door for a long time, swelling, and disgusting drowsiness. I found that I was pregnant.How to solve this irregular bomb.At this time, it will consider whether it is drug or flow.

If you don’t want a child to get pregnant, you have to go to the hospital for abortion within three months as soon as possible.Regardless of whether it is abortion or medicine, you must first do a B -ultrasound in a regular hospital to confirm whether it is internal pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy.Only by confirming that in the palace pregnancy can we choose abortion or drug flow.The abortion of the drug refers to taking medicine. By using Mepitone, maco anterior alcohol, etc. to terminate the pregnancy within 49 days of menopause, the general drug flow needs to be taken for three consecutive days.On the third day of taking the medicine, the stomach hurts after taking macoly, and the embryo will be discharged.If the embryo cannot be completely discharged and stuck in the uterine mouth, which will affect uterine contraction, it may cause major bleeding. Therefore, on the third day of the drug flow, a regular hospital with surgical conditions must be taken to take medicine, and it is ready to perform clearance surgery at any time.

The flow of people is also what we call surgery to terminate pregnancy, because to perform uterine cavity operations may cause damage to cervix and endometrium. In severe cases, uterine perforation can occur, and negative pressure attraction is generally done within ten weeks of pregnancy within ten weeks of pregnancy.Through a metal tube connected to the negative pressure attractor, enter the uterine cavity to absorb the embryo tissue. By 10-14 weeks, the large tissue must be tied first, and then the remaining tissue is used to suck the remaining tissue with negative pressure.At present, it is mostly used to discharge tissues and other tissues first, and then use negative pressure to suck the residual tissue, which is less damage than direct clamping.If the medicine flow fails or cannot be discharged, a direct pliers need to be treated when the bleeding is too much.

In short, the flow of drugs and abortion each have their own advantages and disadvantages.Drug flow is less damage to the human body, which is more convenient, but it is easy to flow clean. In the end, you have to choose the Qing Palace.The flow of people is short and the success rate is high, but the damage is great.In recent years, painless abortion has appeared in recent years. I can go to work on the same day, and the technology is also improving, but the premise is that a regular hospital must be done.My life.Therefore, girls, instead of whether he is hesitant or abortion, or the most important thing about taking contraceptive measures.

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