Earn 400 million to achieve financial freedom!Papi sauce has a child, and the confinement of pregnancy is "forced" to move bricks

Just now, Papi sauce announced on Weibo that his good news of his smooth production: "Hello everyone, I unloaded, mother and son are safe. Ah, I’m really amazing!"Onlookers.

Some people have coaxed their children to be born in March, and surname Hu, it is better to name Hu Han San!They have warmly welcomed the arrival of new life. On the other hand, the arrival of new life also adds a color to this dark period. The arrival of new life also indicates that darkness is about to pass.Good!

Remember that Papi sauce frankly said in Mango Entertainment that "earning 400 million to achieve financial freedom, and plan to achieve financial freedom within 50 years."The remarks of papi sauce have always been relatively bold and open. She has a lot of fans on the sorting and viewpoints of her parents, partners, friends, and children.Papi sauce, since the short video is hot, has always been the image of independent women, and also a representative of independent women. From her studio to the present results, it is evident.

It is not just talking about the PAPI sauce that plans to make enough 400 million in 50 years.After announcing the news of pregnancy, she has always insisted on "business", and she has always insisted on "moving bricks" to earn milk powder during pregnancy.According to her plan, she may not wait to take the "moving bricks" to continue earning milk powder before finishing the confinement Papi sauce.

The "utopia" in the hearts of most people is the "utopia" in the hearts of most people. Successful people in society have been promoting to have a side business in addition to formal work to achieve financial freedom as soon as possible.Both office workers and student parties are eager to achieve financial freedom as soon as possible and live a life of cats and dogs.Of course, if you have time when you work, of course, it is good to make some sideline business. If your own official work is not done well, you will want to rely on the side business to realize financial freedom, and you will inevitably avoid it.

Only 400 million can achieve financial freedom. This is the self -measure of PAPI sauce on financial freedom.In addition to the consumption of the house and the family, she also has the daily expenses of the studio and the salary benefits of the staff.Now with children, educational expenditures from milk powder to future are a large amount of expenses in Beijing.Therefore, PAPI sauce is pregnant and confinement may be "forced to move bricks.The survival pressure of first -tier cities cannot be underestimated.

In addition, women’s emotions and psychology must be paid attention to after production.Too many postpartum anxiety and postpartum depression are obvious to all, and it is really important to give mothers timely and necessary care, attention and care for timely and necessary care.

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