Eat hot pot to get fetal deformity?Real "dangerous foods" during pregnancy, pregnant women must hold back

After pregnancy, it became the "first -level protection" object in the family. Even if you want to eat a hot pot, you have a loved ones: "Eat less hot pot, it is not good for the fetus!", And even say that eating hot pot can cause fetal malformations.

First of all, we need to know that there are many reasons for causing fetal dysplasia or deformities, including drugs, environment, genetic inheritance, etc. The improper diet of many reasons is one of them. In fact, the real "dangerous food" during pregnancy is these!Pregnant women have to hold back.

Food contaminated by mercury

For some fish and shellfish contaminated by mercury, pregnant women should try not to touch.Because mercury accumulation is accumulated in the body, it can cause fetal congenital mercury poisoning, and it is more likely to develop dysplasia and low intelligence after birth.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) clearly states that it should be avoided during pregnancy to avoid eating sharks, catfish, square fish and swordfish. Eating fish does not exceed 340 grams per week.More than 170 grams.

In addition, pregnant women should also avoid eating any raw fish or grilled scorching fish.

Food contaminated by pesticides

DDT and Six Six Six, these are the names of pesticides. This type of organic chlorine pesticide has a very strong accumulation. It enters the pregnant woman through the polluted food and then enters the placenta through the blood circulation of pregnant women.wait.


Some pregnant mothers drink alcohol because of work needs before pregnancy, and some pregnant mothers usually have a drink.Regardless of the situation, please do not touch alcohol once you are pregnant, because alcohol has been recognized as teratogen.

If the man drinks during pregnancy, it may also affect the quality of the fetus.If you drink alcohol during pregnancy, alcohol in pregnant mothers will enter the fetus through the mother and baby barrier, and a large amount of alcohol will cause fetal alcohol syndrome.

Foods that cause bow -shaped infections

Raw raw milk without regular disinfection.For example, the last time I saw it on the Internet. A tricycle was pulled on the tricycle, and there was a sign next to it, saying: "Now squeeze goat milk."Please stay away from this milk product.The current cooked salad, such as chicken salad, tuna salad, seafood salad, etc., placed in the refrigerator for a long time, may have Li’s disease.Uninterrupted meat stored in the refrigerator may suffer from Li’s mixture and toxoplasma disease if pregnant women eat.Toxoplasma infection can cause baby developmental disorders, even abnormal or dead production, especially infection during early pregnancy, and the incidence of terators is high.

What foods do hormones often exist?First of all, we need to know that this raw worm is a family cat as the end of the host, with strong vitality and resistance to frozen and dryness.It often exists in the meat and eggs of poultry such as sheep, dogs, cattle, horses, rabbits, and poultry such as meat or chickens.

How to prevent hormone infections?Cooking meat foods should be cooked and avoid contact with possible infected animals during pregnancy.Antibody screening can be performed during pregnancy.Pregnant women should not eat half -life eggs such as hot spring eggs and sunset red eggs.In addition, some foods contain unfamiliar eggs, and do not eat.Including Tiramisu, homemade ice cream, chocolate mousse, homemade egg wine, etc.

The most dangerous food during pregnancy

If the above food may affect the mother and baby, there are some foods that can directly affect, that is, the dying puffer fish, wild mushrooms and other foods. Pregnant women are determined not to eat.

Back to the beginning of this article, will pregnant women eat hot pot, will it cause fetal malformations?In fact, there are not a few people who eat hot pot after pregnancy. As long as the meat of the hot pot is cooked before eating, generally pregnant women can use food, but do not greedy oil and spicy. If you eat too much, you will cause fire.

① Balanced diet, diversified food, and pregnant women do not eat.

② The whole process is mainly a light diet, less sugar, less oil, and less salt.

③ Supplement enough water, mineral water or boiled water is the best drink during pregnancy.Occasionally you can drink a little juice, but you should control the amount to avoid ingesting too much fructose.Coca -Cola, strong tea, and coffee do not.

④ In addition to three meals a day, you can add meals once a meal in the morning and afternoon.

⑤ Fresh vegetables and fruits must not be less. Ordinary pregnant mothers should not exceed half a catty every day. Pregnant mothers with gestational diabetes eat fruits under the guidance of a doctor.

⑥ Eat less food: fast food, instant noodles, secret foods, pine eggs, etc.

⑦ Eating animal liver 1 or 2 times a week can achieve iron supplementation.

⑧ Take half a catty of pure milk daily to avoid sugar milk.

重 Pay attention to weight changes during pregnancy and should not be overweight.

Early pregnancy diet (1-3 months)

At this stage, the fetus is small and the nutrition is less. Pregnant women usually eat normally.However, some pregnant mothers vomit in early pregnancy in about one month of pregnancy, which seriously affects eating.

At this time, you can eat less meals and choose some dry foods such as dried bread and biscuits, which can relieve early pregnancy vomiting.Under the guidance of a doctor, supplement B1, B2, B6, Vitamin C, and folic acid.

Dietary and late pregnancy (4-9 months)

During this stage, due to the faster growth and development of the fetus, the pregnant mother’s vomiting response also disappeared. Pay attention to supplementing nutrition for maternal and infant needs.You can eat more animal blood, liver, red meat and iron; eat 1 pound of dairy products every day to achieve calcium supplementation; at the same time, add high protein content, such as fish, poultry, eggs, meat, etc.In addition, ingestion of iodine -rich foods with iodine -rich iodine is ingredients per week.

Staled food category, cereal: eat 200-250g a day

Sweet potato: 50g

Beans: 15G all -valley and miscellaneous beans are not less than 1/3

Vegetables: Eat 300-500g dark and red and yellow vegetables every day account for 2/3

Fruit: Eat 200-400g a day

Meat egg milk: Eat 150-200g fish, poultry, meat eggs every day in the second trimester, including animal organs, eat 200-250g per day in the third trimester

Milk: 300-500g

Oil nuts: 10g

Cooking oil: 25g

Salt: No more than 6g per day

Pregnancy is a time to witness a miracle. In October, pregnant mother’s responsibility is important. For the health and cleverness of the fetus, the diet needs to be cautious.

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