Eat more black beans in the cold, teach you the practice that you have never eaten, nutrition and delicious, and the practice is very simple

Eat more black beans in the cold, teach you the practice that you have never eaten, nutrition and delicious, and the practice is very simple.We all know that black beans are very nutritious. Black beans contain very rich nutrients. Among them, protein and fat are particularly prominent. The content of the two is as high as 30 to 40 %.It can even reach more than 95%.But many people do n’t know how to eat. Today I will share with you a very delicious method of black beans. It is both nutritious and healthy. Let ’s take a look.

Prepare ingredients:

Black beans, water, pure milk, yeast powder, sugar, ordinary flour, corn noodles, glutinous rice flour, red dates, raisins

specific methods:

1. First prepare 100g of black beans into a large bowl, add an appropriate amount of water, clean it, then pour the water, add water again, soak the black beans, now our black beans have been soaked, soak the epidermis until the epidermis is soaked in the epidermisThere is a state of falling off.

2. Next, pour the soaked black beans into the wall breaking machine together, add 250 ml of pure milk to it, cover the lid, select the fruit and vegetable bond, and make it into a black bean milk past.It will be more delicate and the taste will be better.

3. After playing well, pour the milkshake into a large bowl, add 4g of yeast powder to it, 20g sugar, stir them with chopsticks, stir until the yeast powder is completely dissolved, pour 200g of ordinary flour in it, 100g of 100g, 100gThe corn flour, 50g of glutinous rice flour increases stickiness, stir them again, stir the imaging such as a slightly dry batter, cover the lid, and place it in a warm place to twice as large.

4. Prepare a handful of red dates into the bowl, add water to clean the red dates, wash it out, remove the dry water, and then cut the red dates into three petals with a knife.Broadcast in the bowl.

5. Next, prepare a handful of raisins into a small bowl, add an appropriate amount of water, and add a spoonful of flour to clean it. The flour can quickly absorb the dirty things on the raisin surface. After washing it, use the filter to use the filter to put it to put it on itFilter it out, put it in the bowl, add water again, wash it, wash it for two to three times. After washing it, put it on the chopping board, cut it into a small broken diced, and the taste will be better.Some, cut into the bowl and set aside.

6. At this moment, the batter has been awake. Pour the raisins just cut and stir with chopsticks. It can also promote the exhaust. After stirring, prepare a few small bowls.Swipe a layer of oil around the surroundings, so that the mold is easy to remove, and then slowly pour the batter into the bowl. Be careful not to pour it too full.Good red dates are placed on the batter like this, and the red dates are really high.

7. Put the batter into the steamer after all, cover it with a lid, twice and send it for ten minutes.

8. Time to turn off the heat, don’t open the lid first, let it continue to simmer for 5 minutes, so that it will not collapse, then open it to see, it is really fragrant, the strong black beans and red dates look very fluffy,We take it out.

9. After cooling a little, use a spoon to shovel gently around the bowl, so that it can be easy and complete.

10. This black bean red dates cake looks very soft, elastic is very good, it tastes very soft, and it is not sticky at all. It is full of dried fruit and black beans. It is really nutritious to take it as breakfast as breakfast.He is healthy, delicious and not angry. If you do n’t like to eat black bean porridge or black soybean milk, you can try it at home.

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