Eat more black beans in winter, teach you a simple approach, do enough to eat for 7 days, take it as you eat

Time passes so fast, it is winter in a blink of an eye.Many friends don’t like winter, cold hands and feet, yellow face wax yellow, no energy, no energy, and hair become more and more fragile. I have had these troubles. Thanks to my aunt, like us, eat more black beans in winter, eat more black beans in winterIntersectionBlack beans have the reputation of "the king of beans". As the saying goes: eat black in winter.It can be seen that eating black beans in winter was just at the time. Since I have developed the habit of insisting on eating black beans, I have benefited a lot.There are many benefits to eating black beans, but it is difficult to stick to it if you eat it now.I will teach you a trick, delicious and simple, and do not be afraid of bad at a time.Eat more black beans in winter, teach you simple ways, do enough to eat for 7 days, and take it with food.

When it comes to black beans, everyone is familiar with.Don’t look at black beans and black, but its nutritional value is very high. Since ancient times, there have been the saying that "often eat black beans and can not be born with diseases" and "longevity to eat black beans".In addition to the rich unsaturated fatty acids, lecithin, and a variety of vitamins, black beans are the best protein content in beans. The protein content of the same weight of black beans is 2 times that of pork, 3 times the eggs, and 12 of milk 12Times.

Black beans are also rich in anthocyanins and a variety of minerals, so black beans are also a rare alkaline food, which is suitable for all ages.Women often eat black beans and have good hair. Children can grow up with black beans. Any elderly people with good legs and mouths around them, you ask, most of them have the habit of eating black beans.Unexpectedly, black beans are so powerful!How to eat black beans better?

It is time to eat black beans in winter.In order to persist in eating black beans, I learned a lot of black beans: black bean soy milk, black bean porridge, black bean cake, vinegar soaked black beans, each of which is unique in flavor.But the problem comes, the black beans are time -consuming and laborious, soak it for a long time before cooking. Is there a simple way?must have!

This black bean cake is a kind of black bean method I like very much.The weather is getting colder, and many people don’t want to get up early, and black bean cakes have become an excellent breakfast in winter.Crush the black beans into powder into a black bean paste, stir it with a clicks, stir well in the pan and fry. At night, make a pot.Don’t look at the method of black bean cakes so simple, the small cake made is extremely sweet and soft, and it has a faint black bean clear flavor.Every time I make enough to eat for several days, let it cool and save it, just heat it before breakfast, and save it with food.

How to make black bean cakes?I will sort out details for you.Friends you like can be collected first.

【Black Bean Cake】

120 grams of black beans, 60 grams of flour, 1 egg, 3 grams of aluminum -free powder, milk powder, red dates and raisins.Eating some black beans often has many benefits to the body, but what are the correct methods and taboos of eating black beans?I have sorted out the prompts at the end of the article, and you must remember to see it.

Rinse the black beans first and rinse it with water a few times. Do not let the black beans absorb too much water, so it is not easy to dry it.

After washing the black beans, dry the excess water and crush it without water.You can put the black beans in a sunny place or on the heating, so that the moisture evaporates faster.

After drying the black beans, pour it into the grinding machine to crush.If you can’t crush it very delicate at a time, you can grind it several times over the screen.We can crush more black bean flour at a time, and it is convenient to eat and take it.Steamed steamed buns and steamed nests with black bean flour.

Pour the ingredients such as black bean flour into a large bowl and stir well.The amount of black bean flour and flour can be adjusted according to your own taste and preference.

Add some red dates and raisins to black bean cakes to make the taste sweet and delicious. If you want to eat salty flavor, you can add salt and green onion.Add water in a small amount to continue stirring, and adjust it to a flowing paste.

Swipe a little oil in the pan, pour a little batter, and fry on low heat. Do not be too large to avoid the pan.Black bean cakes are small and easier to be cooked. When the small cakes are fried on both sides, they can be out of the pan.

Precautions for eating black beans

Although it is good for eating black beans, you should not eat too much!Pay attention to the amount of control when eating, do not exceed 30 grams a day.So as not to cause a burden on the body.

Black beans are rich in nutrition, but in the process of making, other ingredients must be paired with diverse diets to be nutritious.The ingredients used in this black bean cake are very rich, and breakfast is very good.

Black beans should be eaten at breakfast or lunch, and it is not suitable to eat before bedtime.Black beans are gentle, so it is suitable for most people.Children and the elderly have to be halved, and children who are too young are not suitable for consumption.

Black beans are not cooked, and raw black bean flour should not be eaten directly.

Eat more black beans in winter, teach you simple ways, do enough to eat for 7 days, and take it with food.In winter, it is time to put the black beans on the dining table.Like me, crush the black beans into a paste, and fry it in the pot. It is not enough for a few minutes. A sweet and nutritious cake is completed.

Black bean cake is very suitable for winter eating. It is not difficult to do it. Do more. If you preserve it properly, it is not a problem to eat it for a week.Eat a few breakfast, full of protein, which is both relieved and convenient.If you insist on eating black beans in winter, you will be surprised to find that your hands and feet are warm, and your face is rosy. You can try it quickly!

The method of "black bean cake" is shared here. How do you think black beans do better?Each of your messages, and every praise, is my motivation to move forward!If you like it, remember to collect and share it with your friends around us. We see you next time!

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