Eat more celery, more than 4 great benefits | World Intestinal Health Day

Today is the World Intestinal Health Day. Let’s talk about a food that is beneficial to intestinal health-celery.

Many people often eat celery, but do you know what are the benefits of eating celery?

The past of celery

The cultivation of celery in our country can be traced back to the Han Dynasty, and it was introduced to China through the Silk Road at that time.Originally, as an ornamental plant, it may gradually enter people’s dining tables because of its unique aroma.

There are three kinds of celery in the market: parsley, also known as cream -fragrance is particularly rich, stems are tender, light green; hardcore celery, planting in many provinces and cities across the country, the roders are thick and thin, the color is more color than the parsley than the parsley.Deep, the aroma is moderate; the celery, the petiole is very thick, dark green, and the aroma is relatively light. It is suitable for all kinds of cooking, especially fried.

Celery, also known as celery, drought, and medicine, belongs to the APON of Celtic, which means [water], which shows that the water content of celery is particularly high.

Each 100 grams of celery contains 95.4 grams of water. This is why the fresh celery we see is always upright and green.Tenderness.

Celery contains dietary fiber, with 4 great benefits

As the saying goes, "Xiangxin is born", the appearance of celery is definitely determined by its "inner core" full of dietary fiber.

After the celery is peeled, almost all of them are brushed long. Those are the "dietary fiber" in the mouth of ordinary people. However, this expression seems to be a bit scientific. Rigid speaking, these brushes are irreversible dietary fibers.

And this fiber is rich in celery, up to 2.2 grams per 100 grams of celery stems.It has 4 great benefits to the human body.

1. Increasing satiety, helping to lose weight

The unbroken dietary fiber, as the name suggests, must be insoluble in water. Secondly, it has the characteristics of water absorption and swelling. It can increase the volume of food we eat and increase satiety, so it is favored by the majority of beauty love women.

2. Reduce edema

The unable to soluble dietary fiber in the celery absorbs water and is insoluble in water. It can absorb excess water in the human body. This may also be the cause of more edema that people often say that more celery can reduce edema!

3. Reduce blood sugar, blood lipids, blood pressure

Unsubine dietary fiber depends on its unique chemical structure, and is proud to say no gastric acid and digestive enzymes. That’s it. It "easily" in our digestive tract "easily".

In order to repay our human digestive system, we "do not kill the grace", and we have adsorbed too much sugar and fat in humans, thereby reducing blood sugar, blood lipids, and blood pressure after meals.

4. Solve the stool dry

Those fibers ran all the way in the intestine. In order to understand thirst, they were looking for water and drinking everywhere. In this way, they fell down and stimulated the intestinal wall, reminding it not to be lazy.Trash.

This easily solves the distress of the stool.From this point of view, celery is a loved "pipeline"!

Eat celery, don’t throw celery leaves

Many people take off the celery leaves when they eat celery. As everyone knows, some aspects of celery leaves are higher than the celery stems.

The content of carotene and B vitamins and minerals in dark green vegetables is also rich in celery, especially celery leaves.

The carotenoids per 100 grams of celery leaves can reach 2930 micrograms, which is much higher than the content of celery stems (340 micrograms/ 100 grams);

And the vitamin C (22 mg/ 100 grams) in celery leaves is also much higher than the content of celery leaves (8 mg/ 100 grams).

The content of folic acid in each 100 grams of celery can reach 29.8 micrograms.For pregnant mothers, it can not only supplement folic acid, but also alleviate constipation caused by the compression of the rectum.

I have to mention the rich minerals in the celery -potassium element (206 mg of celery stems per 100 grams of celery, and the celery leaves can reach 137 mg). Modern science has confirmed that potassium can help relieve hypertension.

Celery fragrance can enhance appetite

Celery has a unique aroma. Modern scientific experiments have found that celery contains anene -type compounds. This type of compound will emit a unique fragrance, which not only increases appetite, but also plays a biological effect of lowering cholesterol and inhibiting tumor.

Some people are unable to accept the unique fragrance of celery. They can make celery leaves into steamed vegetables. These ingredients will volatilize part of these ingredients under high temperature conditions.

You can also mix celery and other fruits into vegetable juice, which can not only slow down the fragrance, but also play a role in complementary nutrition. It is especially loved by young people. This is also a good way for those elderly people with bad teeth.

Comes with a few celery delicious foods: Celery corn salad-mix celery, corn grains, carrot diced, and then mix salad sauce according to personal taste; celery honey juice-squeezed celery into juice, and thenAdd honey to make flavor juice.Celery rods: Celery fried meat and celery fried beans are common practices.Celery leaves: After stirring with the eggs with boiling water, spread it into celery egg cakes; you can also cook noodles to make soup, a faint aroma, don’t have a flavor.

Although celery is good, don’t eat it every day, because too much dietary fiber in intake is not conducive to the absorption of calcium, iron, etc., especially for people with poor digestive function (such as the elderly).quantity.

Therefore, referring to Chinese residents’ diet guidelines-diverse foods, eat various vegetables.

There are many benefits to eating celery. Do you like celery?


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