Eat rabbit meat during pregnancy, will you have rabbit lips?wrong!It can be avoided!

Wen 丨 Jingma said, original content.

At night, I was working overtime. I was nine o’clock at home. Dad suddenly called to ask which hospital in Beijing was better to repair the cleft lip and palate.The family members are worried about where to go around where to do surgery everywhere. I don’t want to think of me. I entrusted my dad to call me to ask what should do. Is there any risk of surgery?Hospital for surgery.

Many women do not pay much attention to pregnancy. After the baby is born, he finds that the baby is a rabbit lips. He is very anxious and wants to know, what are the reasons that cause the baby to have rabbit lips?Take a closer look. The following reasons can cause the baby’s rabbit lips.

1. Some diseases.For example, expectant mothers include diabetes, hypertension, epilepsy, etc. Due to long -term medication, not only will it adversely affect the mother’s health, but also increase the probability of malformation risk in the fetus.

2. Congenital defects.The factors are mainly caused by chromosomal abnormalities or genetic problems.

3. Drug factors.If the drug is unreasonable, it will also increase the risk of having a baby lip baby.

4. Professional factors.In some occupations, due to long -term contact with toxic and harmful substances, or out of such an environment, especially for expectant mothers who have not been protected, the chance of producing babies to produce rabbit lips is very high.

5. Infection virus or gynecological inflammation during pregnancy.During pregnancy, these two factors may also affect the health of the fetus, causing the baby to have rabbit lips.

6. Working at high temperatures for a long time, or expectant mothers who like regular washing sauna and hot springs, the chances of rabbit lips are also very high.

When my dad hung up yesterday, I also asked me, "Did the girlfriend of Liu Bo’s family eat rabbits, and the babies that were born were rabbit lips? Because the neighbors were so talked about, your brother and sister were just pregnant, I got it, I can get itTell her not to eat rabbit meat, but don’t be like a child of rabbit lips. "

Hearing this, I didn’t hold back, "噗" laughed.This statement is obviously no scientific basis, it is a folk rumor.Before, I also heard that someone was pregnant, so because she took a few bites of rabbit meat, her mother -in -law had to let her go to the hospital to abortion, fearing that there was a problem with a problem.

In fact, I also mentioned that the baby rabbit lips are mainly because of what are the reason, so ah, it is not related to eating or not eating rabbit meat. The quasi -mothers who want to eat rabbit meat during pregnancy.Well, don’t eat too much at once, just don’t digest.

"Rabbit Lip" is a common congenital defect. The most familiar to everyone is the daughter of Faye Wong, "Hou Queen", but it is clear that the rabbit lips are not a big problem.Do the child; if you do n’t give birth, you will abandon the child when you see your baby ’s lip.Now that medical medicine is so developed, even if the baby is a rabbit lip, surgery and repair.

However, as a parent, no one wants to have such a situation, so you need to prevent it from the following aspects.

Before pregnancy:

1. Both the couple should conduct a comprehensive eugenic health examination. When encountering factors that may affect pregnancy, they should obey the doctor’s advice, evaluate the risk of pregnancy, and then decide whether to get pregnant. Don’t be pregnant blindly.

2. Some women who have certain diseases before pregnancy must actively treat and consult the doctor for treatment. The doctor is sure that you can prepare for pregnancy after pregnancy.


3. If you need to use drugs during pregnancy, you must consult your doctor in advance. Do not take medicine without authorization, because some non -pregnancy safe medication will affect the health of the fetus and cause the fetal baby deformity.

4. Pay attention to the hygiene of sexual life, avoid infection of gynecological diseases during pregnancy, and then affect the health of the fetus, and it is best to avoid sexual life in the early and third trimester.

5. Avoid contact with toxic and harmful substances.Such as formaldehyde, paint, tobacco and alcohol, pesticides, etc.For newly renovated houses, if the formaldehyde and paint taste is severe, they must take care of it after 3-6 months; the study found that the danger of fetal lip and palate during pregnancy will increase significantly, and there will be often us.The "second -hand cigarette" is also risky to the health of the fetus. Therefore, during pregnancy, the family is best not to smoke at home, and pay attention to those who are smoking outside.

6. If expectant mothers are engaged in special types of work, they will be exposed to toxic and harmful substances at work, such as dry cleaning shops, hospital radiology departments, paint workers, car paint, pesticide production, etc., can apply for labor protection and replacement, leave for leave or resign.There was a netizen who left a message saying that he was pregnant, but he could not avoid paint at work. He asked me if I had an impact on the child. Of course, it was directly recommended that she was transferred or asked for leave.more important.

7. Pay attention to developing good habits.If you pay attention to heatstroke and cool down, you can do so sauna, soak in hot springs.In addition, this season, many families will use electric blankets, but if you are a expectant mother, you must be careful. It is not recommended to use electric blankets to warm it.

8. Inspection on time, there is no fluke.Many expectant mothers from pregnancy to their births may only be confirmed when they are just pregnant. When they wait for thirty weeks, they go to see the fetal position; even some expectant mothers do not go to the hospital during the whole pregnancy except that they have children.After pregnancy, the check -up on time is still very important. In the early pregnancy, the B -ultrasound checks the ectopic pregnancy, the blood drawing to see the progesterone and HCG.It is a necessary check -up item, which is important for determining the health of the fetus.

Jingma said: The country has always advocated "eugenics and good health", which is actually reasonable. It has been screened and checked before pregnancy. The corresponding birth check -in during pregnancy. For healthy babies, it is very time to avoid a defect baby.important.Therefore, couples who are preparing for pregnancy can look at more common sense of scientific breeding and bred a smart and healthy baby!

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