Eating two hundred bananas is equivalent to taking a chest sashimi once?Facing these rumors, don’t be deceived when you polish your eyes


Face recognition technology cannot accurately distinguish between twins. When selling old mobile phones, the factory settings can protect privacy. Eating two hundred bananas is equivalent to taking chest slices once. The shorter the shelf life of the moon cake, the less preservatives.The rumors of all kinds of rumors were passed on the Internet.

Not long ago, a cold wave came, and the "quick freezing" model opened in many places in the country, and netizens directly called "overnight winter".Today, the reporter of the Science and Technology Daily took stock of the rumors in September one by one, so that these rumors also cool down.

Face recognition technology cannot accurately identify twins?Truth: At present, the accuracy of recognition of AI technology exceeds 90%

In order to welcome the "Eleventh" long holiday, many attractions on the eve of the National Day have a face recognition gate system for votes.This also makes the topic of "face recognition technology cannot accurately identify twins" has stirred up the curiosity of many people, and there are not a few people who agree with this statement.

"Actually, the use of face recognition technology accurately identify twins is not a new problem in the artificial intelligence (AI) world. Even the twins of the same ovulation have long been AI to achieve more than 90%of the accuracy rate of recognition, although this is only in the laboratory shooting conditions in the laboratory.It was implemented, and the size of the experimental sample was relatively small. "Qiu Bo, director and professor of the Department of Electronic Information Engineering, Hebei University of Technology.

At present, the common face recognition system mainly includes 4 components: face image collection and detection, face image pre -processing, human face image feature extraction, and matching and recognition.During the face recognition, the face recognition system will first use computer image processing technology to extract portrait feature points from the video, and then analyze and establish mathematical models with the principle of biological statistics, that is, face feature templates; then for the completed, the completed is builtFace feature templates are characterized by feature comparison analysis with the appearance of the subject, and a similar value is given according to the results of the analysis.In the end, the face recognition result of the person who was tested was given through this value.

"The overall appearance of the same ovulation twins is very similar, so there is indeed some difficulty in the AI system when identifying." Qiu Bo said, but even if the twins, the facial features are still slightly different, and when the face recognition is performed on the scene, it still has face recognition.You can use video information to capture different expression changes. Such face recognition technology has the ability to distinguish the minor difference between the twins’ faces, and even build a unique dynamic facial 3D model of the twins.

However, this requires collecting a large amount of facade data of homophone as a training sample, allowing the face recognition system to conduct special training recognition.If deep learning technology is adopted, the number of neural network layers and nodes involved are often very large, resulting in the cost of each training very high.Therefore, although face recognition under laboratory conditions can achieve a relatively high accuracy in distinguishing between identical twins, in real life, more biological characteristics such as fingerprints, iris, and sound patterns are generally used for identification.

Can the factory settings be resumed when selling old phones to protect privacy?Truth: Can’t completely remove the data on the mobile phone storage chip

Recently, Apple’s new mobile phone has been listed on the market, and some people have changed their mobile phones.After changing a new mobile phone, many people choose to sell the old mobile phones, but there are usually a large amount of private data in the mobile phone. Most people think that the data clearance problem can be solved by restoring the factory settings.

"Only by restoring the factory settings, it cannot guarantee personal information security." Qiu Bo said that the restoration of the mobile phone factory settings only simply restore the system files and simply delete user data, but the data on the mobile phone storage chip has not been completely deleted.You can be "found" through some software.

The reason for this is because when we delete the data operation, we actually "release" the management space of a certain part of the area of the data (equivalent to canceling the "hukou" of the data, but the data itself exists), but the data itself exists).That is, I just told the mobile phone: the original data can be covered by new data.However, whether the area where the original data is located is unknown. Only when the area where the original data is located is covered with new data, the original data will be completely removed.

Therefore, to ensure the security of the old mobile phone, such as the Android phone, in addition to restoring the factory settings, you also need to use a large number of unimportant video files to copy it several times to fill the storage space of the mobile phone, so that the new data can cover the oldData, it is safer to finally restore the factory settings.

For Apple mobile phones, although it restores the factory settings to be achieved by "wiped out all content and settings", it is still recommended that users copy a large number of unimportant video files after "wiped out all content and settings" to cover the original system that covers the original system.Data, and then perform the operation of "erase all content and settings" again, so as to ensure personal information security.

Eating two hundred bananas is equivalent to taking a chest sashimi once?Truth: The amount of radiation is minimal, you can eat with confidence every day

Autumn is the season when fruit is listed in large quantities. Every time, there will be a rumor that we often eat fruit that we often eat.

The fruits of "lying gun" this time are bananas. The rumors claim that "eating two hundred bananas is equivalent to shooting breasts once."How does the sweet and soft banana have a relationship with radiation?

In this regard, Wang Hao, a professor at the School of Food Science and Engineering, Tianjin University of Science and Technology, said that the radiation of bananas mainly comes from potassium of minerals.Bananas belong to high potassium fruits. Each 100 grams of banana contains 380 mg to about 420 mg of potassium, and about 0.0117%of radioactive potassium 40 among natural potassium.Related research data show that we usually eat a banana, and the additional electricity dose brings about 0.0778 Weisi.

"Although ionizing radiation will have certain damage to the human body, the radiation amount brought by bananas is very small, and the radiation of more than 70,000 bananas is similar to the radiation of the chest CT." Wang Hao said, "Put aside the aside"Dose to toxicity" is unscientific, and the excess potassium in the human body will be excreted with daily metabolism, so even if you eat bananas every day, it will not harm health.

In fact, there are many foods with high potassium content than bananas, such as shiitake mushrooms, laver, kelp, potatoes, fungus, etc.And potassium is one of the essential elements of the human body.If the human body lacks potassium, a series of problems such as arrhythmia and acceleration of heartbeat will occur.

The shorter the shelf life of the moon cake, the less preservatives contain?Truth: The shelf life is related to many factors

September 10 this year is the annual Mid -Autumn Festival, and the Mid -Autumn Festival is absolutely indispensable for the festival "official match" -moon cake.However, there are rumors that when you buy moon cakes, you must look at the shelf life. The shorter the content of the shelf life, the less the content of the preservatives, and the better the quality of the moon cake.But is this really the case?

In this regard, Wang Hao introduced that the shelf life of food is the period of safety.In addition to related to preservatives, the shelf life of moon cakes is also related to multiple factors such as freshness, processing processes, processing conditions, and subsequent storage conditions.

For example, Wang Hao said that, for example, the raw material for making moon cakes is better and its microbial level is relatively low, then the subsequent shelf life will be extended. Moon cakes processing the heat processing of baking process, the shelf life will be growing in the moon cakes with high moisture content such as ice skin moon cakes.

In addition, the environment of moon cake production also affects its shelf life.If the production conditions are relatively complete, the shelf life of the moon cake will grow; if the production conditions are poor, the shelf life will be relatively short."Generally speaking, the production conditions of large moon cake manufacturers are generally relatively good. If the production formula of moon cakes does not change, the shelf life should be relatively stable when the production level and process are unchanged." Wang Hao said.

"To extend the shelf life, on the one hand, we must do a good job of antibacterially; on the other hand, we must prevent fat oxidation." Wang Hao said that some companies will use some natural plant sources to inhibit the oxidation of moon cake oil.Other moon cake manufacturers will extend the shelf life by filling the inert gas in the packaging.Generally speaking, these practices can extend their shelf life without affecting the quality of moon cakes.

"The shelf life of moon cakes is generally about 60 days. Except for the time consumed by production, circulation, and sales, the consumer consumption period is estimated to be only about half a month after buying the hand.Quality. "Wang Hao suggested that the moon cake should not be stored for a long time, it is best to use it as a section for food to finish food as soon as possible.(Chen Xi)

Source: Science and Technology Daily

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