Eggplant and it are unique, and blood pressure and sterilization are also laxative. They must be eaten often over 50 years old. It is delicious and healthy.

Introduction: Eat eggplant with it. The pressure reduction and sterilization are also convenient. You must eat it often over 50 years old, delicious and healthy.In the summer, the horn, potatoes, and eggplant on the table of Shandong people are indispensable. It is rumored that this is the "three -piece set" of the Shandong people in the summer.The facts are really similar. The planting of beans and eggplants is common. Even their own courtyards can plant a few trees, which are particularly convenient to eat, and they grow strong and the population in the family will feel that they can’t keep up with their growth rate.Looking at the market, it is the feeling of flooding of beans and eggplant.In other words, what is your circular menu in summer?

Speaking of eggplant, Xiaobian’s favorite is braised eggplant and flavor eggplant. It can also be said that the favorite of all vegetables is eggplant. I wonder if it is the same as Xiaobian?As a relatively rare purple food, eggplant not only tastes delicious, but also has rich nutrition.Eggplant is rich in nutrients. Eating more eggplant in summer can play the effect of clearing heat and relieving heat, anti -inflammatory and sterilization.Healthy, very beneficial.

Xiao Bian still wants to say that the eggplant skin is also rich in nutrients. Among them, the effect of strong blood vessels mainly comes from eggplant skin. Therefore, do not peel when eating, otherwise it will cause waste.Let ’s share with you the common practices of two eggplant. Eat eggplant with it. The pressure reduction and sterilization are also convenient. You must eat it often over 50 years old. It’ s delicious and healthy. Let ’s take a look.

【Minced meat sauce roasted eggplant】

1. First clean the eggplant and cut it out, then cut the eggplant into pieces for later use.2. If the eggplant wants to be delicious, most people will definitely think of fried, but the eggplant will absorb oil with a lot of oil after water in the pot, spread the eggplant pieces on the cage drawer cold water pot, steam for seven or eight minutes after the water is boiled, and wait until it is not hot.

3. It is best to use pork belly with fat meat to stir -fry oil, so that stir -fry is more fragrant.Cut the pork belly into a small diced, add a little oil to the pot, and fry the pork diced diced into the color. At this time, you can see the stir -fry oil, then add the onion ginger and garlic, and then add the soy sauce.Cook the cooking wine, stir -fry the raw soy sauce, oyster sauce and a little old soy sauce, and then add the steamed eggplant and stir fry a few times, then add the appropriate amount of water to boil for a few minutes to make the eggplant taste more flavorful.Add a little water starch to make the soup thick. Sprinkle the minced garlic and coriander in the pan before the pan.

【Garlic Mud Eggplant】

1. After washing the eggplant, cut it half and cut it half without cutting too small.If the eggplant is a slender and tender small eggplant, it is necessary to steam it without cutting it.Put the eggplant in the cage drawer in a cold water pot, steam the water for ten minutes, and then wait for the water to dry the water, and then tear it into a strip into a bowl for later use.

2. Put the green onion and sesame in the bowl, pour the hot oil into the aroma. If you like spicy food, you can put some peppers, then mix the garlic cloves into mud into the bowl, and then add raw soy sauce, white sugar, salt, sesame oil,,, sesame oil, sesame oil,,, sesame oil, sesame oil, and sesame oil.Stir well with vinegar and adjust the garlic juice.3. Pour the adjusted garlic juice into the eggplant and stir well. Sprinkle with coriander if you like to eat coriander.

There are many ways to eat eggplant. Which method do you like best?Well, this is here for the sharing of eggplant today. If you are interested, you will go home and do more for your family. Thank you for reading and support.


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