Eggplant, is it a "hairstyle" for osteoporosis?Doctor: If you want to raise bones, try to stay away from 3 things as possible

Bone is the hardest part of the human body, including a large amount of trace elements and minerals.With the increase of age, the bones will gradually be calcified, and the nutritional components will be lost in large quantities.Therefore, when the human body is gradually aging, the bones will become more and more crispy and easy to fracture.

However, some people have heard that eating eggplant will accelerate bone loss and increase the risk of osteoporosis.For the elderly, they are prone to osteoporosis.At this time, they dare not eat eggplant anymore.Is eggplant really a catalyst for osteoporosis?We might as well listen to the doctor.

Osteoporosis is a systemic bone disease with low bone mass, a small structure of the bone, and is susceptible to fracture.Osteoporosis is divided into primary osteoporosis and secondary osteoporosis.

Primary osteoporosis gradually appears with age, and women have higher incidence than men.Because the human osteoblast is divided into osteoblasts and osteocytes, osteosocytes occupy the dominant position when they are young, and the bone mass gradually increases; in middle age, it is more stable and the two are more balanced;Broken cells are more active, resulting in severe bone damage, so the incidence of osteoporosis after menopause is higher.

Secondary osteoporosis, the body itself has primary diseases, such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and hormones need to be taken for a long time, resulting in accelerated bone loss of the human body and producing osteoporosis.

1. High fracture incidence

The most common complications of osteoporosis are fractures, and slight external forces can cause fractures, such as cough can attack rib fractures.The elderly over 60 years of age are up to 12%of the osteoporosis and fractures.Light can restrict activities, and those who are serious must stay in bed for a long time, which has a great burden on society and family members.

2. Bone pain

The pain will affect the normal work and life of the patient, especially after getting up in the morning, this pain will be particularly severe, and it may cause redness and swelling.Integrated.

Instead of humpback and affecting cardiopulmonary function

Those with severe osteoporosis may have shortened height and hump, spinal deformity and stretching.Compression fractures of the thoracic lumbar spine can cause thoracic deformity and lumbar vertebral deformity, affecting cardiopulmonary function.Lumbar fractures may cause constipation, abdominal pain, abdominal distension, reduced appetite, and premature fullness.

Hair products refer to the nature of food.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the reason why food can prevent diseases is due to its unique sexual flavor, and this is the food nature of food.However, if you do n’t understand food nature, you will induce old diseases for people or patients with special constitutions, or aggravate the disease or weaken medicine.

Hair products refer to foods that are rich in nutritional or stimulating that are particularly easy to induce certain diseases (especially old diseases) or aggravate the disease.The hair taboo is of great significance in the treatment of diet. Under normal circumstances, hair products are also food. The right amount of consumption does not have side effects or cause discomfort for most people.It will seduce the disease.

Therefore, many people say that eggplant is osteoporosis hair, because the eggplant will adsorb a large amount of fat inside during the eggplant.Eggplant contains a large amount of oil. Long -term intake can cause various problems in the body and affect osteoporosis. Therefore, it is not recommended to eat eggplant.

The doctor said: patients with osteoporosis can eat eggplant, but pay attention to the cooking method of eggplant.Because eggplant has its own porous and porous characteristics, and because of its strong oil absorption.

Entering eggplant in oil will cause a series of diseases after ingesting the human body. Among them, friends with poor bones have a certain impact. As long as you reduce the intake of oil when cooking, it doesn’t matter if you eat a little bit.

Eggplant itself is not a osteoporosis hair. As long as the cooking method is selected right, you can still eat more. The protein, multiple trace elements, and vitamins are beneficial to the body after intake.

1. Quinoa

Although quinoa containing protein substances can promote gastrointestinal motility, it contains a lot of special substances. There are many phosphorus in them. Eating quinoa can make the calcium phosphorus in the human body imbalance and affect the use and absorption of calcium.Accelerate the loss of calcium and affect bone health.

2. Pickled food

Whether it is pickled pickles, salted fish, or bacon, a lot of salt will be placed in it. Eating too much salt will cause calcium with a lot of bones. Nutritionists say that every 300 mg of salt will be lost by 40Milligrams of calcium.

If you usually eat a lot of salt, you will find that the risk of bone disease will be higher, and you often have back pain. In fact, this is caused by calcium

3. Coffee

Many people will drink a cup of coffee when they are sleepy, which can improve their mental qi and relieve fatigue. Although coffee is a more popular drink, the damage to bones is relatively large. Coffee contains a lot of caffeine.Each intake of 100 mg of caffeine will lose 6 mg of calcium.

Drinking coffee frequently will cause a lot of calcium in the body, leading to a decrease in bone density, and inducing the appearance of osteoporosis. If you do not want to make your bones brittle, you must change the habit of love to drink coffee.

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