Egypt surrendered after the Egyptian queen, and after being met by Caesar, the Egyptian king said: Thank you for taking care of my wife

Crio Patla VII, she was the most famous queen in the Ptolemy dynasty in ancient Egypt, and was famous for its amazing beauty and talent.She has a big ups and downs in her life, full of legend, and her life story has been repeatedly moved on the silver screen, and she is well known to the Chinese.Due to the beauty and savvy of Crio Patla VII, she always has a relationship and unknown relationship with those powerful men.Among the many men who fell under her pomegranate skirt, the most famous is Caesar, the founder of the Roman Empire.

In 48 BC, Caesar defeated the political opponent in the brutal Roman civil war, Pompeii, and Pommoi fled, fled to Egypt, and was affected by Crey’s husband, Plots Thirteen,Protect.Soon after, Caesar, who was determined to "take the leftovers to chase the poor", led the army to Egypt, and did not grab Pompeo’s vow.In order to please Caesar, Ptolemy XIII killed Pompeii with a dismissal and dedicated his head to Caesar.

However, it was unexpected that Caesar didn’t appreciate Egypt after seeing Pompeo’s head, but was furious.Caesar believes that although Pompei is his own political opponent, he is also a hero who expands to Roman, even if he dies, he should not die in the hands of the Gentiles.Seeing Caesar’s furious look, Ptolemy XIII was not scared. He knew that he patted his horses on the horse’s legs. If Caesar was interested, he could destroy Egypt now.However, at this time, the wife of Ptolemy XIII, the Egyptian, temporarily saved his life.

Although the beautiful Crepatra has fascinated many men, it does not include his husband.On the contrary, the relationship between her Fuzoli Thirteen and her can be described as the same as the water and fire.So what causes such a situation?It turned out that Ptolemy and Crio Patla were not only husbands and wives, but also sisters of their father.Since ancient times, the Egyptian royal family has a very heavy custom, that is, the marriage of close relatives.Because in the eyes of the Egyptians, the Pharaoh (the title of the King of Egypt) is the incarnation of God and should not marry ordinary people.Therefore, the Egyptian royal family has always been popular for brothers and sisters, sisters and sisters.

The ancestors of Ptolemy Thirteen and Crio Patla were originally a general under the account of Alexander, Ptolemy.After the death of Alexander, Ptolemy ruled Egypt. As a Macedonian, he decided to enter the country with the customs and implemented an unacceptable close -up marriage.Therefore, the marriage between Ptolemy XIII and her sister Cleopat is the product of this malformed system.

As a sister, Ptolemy XIII and Crepartra naturally endured nausea and walked together with their noses. The marriage between the two was naturally difficult to say happiness.At the same time, Krio Patla’s rights are very strong and always want to jump on the head of Pluto Thirteen. Therefore, the relationship between the two is very bad, and the factions of the two sides even reached the point where Bing Rong meets.The reason why Ptolemy Thirteen please Caesar is to use his strength to remove his sister and wife.

However, what Ptolemy’s thirteen did not expect was that his most disgusting wife saved his life.When Caesar was in a hurry to destroy Egypt, Crio Patla took the initiative to embrace him in order to protect the country.She asked her subordinates to disguise her businessmen and contributed to Caesar’s exquisite carpet. Caesar opened the carpet and looked at it. The dress and sexy Krio Patla were lying in it.Caesar was originally a life -threatening person, and it was immediately attracted by the Egyptian queen.

After that, Caesar and the Egyptian queen became pair of pairs, so unpleasant.Soon after, Crio Patla returned to Caesar a son -Caesarion.Seeing the color of Caesar, he dispelled the idea of conquering Egypt. He thought again and again, decided to mediate the relationship between Crio Patla and Ptolemy XIII, and ordered the two to share the throne.Hearing this news, Ptolemy Thirteen was happy. He originally thought that he would be killed by Caesar, and he had not wanted his wife’s temptation to keep his life and throne.Although Caesar wore a green hat for himself, he was not angry at all. After all, he had no feelings with his wife.

But Ptolemy 13 was not happy for a long time. In order to fight for power, he had a serious conflict with his nominal wife, Kreopatra.Under his control, Egypt broke out of the riots against Krio Patla and behind -the -scenes supporter Caesar.Caesar naturally would not be softened against the rebellion of Ptolemy. He sent the army to quickly suppress the rebellion. Ptolemy XIII was forced to flee abroad and died soon.With the support of Crio Patla, with the support of Caesar, he became the true master of Egypt.

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