Embarrassing and hilarious classic and funny completeness, the female colleagues opposite me were pregnant and resigned, I asked the leader!

1. The company’s front desk beauty crying and resigning. The colleagues asked strangely: "Do it well, why did you resign?", Always late! "The manager advised:" Then you won’t resign! "The beauty continued:" It doesn’t matter if he is late, the question is that someone asked me every day?Essence

2. Embarrassing and hilarious classic and funny Daquan, the female colleagues who took me opposite me were pregnant and resigned. I asked the leader: "How many months?" The leader said, "It is more than three months." I was strange: "As for so early,Do you resign? "The leader also led:" She said that she was afraid of watching you every day, and the child grew up ugly in the future. "

3. In previous years, unmarried women in the 520 office received flowers. Except for the cashiers of the Ministry of Finance, the little girl was ugly.At 520 this year, I secretly ordered her a bouquet of roses and sent her to comfort her anonymously!I received the flowers that day, and I felt that Chunhua was blooming on her face, and I was secretly happy for her.Who knows that she grabbed the flower sending the flower, but he said it was given, unless he found out who gave it!The guy was helpless, and called back to the store and found a call to her.Now I spend less money as much as possible, because she is a little afraid of her hot look at her popular look when reimbursement!

4. This morning, there was a heavy snow in the sky, and everyone was late at work.I said, "I dreamed last night, and I dreamed of snow this morning, God!" Manager: "You know that you want to snow, why don’t you come earlier? Only you are late today!" I.EssenceEssence

5. I met a good female classmate in the community today. She held a nephew more than one year old to take a walk. The boy said to the female classmate. Mom, mother, very cute.I teased his name and dad.At this time, my mother did not know where to come out, with excitement in her eyes, staring at us in grievances, and with a crying cavity: "Such a big thing, don’t tell us, come! Grandma hug …"

6. I just arrived in the office in the morning. The male colleague who had been in love for a long time suddenly kneeling at me with one knee, holding a rose in one hand, holding a ring with one hand, and shouting at me affectionately: Marry me!Happiness came too suddenly. I actually skipped the love process directly. As soon as I reached out, the male colleague suddenly got up and asked me: Little Fat, you have a good relationship with the quietness of the planning department. Will she agree like this, will she agree?

7. My girlfriend asked me: "What does men and women say on the Internet mean?" I: "It means boyfriend, girlfriend." Girlfriend: "Oh, so … that, that is, the stock is the meaning of Jiyou’s meaningIs it? "" Uh … "

8. Eight -month -old son is more sticky to me. I cried and chased after I cried in the bathroom. My husband came over and picked up his son and said: Seeing you, you can’t do without a woman.How to mix in the future!I.EssenceEssence

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