Entering the 28th week during pregnancy, expectant mothers must be "3 careful", which is good for themselves and fetal treasures.

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Pregnancy is like another game. From the moment you know that you are pregnant, you will face various problems and challenges, and each level will be different.

In the first few weeks of pregnancy, everyone was troubled by pregnancy, and then tossed in various birth checks. Some expectant mothers began to be anxious and uneasy.The 28 weeks of admission to pregnancy also means a dividing line during pregnancy.

Entering 28 weeks of pregnancy, expectant mothers officially ushered in the third trimester, and the belly became heavier, and things that needed special attention also changed.

A few days ago, Ms. Wang, a expectant mother, talked about my troubles to me, and wanted to ask everyone if they all had such experiences.

After the first birth checkup of 28 weeks of pregnancy, her mother -in -law said that there was no big problem after the child was formed. The subsequent checkups did not need to go at all, otherwise the money wasted and it was not good for the child, but Ms. Wang could not see the fetus.Bao’s growth dynamics are always uncomfortable.

What rational analysis of Ms. Wang said that the body development of the 28 weeks of fetal body is indeed more and more mature, and some deformed examinations have been passed.

But this does not mean that the next day is healthy and safe until the child is born.Not only cannot stop the production inspection, there are many precautions to achieve "three careful".

After 28 weeks of pregnancy, be careful of fetal positions every time of maternity leave

After entering the third trimester, the fetus’s head is getting larger and larger. In the past, he could turn around in the mother’s belly, but the space for the evening of pregnancy was small, but he couldn’t move but couldn’t move.

32 weeks before expectant mothers, if the fetal treasure has not turned the fetal position into the head position, it means that the probability of delivery is very small.If Ms. Wang’s mother -in -law said that she did not have to check after 28 weeks, and when there was any sign to go to the hospital, she could face dystocia or rotate.

Such a situation not only suffers from the mother, but also the fetus is also very dangerous. It is persuaded to not adventure blindly.

After 28 weeks of pregnancy, be careful of the weight of the fetal treasure

The third trimester is also one of the "soaring periods" of the fetus. In addition, the pelvic pelvis is gradually approaching the position of the fetus in the later stages of the fetus, leaving more space for the stomach of the expectant mother. At the same time as the number of pregnant women’s meals increase, the fetus will increase rapidly with rapid growth.Essence

The fetus has good meat, but it is troublesome to grow too much meat. Not only is it a unhealthy state for the baby itself, it will also cause trouble for the expectant mothers and cesarean section.

The ideal weight of the newborn is about 6 pounds. Generally speaking, more than 8 catties is not conducive to delivery.If you feel that the fetus weight is normal 28 weeks ago, the weight of 28 weeks after not paying attention, there is still a variable.

The prospective mother after 28 weeks of pregnancy, be careful not to stimulate yourself

Entering the pre -trimester of pre -pregnancy mothers will have false contractions. It is obvious in 36 ~ 38 weeks, but it has begun to appear from about 29 weeks.

Pseudo -contraction is a constant and normal phenomenon in the third trimester. On the one hand, the position of the fetus is constantly down near the pregnancy period and stretching the uterus and surrounding muscles.On the other hand, external stimulus can also lead to frequent contractions of prospective mothers.

When the stimulus is severe, there is a possibility of triggering premature birth, and the expectant mothers and their families should not take it for granted.

It can be seen from the above that although the fetus and pregnant women seem to have stable conditions after 28 weeks of pregnancy.But the things that should be noted can not be dropped. In addition to the check -up on time, pay attention to the following things.

In terms of emotions, expectant mothers learn the Buddha, and the people around them should take care of her emotions to avoid stimulating contractions because of greater emotional undulating.

In terms of action, expectant mothers are not suitable for long -term stations, sedentary, or too tired, let alone touch their stomachs, which will also stimulate contractions.

There are still many details during pregnancy that requires prospective mothers. I do n’t understand the knowledge of mystery during pregnancy. Moms are very anxious and worried.

Expectant mothers can read more books for pregnancy during pregnancy. While learning knowledge, make you more comfortable to spend pregnancy.

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