Entering the third trimester, pregnant mothers keep in mind the "two diligence, two laziness and three adjustments", and pregnant women are comfortable and healthy

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Entering the third trimester of pregnancy, it is like the long march of Wanli, and this battle is particularly important.

I remember when I was doing a birth check in the hospital, I saw a mother with a big belly, wept in the doctor’s office.

Because this mother likes to play mahjong very much, she usually does not have several fetal movements, and she is very lazy in the checkup. It was found that the child seemed to have not moved in the stomach for a day or two. When he went to the hospital for examination, he had found that the fetus was dead.At this time, the mother cried loudly, and the child could not come back.

Not long ago, a 29 -year -old pregnant mother in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, was busy in doing business, and did not do it according to the doctor’s requirements.This pregnant mother likes to eat fruits very much. I go to the hospital for examination of three apples a pound of lychee every day.

Because the mother’s blood glucose is high, it is ate to eat this high -sugar fruit every day, causing the child to die in a high blood sugar state.

So when you enter the third trimester, your mother should be more careful.

Two diligence: Diligence counting fetal movement, diligent production inspection and diligence several fetal movements

Several fetal movements are the simplest, most convenient, most direct, and most effective way to understand the fetal condition in the third trimester.

Moms choose a suitable time period every morning, middle, and evening to count the fetal movement in a relaxed state.

The fetus is relatively mature when the fetus is in the third trimester. In the mother’s belly, she will punch and kick, and snoring, so the mother sees it for a while and moves for a while. Generally, even if the fetal movement is usually moved, it is usually counted in 5 minutes.once.

The child’s one -hour fetal movement is about 3 ~ 5 times. It is normal. The mother counts three fetal movements three times a day and adds it to X4. It is 12 hours a day of fetal movement. The fetal movement of 12 hours a day is about 30 to 40 times.

As long as the mother counts the fetal movement diligently, she can understand when the fetus will move, and even when the fetal movement is moved, she can do prenatal education by the way.

If you find that the child’s fetal movement is too frequent, for example, it usually moves 4 times in an hour. It moves nearly 10 times today. It seems that the child is very irritable, so go to the hospital to check it.It may be that the fetus is hypoxic in the palace, and go to the hospital as soon as possible to check to help the child.


The more frequent the postpartum inspection, the more frequent the number of post -pregnancy checks. Generally, one week or two weeks will be performed once a week or two weeks.Monitor the fetal heart, and the number of times of delivery is even more frequent.

Do n’t be afraid of annoyance, you can understand the growth and development of the fetus in the palace, so that the mother can make corresponding adjustments to allow the child to grow up healthily and smart.

Two lazy: too lazy to work overtime, too lazy to move heavy things and lazy to work overtime

In order to give their children a better life, many mothers will insist on going to work during pregnancy.However, when you enter the third trimester, your mother will find that the back pain is painful for a long time, and the fetus will be very irritable. Therefore, we must try their best to be lazy and do not work overtime at the third trimester.

Once overtime will affect the mother’s diet, affect the mother’s sleep, and have a bad impact on the growth and development of the fetus. Therefore, when entering the third trimester, mothers must adjust their work and add less shift, because the child is more important at this time.

Too lazy to move heavy objects

Hygiene in the home or buying things for housework. At this time, there is a job that needs to move heavy objects in the house, and the mother must learn to be lazy.

For example, a cabinet in the home accidentally poured, and you should not help it, and wait for others to come back to help.Because when moving heavy objects, the abdominal pressure of the mother will rise sharply. Using the power of our waist and abdomen may cause premature birth of the fetal membrane and cause premature birth.

Three adjustments: adjust the diet, adjust the emotions, adjust the sleeping position and adjust the diet

By the third trimester, the weight growth of the fetus is the fastest period of the entire pregnant woman, and the fetus is growing at a weight of nearly 200 grams per week.

At this time, if the mother let go of her belly and drink, it will cause the fetus to grow too quickly into a huge child.Once the fetus is born more than 8 pounds, it is a huge child, and the mother’s production is also easy to produce. Those who can have a cesarean section can have been cesas, and the probability of obese of the huge children will increase the probability of obesity after adulthood.

Therefore, in the third trimester, my mother must adjust her diet based on the situation of the birth check. If the child grows too fast, control the diet as much as possible, eat less high sugar food, and eat less fruits.Essence

If the child’s thin mother eats more high -protein foods, such as meat milk, eat more rice, and you can also eat some foods such as sweet potatoes.

Adjust the emotions

Many mothers start various anxiety when they enter the third trimester.Moms must learn to adjust their emotions. For example, when you get up every morning, you can do a meditation, or go to the park near home to walk, take a step, breathe the fresh air, and make you relax in a full negative ion.

At this time, the prospective dad also has to enlighten the mother and reduce the anxiety and irritability. In fact, it is the best prenatal education for children.Adjust the sleeping position

In the third trimester, we can’t sleep flat on the large font, and we are lying on the left side as much as possible, so that the blood supply and oxygen supply of the fetus can be better.

Of course, when the left side is lying on the left, the mother may also be uncomfortable, so occasionally you can also lie on the right side. It is recommended that a pregnant mother must be a pregnant woman pillow when it is a pregnant woman.Help mother hold her waist to prevent the mother’s back pain from back pain, let the mother sleep better and more comfortable, and it is more conducive to the child’s growth and development.

In the third trimester, mothers must be more careful and more careful in order to give birth to healthy and smart babies.

October pregnant, once childbirth, pregnant mothers in the world are the hardest and most beautiful!

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