Every time in ancient times, there was a vision that happened, and there were great people’s birth or major events. Is there a scientific basis?

The so -called "vision" is a strange or unusual scene.In ancient times, every vision happened, and the ancients believed that there was a big deal.The ancients of the ancients were roughly divided into two categories: First, the birth of great men; second: disaster came.

The ancients worshiped "heaven" and believed that all people’s activities performed in the sky, so they said "destiny" and "emperor".At that time, in order to consolidate his regime, the rulers launched the concept of "monarchy" during the Han Dynasty.As an extremely important evidence, vision also occupies a unique position in the history.

The traceable culture of China begins with legends.In "Historical Records", the origin of the ancestors of Shang, Zhou, and Qin recorded stemmed from the legend.

Document records: Jian Di and the female practitioners ate the eggs under the mysterious bird and gave birth to the deed (the ancestor of Yin) and the great cause (the ancestor of the Qin).Xuan Bird’s eggs are the embodiment of eggs and worship of mysterious birds.Jiang Yan stepped on the foot of the giant in the countryside and was pregnant (the ancestor of Zhou).

"Hanshu · Foreign Key Biography" records that Mrs. Bo once said: "Yesterday, the twilight dream dragons were based on the chest", so that she gave birth to Liu Heng, Emperor Hanwen."Hou Han Book" wrote Han An Emperor Liu Ye: "Emperor’s Freedom Di, there are Shenguang Shi Shi, and the red snake is between the bed."

In the period of Han Gaozu Liu Bang, it was even more mysterious.Liu Bang cut the white snake uprising, named "Chi Emperor", which can be said to be the son of pure heaven.In addition, Liu Bang’s birth is not unusual:

"Historical Records Gao Zu Benji" records: "The first Liu Xun (Liu Bang’s mother) tasted Daze, and the dream and God met., Then give birth to Gaozu. "

It means: Liu Bang’s mother often likes to sleep on the hillside, and one day dreams of heaven.At this time, thunderbolt was intertwined. When Liu Bang’s father looked, he saw a dragon lying on her.So Mother Liu became pregnant and gave birth to Liu Bang.

The vision came out frequently, and the king came.This statement during the Han Dynasty has laid a strong foundation for future generations.Basically, there must be stories behind each Yellow Emperor.During the Song Dynasty, the "vision rate" was the highest, reaching 68.75%.

Zhu Yuanzhang, who had the same background as Liu Bang, finally came to the throne of the emperor, naturally inevitably descended from the sky.

"History of the Ming Dynasty" records: "Mother Chen, Fang Mi, Dream God gives medicine a pill, and there is light in the palm, swallowing it, 寤, the fragrance of mouth, and the red light.At the beginning, the neighbors saw it, were surprised and thought, and ran away, but there was nothing.

It was really amazing. Zhu Yuanzhang’s mother dreamed that God gave him a pill. After eating, he had aroma and red light.From that day, neighbors could see that they thought the fire, but it was gone when it was saved.Soon after giving birth to Zhu Yuanzhang, he finally became emperor.

The ancients believed that heaven was human control.If an emperor is not wise, he will punish him.At this time, there will be a star such as comet.In addition, if a great man wants to die, heaven will have visions.

According to the "Three Kingdoms" records, in 234, Zhuge appeared to Zheng Qilian Mountain, confronted Sima Xuan (Sima Yi) for more than a hundred days in Weinan, and finally died of Wuzhangyuan.In fact, before Zhuge Liang’s death, there was a bizarre phenomenon.

According to historians Pei Song, on the eve of Zhuge Liang’s death, there was a red star and horn, from northeast to southwest.In other words, before Zhuge Liang’s illness died, there was a shiny star, which flew directly from the northeast direction towards the southwest and landed in Zhuge Liang’s camp.Soon then, Kong Ming died.

With these visions and stories support, historians have formed many doctrines in order to study the mystery.Among them, Sima Qian said the most profound: "At the time of the heavens, the changes of ancient and modern."

"The change of ancient and modern" is the trajectory of understanding the development of ancient and modern times; "the time of the heavenly man" is the pursuit of the relationship between the understanding of heaven and people.Among them, "heaven", "people", "ancient", and "today" were a proposition that people were very concerned at the time.In "Historical Records", "Sky Demonstration", "Divine Show", "Power", "Adventure", "Prophecy" and so on appeared.

In a sense, Sima Qian’s research on "the time of heaven and man" has made the unpredictable and predictable boundaries in the objective world blur.What he could not explain and could not verify himself was attributed to the gods.

But from the current technology, the theory of the gods obviously does not exist.The so -called vision and natural phenomenon are also a presentation of nature.The so -called "Tengu eats the moon", "Blood Moon", etc. The ancients were just common astronomical phenomena.

In addition, there is the vision of the sky when Zhuge Liang’s death, which is just a meteor shower.In the cognitive scope of the ancients, there is more or less amazing. It is also understandable!(Circle cards have been added here, please check today’s headline client)

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