Excessive infusion of pregnant women has found that the medicine has expired for 3 months, and the official response

According to Shaanxi Radio and Television, Mr. Gao, who lives in Chang’an District, Xi’an, found that the medicine for his pregnancy in infusion has expired for 3 months!The hospital expressed a sorry that the local food and drug regulatory department had been involved in the investigation, and the official response of Xi’an had set up an investigation team.

Mr. Gao told reporters: His wife was pregnant for six weeks and had symptoms of vomiting recently. Therefore, he came to a hospital in Chang’an District, Xi’an to check. The doctor suggested that Mr. Gao’s wife in hospital infusion treatment.When he was hung to the second bottle, he accidentally found that the drug was valid until January 2019!

Mr. Gao: "The wife started infusion on the evening of April 12th. When the second bottle of liquid was changed, it was 1 am on April 13th. At 6 am, he accidentally found that the medicine had expired for 3 months. At that timeThe liquid has lost half. "

The reporter saw that this bottle of expired medicine was "glucose intravenous injection", which was produced in February 2017, and it was valid until January 2019. That is to say, this bottle of drugs have been over for nearly 3 months!But when Mr. Gao found that the medicine expired, he had half injected.

Picture source: screenshot of video video of Shaanxi Radio and Television

Mr. Gao hurriedly asked the nurse to pull out the infusion tube and transfer to the women and children of Shaanxi Province. After the examination, the doctor said that the fungal value of Mr. Gao’s wife had exceeded the standard, and the influence of the fetus in the later period was not allowed.

Mr. Gao said that the attending doctor took them to the provincial maternal and children and left, and no one contacted them again, but just said sorry, and did not solve what was going on.

Picture source: screenshot of video video of Shaanxi Radio and Television

How can there be an expiration of the injection medicine?

Hospital staff said:

I am also very sorry that this kind of thing should not be or allowed to occur for us.Now that we have happened now, we have started to deal with it. Whether it is management, or the usual education of employees, and the training of medical staff in all aspects, there may be some loopholes in all aspects, so we are now from various departments and personnel.There are also management systems that have been strengthened.

According to the Beijing News, on the morning of the 15th, the Food and Drug Administration of Chang’an District, Xi’an replied to a reporter from the Beijing News. The local investigation team has been set up in the investigation.

A staff member of the Office of the Hospital of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Chang’an District, Xi’an confirmed that there was an expiry of the drugs involved, and stated that the hospital had negotiated with the patients and their families afterwards. At present, the dispute has been resolved.

The Beijing News reporter learned from the Office of the Food and Drug Administration of Chang’an District, Xi’an City that the local investigation team has formed a local investigation team. The investigation was led by the Chang’an District Health and Health Bureau. The incident is under investigation and processing.The reporter then contacted the Chang’an District Health and Health Bureau, and the other party also said that the matter is under investigation.

Picture source: screenshot of video video of Shaanxi Radio and Television

Netizens have said: So terrible!

@小 www: It’s terrible, what will happen to the glucose expire?What impact on the fetus

@兴: I am afraid that this bottle will be more than expired. If this discovery maybe it is still discovered, it is a bit terrible

@吧 _chow: That’s how the baby’s baby.EssenceEssenceIt’s okay.Feel.EssenceEssenceSo worried

@Clear: Is this a small life? This hospital is not cautious at all?

@: Now I know why I have gone to the apology. Others are still pregnant?

@上 I want to be glory: I have a aunt because I died because of the error liquid, and the expired food can’t be eaten, let alone the medicine

My gods are still pregnant women, and do not find that the hospital will continue to give the expired medicine to the patient. I really have to check it carefully.

@小 I: I also think that the hospital is very important to make a joke.

@Is not sweet: things have happened. Under this premise, sorry for this behavior is okay … It is to see follow -up, but the expired medicine is still too animal, and it has nothing to do with the infertility.

Drug management and use are strictly standardized

According to Article 49 of the Drug Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China: those who have not indicated or changed the validity period; those who do not indicate or change the production batch number; medicines that exceed the validity period, according to inferior drug theory.

In addition, the relevant provisions of the nursing system must be compared carefully to the patient’s bed name, name, medicine name, dose, concentration, time, and usage when medication is used for medication.

Source: China News Agency

In response to the 10%glucose injection incident of the Chang’an Women’s Institute, the Chang’an District Health and Health Bureau quickly launched an investigation.

The patient Ms. Wang went to the Changan Women’s Institute at 17:44 on April 11, 2019.At about 6:20 on April 12th, 10%of the glucose injection of the infusion was found to have expired, and the infusion was stopped immediately.At the same time, the doctor on duty was accompanied by the doctor of the Northwest Women and Children’s Hospital for treatment. After examination, the patient had no adverse reactions.

The Chang’an District Market Supervision Bureau and the District Health and Health Bureau jointly identified the 10%glucose injection of the attempt at the time, which was indeed an expired medicine.Subsequently, more than 300 kinds of medicines in the warehouse and pharmacies of the district women’s insurance houses were fully investigated, all of which were valid for drugs.

After investigation, the first is that the pharmacy personnel mixed with the expired liquid of the previous counter and the newly added liquid. The performance was not in place and was not meticulous at work.The second is that when the nurse did not operate in accordance with the standard, there was serious negligence at work.Third, the hospital has poor systems and poor supervision in the management process.

In response to this, the District Health and Health Bureau will continue to pay attention to the health of patients and do a good job of medical services; the second is that the District Health Bureau suspended the dean of the Chang’an Women’s Insurance Institute and was removed from office in charge of the deputy dean;Relevant regulations are seriously held accountable.Third, the District Health and Health Bureau learned this incident as a lesson.

Chang’an District Health and Health Bureau

April 15, 2019

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