Exclusive milk ≈ cancer?The deepest routine in breastfeeding

Mom 1: Recently, the younger sister said that she needs to be discharged after weaning, otherwise it is easy to get breast cancer!Now the broken breast milk is almost a year, and it can still be squeezed out of the yellow and a little salty milk. It seems that I have to go for a disabled milk package.

Mom 2: Yes!I also heard that the first weaning without discharge milk will block the milk mouth and affect the second tire milk.

Mom 3: Yes, residual milk can re -activate the breast tissue and make the breasts fuller!IntersectionIntersection

Recently, I saw the discussion of the mothers about the discharge of discharged milk in the group.A search keywords on WeChat, there are so many articles to publicize this, the words are very anxious. No wonder mothers will discuss and then do so -called residual milk.

In terms of reason, why do we say: "Disposal milk" is the deepest routine in breastfeeding!

Question 2: After weaning for a period of time, the squeezed milk is very yellow, thick, and looks abnormal, and even tastes very salty?

Baby care: This should start with the "degradation period" of the breast.After the mother stops stimulating milk secretion for a period of time, she looks like 40 days. The gland of the breasts starts to enter the degradation period. This process may last for dozens of days and may last for several years. ThereforeMilk, this is normal.Usually after breastfeeding, for the health of the breast, you can do a medical examination once a year. As long as there is no problem with the medical examination, you don’t need to worry if you can squeeze out milk.

Besides, the taste is relatively salty. The adenocyte cells allow chlorine and sodium to enter the milk and draw water. The concentration of chlorine and sodium in the milk continues to increase with the loss of moisture. The concentration of lactose and potassium decreases.If the element content is high, it has a phenomenon that tastes salty.

The process of yellow and thick color is the process of continuous absorption with the water of the last little milk. Most of the remaining substances are fat, which may show white powder, or milky, milky yellow paste.The semi -dehydrated milk will naturally look very thick and yellow.

Therefore, this is a very normal phenomenon, and there is no need to do additional "empty" operation.

Milk is like saliva, blood, and tears. It belongs to our body fluid. The milk remaining in the breast will gradually be absorbed by our body.There is no need to be done by the flicker of beauty salons to do the "disabled milk" package that may lose the mammary tissue because of improper stimulation.

Question 2: I just don’t like this kind of milk to stay in my body, or squeeze it comfortably.

Baby care: Remember the words "opening milk" and "stimulating lactation"?The body is very intelligent. How much excitement it will give, it will give how much feedback will give.Therefore, the so -called "disabled milk", this operation itself stimulates milk secretion, often the milk has been at the end of the degradation period, but is awakened and activated by this operation.It becomes thick and salty.

Question 3: The first tire without discharge milk will affect the situation of the second milk?

Baby care: Every new pregnancy, smart breasts are prepared for breastfeeding during pregnancy.Moms who have understood the principle of lactation know that breastfeeding is a comprehensive process of hormone secretion and nerve reflection. When the placenta is delivered, oxytocin and prolactin start working.As the baby sucks the nipples, it is stimulated to be transmitted to the pituitary gland and produces hormones called prolactin and oxytocin.The prolactin transmission command to turn blood into breast milk, oxytocin played the role of breast milk discharge that promoted accumulation of breast milk.Therefore, early sucking and early contact with early stimulus is the key to milk.

Question 4: Can residual milk re -activate the breast tissue and make the breasts more full?IntersectionIntersection

Baby care: As the lactation ends, the breast degradation period begins, the milk moisture is continuously absorbed, and the remaining substances will be reorganized to re -enter the physiological cycle system.Some studies have pointed out that after 3-5 years of milk, the fat tissue will return to the breast to allow the breasts to return to the size of before pregnancy.It is not through the so -called residual milk to make the breast plump.The specific recovery process varies from person to person.

Question 4: But after seeing so many "discharge of residual milk", under the visual impact, I am still worried about what to do with breast health?

Baby care: Of course, women must care for their bodies.If you worry about breast health, regular inspections and scientific care are king.

1. You can also do conventional perspectives and chestnuts at home.

Visual consultation:

>> Take off the top, under the bright light, face the mirror for bilateral breast consultation:

>> Drooping your arms to observe whether the curved contour of the breasts on both sides is changed. At the same height, the breasts, nipples, and areola skin are peeling or erosion, whether the nipples are improved or retracted, and then your hands are spin the left and right rotation.Continue to observe the above changes.


Take the position or supine position, put your left hand behind your head, check your left breast with your right hand, move your fingers together, and gradually move from the top of the breast clockwise.Do you have no lumps, be careful not to miss any part, do not press your fingertips or squeeze. After checking the breasts, gently squeeze the nipples with your index finger and middle finger to observe whether there are blood secretions.

2. It is necessary to have a medical examination once a year.

Mainly the examination of breasts, uterus and ovaries.

If there is a sudden weaning and too much milk residue, there may be pain or lumps, you can find a professional lactation consultant for milk guidance through the baby’s adopted maternal and baby service platform.Reported to the Department of Breast Department of the Hospital.

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