Experience of infertility

Patients, female, 32 years old, long -term in Keqiao, visited on July 26, 2020.Consciousness and fatigue are obviously obviously more than 5 years, especially in the past year.Although it is conditioned by Chinese medicine, the effect is not good.

Diagnosis: fatigue and fatigue, afraid of cold, easy to wake up at night, blowing headaches, often have bloating and ribbon, easy to get angry, menstruation drips, dragging for more than 10 days a small amount of pelvic effusion.

Patients want a child, but never succeed.The tongue is light and white pulse strings are weak.

This is qi and blood deficiency and liver qi stagnation.Yu Shengu Decoction addition and subtraction:

Angelica, cooked land, fried white peony, Chuanxiong

Codonopsis, astragalus, fairy crane grass, Chaihu

Cross -shell, licorice, cinnamon, dried ginger

Poria, Coix Seed

7 doses, fry on behalf, take a review on August 2, 2020 at noon in the morning

The fatigue is obviously improved, the headache disappears, and the calf is sore

Reducing Chuanxiong, Codonopsis, adding coix seeds, big blood vines, ephedra, and fairy crane grass.

Take noon in the morning.

August 16, 2020

The fatigue has basically cured, stopped the medicine for a week, and did not relieve breast pain during menstruation.

Give the front and subtraction of Chenpi, Qingpi, and Tulip, sparse liver and qi.

Angelica, cooked land, yam, dogwood

Stir -fried white, Bupleurum, coriander shell, and licorice

Astragalus, Xianhe grass, fried hawthorn, Chenpi

Tulip, green skin, fried scutellaria baicalensis on August 28, 2020

Breast pain disappeared, and there was no menstruation this time.Continue to increase and subtract for a week.Stop drugs.

On October 25, 2020, patients came to regulate menstruation again. The menstruation was a little bit dripped for a week. The patient did not want to take Chinese medicine for a long time. It was recommended that patients were given to be administered for granant.

Who expected to regulate two cycles, the patient was pregnant.

The most prominent symptom of this patient was fatigue and fatigue at first, but she always felt that she had pelvic inflammatory disease. In fact, many chronic pelvic inflammatory disease was caused by fatigue. The grip of her body was fatigue and fatigue.The soil is good, the crops are president in the ground, the person is in good condition, and naturally you can get pregnant.

Shengyu Decoction is Siwu Decoction and astragalus.Chaihu Crusted Shells Differential liver qi, Guizhi Dry Ginger Poria Tongyang wet.Later, breast tenderness aggravated qi and swelling medicine.It was almost uncomfortable in less than a month.

After two months, menstruation was slightly irregular. The patient did not want to take Chinese medicine every day, so he used the idea of regulating the weekly method.

Patients have no contraception for these and a half years, but they are not pregnant. Unexpectedly, the Chinese medicine took these times and became pregnant.It just illustrates the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine conditioning.

Many infertility is not good for human soil. If the soil is not good, it is not easy to grow crops, or it cannot grow good crops.This soil is a human constitution. If it does not only be difficult to get pregnant, it is very uncomfortable every day, the quality of life is poor, and the land may be broken for a long time.

The avenue is simply.


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