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Under the common action of various factors such as lifestyle changes, infertility is becoming more and more common.On March 26, the 2nd "Million Pregnancy Fund" health aid public welfare activity was launched in Wan. Liu Yanhui, chairman of the Dangguan Medical Association Reproductive Professional Committee, reminded that elderly women who have delayed fertility should always pay attention to fertility screening, 35Female-40-year-old women can go to the hospital to evaluate fertility every year, and more than 40 years old will be evaluated every six months.

During the National Two Sessions this year, the issue of fertility became a hot topic.The second "Million Pregnancy Fund" Healthy Pregnancy Public Welfare Campaign was sponsored by Dongguan Victoria Maternal and Children’s Hospital, Liu Yanhui, Chairman of the Commando Professional Committee of the Dongguan Medical Association, Li Tingting, Reproductive Medicine Center of Zhongshan Sixth Hospital, and the Third Hospital of Shenzhen UniversityShi Xiaoming, director of the Medical Center and Director of the Birth Defect Prevention and Control Center.

The event not only provides 500 to 5,000 yuan aid assistance for each qualified family, but also sets up the MDT outpatient clinic for a gestational medical workstation and multi -disciplinary experts to invite well -known experts in the province and establish a green channel for test tube baby in Zhongshan Sixth Hospital., Establish a trinity of "combined Chinese and western medicine, natural assistance+auxiliary reproductive+scientific tire preservation", so that Dongguan infertility patients can enjoy advanced diagnosis and treatment services at their doorsteps.

During the event, Liu Yanhui introduced that in recent years, my country’s fertility rate has been declining. In addition to external factors such as social pressure, factors such as decreased fertility and rising infertility rates cannot be ignored.

Specifically, today’s young people are generally older, and some are 35-40 years old, while women’s golden age is not more than 35 years old; infertility has a trend of youth.In terms of state, mental stress, etc., the global average infertility rate is about 10%-18%; the protection of fertility functions, repeated abortion, etc. leading to various problems in the uterus, and then infertility.

How can women protect their fertility?Liu Yanhui suggested starting from three aspects:

The first is to postpone the elderly women who have to pay attention to the screening of fertility.For example, 35-40 years old must be evaluated once a year, and it should be evaluated once every 40 and half a year.Do not wait anymore when the evaluation finds that the fertility rate decreases significantly.

The second is the evaluation of fertility, especially after pregnancy, premature birth, or innate defects of infants and young children, which are closely related to the maternity conditions of the husband and wife.

Third, the protection of young people’s fertility, adverse behaviors can cause incredible damage to fertility, such as may cause many posterior troubles such as fallopian tube inflammation, fallopian tube obstruction, pelvic inflammation, and endometriosis.Therefore, from all aspects of sex education from all aspects, let the majority of women understand the harm of artificial abortion.

"Actually, about 80%of the infertility people have not yet reached the point where needed reproductive therapy is needed." Liu Yanhui said that through social psychological intervention, preparation guidance, traditional Chinese medicine treatment, surgical treatment, etc.Much low.

He reminded that eligible couples should take a timely participation in the free marriage and pregnancy examination in Dongguan. If the husband and wife have not taken any contraceptive measures and normal sexual life without successful pregnancy, they should go to a regular hospital for examination in time and find out early treatment.

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