Experts from Beijing Union Hospital: Can you still ask for children during pregnancy?Every mother, look at it

Experts in this article /Zhang Yu (Deputy Chief Physician of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Peking Union Hospital)

All the joy of pregnancy is destined to end in a tragedy.The birth of all new lives is destined to have 1%to 2%newborn in birth defects.

These issues are always accompanied by human reproduction, medicine cannot be completely eliminated, and God cannot.

Everyone knows that pregnancy cannot be taken to take medicine, but does it necessarily cause fetal malformation after taking medicine?

Keeping, afraid of having a non -sound child, not only the family is unable to bear it, but also sorry for the child.

Broken, I was really reluctant, and I was afraid I would never conceive anymore in the future.When many patients come to ask for help, they often have seen the outpatient clinics of several doctors, and it is still difficult to choose.

In fact, a large amount of medical data has proven that emergency contraceptives Yuting after taking it does not increase the malformation rate of the fetus. Women who accidentally get pregnant do not need to stop pregnancy because they have taken such drugs.

Modern medicine seems to be very advanced, but due to the medical technology itself, doctors can not find and change problems.

Preparatory inspections are not universal.The B -ultrasound is only responsible for discovering severe and deadly structural malformations. Regardless of 2D, 3D or four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound, functional defects, such as vision, hearing, low intelligence, and whether the child’s smart assessment is powerless.

Many defective children are discovered after birth.Many children have abnormal growth and development, and they have to surface after they are born for a long time.Even the death of many children, medicine cannot give exact cause.

If you are holding a deformed child at this time and find the obstetrician and gynecologist who said "It’s okay, keep it", how can she say it clearly?

1. medication during pregnancy

First of all, we must look at the time relationship between medication and conception.Generally, for women with a period of menstruation, women with a cycle of about 28 days, from the first day of the last menstrual period, the drugs taken around the surrounding areas follow the "all or no" law on the embryo.

Within around pregnancy, embryo is also an unlimited cell cluster, which has not started the development of various tissues and organs.If the killing embryo of the drug is large enough, it will cause natural miscarriage; if the effect of the drug is mild, the powerful embryo can escape the calamity, and there will be no deformity or defects of a certain tissue organs.

Starting from the 5th week of pregnancy, the embryo enters the stage of rapid growth and development. At this time, it is the extremely sensitive period of drug teratogenic.Doctors will analyze the specific problems according to factors such as the safety classification of pregnancy and medication, and the dosage of the drug, instead of generally recommended women to do artificial abortion.

2. Various inspections

High -dose ion rays will cause many serious damage to the fetus, such as abortion, fetal growth disorders, cerebellar malformations, intellectual development disorders, and increase the risk of children with malignant tumors.

However, according to the data of the American Radiation Association and the Obstetrics and Gynecology Association, the chest slices and breast molybdenum targets taken by the body are safe, and there is no need to choose an artificial abortion.

Nuclear magnetic resonance and ultrasonic examination have long been proven to be safe during pregnancy, and can be used as replacement or first choice.Whether it is B -ultrasound or vaginal B -ultrasound, you can rest assured and repeatedly during pregnancy.

The laws of our country allow artificial abortion.28 weeks ago, the fetal life was completely in the hands of the parents.

Under such national conditions, before the decision of the parents made a fetus for the fetus, they should get professional and detailed consultation opinions. Try to make a scientific decision without losing human warmth.Leave your life for a lifetime.

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