Exposure of Da S is about to produce 9 months of pregnancy. Gu Junyi took care of it. Wang Xiaofei had gone to Taiwan to pick up his children.

On June 21, a big melon was released in the entertainment industry. The well -known female artist Grand S was involved in rumors of drug use rumors because of the news of the artist Huang Zijiao, and she was about to be pregnant in October.

It is reported that the source of the news is a report from South Korea reposted by the domestic blue V media. It is reported that some media people in South Korea revealed that the wife of Junjun’s wife was suspected of 9 months of pregnancy, and the couple hadn’t appeared for a long time.

According to the reporter, Gu Junzhang took care of her by his wife’s big S these days. When he was eating, he would feed himself, and he would hold his wife when he moved. He was so careful to protect the other half, which shows the sensitivity of the woman’s body.

For whether there is a child really, there is no accurate news at this time, because Ge Junzhang has not mentioned this to the outside world.It took the initiative to propose that before the child was born, Ge Junyi should keep mysterious and low -key, and even for the physical condition of his wife’s big S, Gu Junyi would not say.

However, from the perspective of the details of the exposure, the possibility of the woman’s pregnancy will not be ruled out, but this kind of thing still wait until the parties will be polite directly, and the people around them will not ask.

Attentive netizens turned out the photos of the event before attending the event. I did find that the figure of the big S was somewhat followed, and the small belly was more prominent. When some shots were taken, they would also cover it.The feeling of pregnancy.

What is more interesting is that last year, some media mentioned that too big S had been pregnant for three months. It is just 9 months old. You said that this matter is very interesting.

I do n’t know what everyone thinks of this breaking news. I am surprised anyway. You know, Big S has just been involved in the scandal of drug use. The host Huang Zijiao used a light way to break the news of the entertainment industry.Although this matter has denied this, netizens do not seem to buy much.

Coincidentally, the former husband Wang Xiaofei and his former mother -in -law Zhang Lan were clearly stated during the live broadcast that the big S and sister Xiao S were suspected of taking drugs, so the denomination of the big S seems to be too weak, not even the media in Taiwan, not the media in Taiwan.How can I believe that Big S, I think this is "no wind without waves", why does Huang Zijiao say that others have drugs?

On Weibo, some people posted a vote. I asked everyone if everyone believed that Huang Zijiao said that S’s drugs were used. As a result, 77,000 people chose to believe Huang Zijiao’s report in the voting of 90,000 people.

Coupled with the wall pushing the wall, many netizens have picked up a video of Xiao S and their dance teachers before. In the video, Xiao S desperately gave the dance teacher who fell to the ground to drink a "calm agent", while the dance teacher was crazy on the ground.The crawling escaped, and his mouth shouted for life, and the scene was numb.

In terms of the reputation, the word of mouth has collapsed.

So if Big S is really pregnant this time, it is actually really worrying. It was already an elderly mother in her fifties. The body is not good. If the mental pressure is bigger, it is really difficult.No wonder you need to take care of Jun Jun.

Pay attention to myself and release the news of pregnancy. Regardless of whether it is true and false, she will only arouse discussions about her poisoning. It is really better to do nothing.

And at present, Wang Xiaofei, the ex -husband of Da S, has already moved. After Huang Zijiao broke the scandal of Da S drug abuse, Wang Xiaofei went to Taiwan overnight and directly took the children of the two to himself.At the time, she even connected her mother Zhang Lan and asked the child to call Zhang Lan "grandma". Wang Xiaofei smiled at the time to become crescent, even if she could feel happiness even across the screen.

Personally, Wang Xiaofei must know something internal affairs. Whether it is Da S drugs or pregnancy, Wang Xiaofei must know.

Although he didn’t say anything, he had already explained the problem for his behavior of picking up the child overnight. I estimate that there was a result soon. This time, Wang Xiaofei could really return to the child’s custody.

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