Fake pregnancy, fake proof!Occupation "Marriage Scam" fraud hundreds of thousands of post -nets

He has been cheating many times, and every time he grabs her, he is pregnant?It turns out that pregnancy is false, proof is false, and it is true to avoid prison!

Occupation "Marriage Scam", do not choose to

In mid -February 2022, the Criminal Police Brigade of the Public Security Bureau of Leping City received a report from Tao, saying that he had suffered a marriage fraud and was deceived by more than 370,000 yuan.

After receiving the police, the police handling the case quickly arrested Xu Mouan, a suspect in Fuliang County.After the case, in the face of the Ru Shan Tie, Xu Mouan truthfully confess his false intention to develop a lover with the victim Tao Mou, and then successively used wedding gifts, fictional pregnancy, father’s death, mother’s injury to hospitalization, grandmother’s death and death, his brother had a car accident in a car accident.Reasons such as surgery and other reasons to deceive Tao for a total of more than 370,000 yuan in criminal facts.

After that, Xu Mouan told the police that he had become pregnant. The police immediately took Xu Mouan to the hospital for a pregnancy test to confirm that Xu Mouan was indeed pregnant.

On November 22, 2022, the Ledping People’s Court sentenced Xu Mouan to 6 years in prison.

After the verdict came into effect, Xu Moudan said that he had a daughter Li Wanting on September 3, 2022. He was still breastfeeding and he was pregnant again. He provided relevant pregnancy test materials.Therefore, Xu Mouan has not been sent to prison.

Therefore, the technical re -application, the crime again

In early February 2023, the Criminal Police Brigade of the Public Security Bureau of Leping City received a marriage fraud case.

What surprised the case of the case was that the fraud in the police population turned out to be Xu Mouan again!According to the baby birth certificate provided on September 3, 2022, and the pregnancy test provided later, Xu Mouan should be currently in pregnancy!

The test results confirmed that it was not pregnant

On February 8th, investigators of the Second Squadron of the Interpol Brigade summoned Xu Moudan to the Public Security Bureau of Leping City in accordance with the law.

Behind a lie must be weaving more lies!At this time, the police handling the case had serious doubts about the so -called "birth certificate" provided by it. After verification, it was found that there was no maternity record, and the hospital had never issued a certificate of birth of Li Moting.

At this point, the police handling the case confirmed that the pregnancy and childbirth of Xu Mouan were all lies. In order to avoid going to jail, Xu Moudan made up the child’s birth and subsequent "again pregnancy".

In the face of a series of evidence, Xu Moudan truthfully stated that after being sentenced, he had forged the fact that he was sent to prisons and forged the birth certificate and pregnancy report.

At present, the suspect Xu Mouan has been detained in accordance with the law, and the case is still being handled.End

Source: Criminal Police Brigade Editor: Zou Jinliang School Division: Cheng Yaqiong’s Draft: Wang Shangfang Review: Wang Tao

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