farewell!The 29 -year -old net red Sun died boldly. His daughter was only 8 years old. Zeng Yuan married a scum man for 7 years.

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On July 15th, the news of the boldness of the beauty net red Sun showed that the netizens who loved her were heartbroken.

Netizens hurt her heart, because she was only 29 years old, too young.

The second is because of her previous encounter that she had lived too hard before.

Sun Bold is named Sun Jinghuan. She originally lived in a happy family. She had two sisters on her, and her sister and her parents loved her very much.

However, a marriage completely changed her destiny.

At the age of 21, she met her ex -husband, and the family opposed her to marry him.

But because she was young, she was not sensible and willful, she still married regardless of the opposition of all family members.

However, after marrying, Sun’s bold life not only did not improve, but became worse.

She followed her ex -husband to live in Taiyuan. They did not live in the community, but lived in the greenhouse.

In a bungalow in the greenhouse, a bed was built with bricks and wooden boards, and there were mouse plane holes under the bed.

When sleeping at night, mice often rushed on their heads, and the greenhouses were surrounded by graveyards, which looked very gloomy.

With such a harsh living environment, Sun has lived with his ex -husband for 7 years.

As for such a living environment, Sun Bold did not complain about it at first. She felt that marrying chickens and dogs with chickens and dogs, and the two people just passed the small life together.

However, in addition to the harsh living environment, her body and mind have also suffered severe destruction.

When Sun was pregnant, her ex -husband was no longer gentle and considerate, showing his true face.

At the beginning, her ex -husband just scolded her crazy, and later became more and more abnormal.

When she quarreled, her ex -husband would burn the quilt with a fire, chop her hand with a kitchen knife, and hit the wall with her head.

After that, he knelt down and apologized, because of his soft heart, Sun boldly forgive.

However, her forgiveness did not get better in the ex -husband, but the perverted behavior of her ex -husband became more and more extreme.

At about 12 pm, her ex -husband dragged her into a van, saying that she would take her to kill at a high speed.

Fortunately, when she took a high -speed card port, she jumped off the car and reported to the police to avoid the terrible consequences.

After that, she completely realized that she couldn’t live such a life again. Before that, she was worried that divorce would not be good for her daughter, but after encountering so many things, she had understood that such a living environment was more unfavorable to her daughter’s growth.

So on November 28, 2020, she took her daughter away from Taiyuan and returned to Julu County, her hometown.

After returning to her hometown, in order to live, in order to allow her daughter to go to school well, she opened a spicy shop.

On April 15, 2021, her spicy mixed shop opened. She took care of her children and worked hard.

What she didn’t expect was that her spicy shop was very good in business. She was very popular in Julu County, and even some people called her "Spicy West Shi".

After one year of operation, the child’s tuition, living expenses, rental costs and some mixed costs were removed, and Sun boldly saved 130,000 yuan.

Although it was tired to make these money, Sun was very happy.

However, in this year, Sun’s bold ex -husband often came to her hometown to make trouble, and he had to snatch the child.

For this reason, Sun had to run the court frequently. He agreed to all the conditions of the ex -husband. She only wanted the child’s custody and only wanted to quickly lift his marriage relationship with him.

In the end, on October 27, 2021, the court sentenced them to their divorce.

After the divorce, Sun boldly felt that she was completely liberated, and she would live better and better.

Moreover, she also met a man who truly loved her.

Her boyfriend is 3 years older than her, she is very good to her, and her daughter is like her.

They have even reached the step of marriage and marriage.

You can say no politely that Sun Banno finally came to suffer.

However, life is too impermanent.

In February this year, Sun boldly diagnosed rectal cancer. She cried and couldn’t believe it.

After four or five days of diagnosis, Sun boldly decided to face the illness and live bravely.

She announced her condition on the short video account, saying that she would actively fight cancer.

Later, because of the serious condition, she had chosen to stop.

After suffering from cancer, Sun boldly revealed a message that she had cancer related to her ex -husband.

She once asked the doctor why her illness was so serious?The doctor told her that from her body with cancer cells to polyps to tumors, it took at least three to five years to form. It was impossible to grow tumors at once, and most of the people with cancer were caused by anger.

This makes Sun boldly realized that people really can’t always be angry, and they cannot live with people who are angry, because angry really wants your name.

And her ex -husband is the one who often makes her angry.

And because Sun Bold always showed a positive and optimistic side in short videos. After she stopped, many netizens left a message to pray that she could recover soon.

However, Sun was bold and left, and she failed to defeat the disease.

On July 15th, Sun’s bold boyfriend posted a post. He wrote: Although the world is good, you endure the painful suffering, the paradise is painless and complained, and you can rest assured that the baby is good.

Sun’s bold boyfriend announced the news of Sun’s bold death. She was only 29 years old and left an 8 -year -old daughter.

Sun boldly, go all the way!I hope you will not be so bumpy in your life.

I also want to see the readers who have seen this article. Choose their lover, pay attention to good health, and have a smooth life.

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