Female collapse and affect pregnancy?How long can I have room after hemostasis?Let me tell you one by one

In a happy and happy family, pregnancy is a very important thing. For each woman, it is a meaningful experience.Especially for the recently open second -child policy, for many families who want children, they may want to have a child as soon as possible.

However, if the recent irregular menstruation and abnormal menstrual cycle, when it is found to be caused by the collapse, it is necessary to pay attention to timely treatment.

1. What is a collapse?

Lise refers to a disease caused by abnormal menstrual cycle, menstrual period, and menstrual flow.In clinical practice, "collapse and leakage" also distinguishes: a large amount of bleeding during women’s menstruation refers to "collapse"; and after a large amount of menstrual blood flows out, after the condition is relieved, the amount of bleeding is relatively reduced before, but it still flows through blood.It refers to "leak".

2. Does it affect pregnancy?

When a woman collapse, it will first cause anemia in women’s bodies. Naturally, it will affect women’s ovulation, and pregnancy will also be affected.In addition, women’s collapse not only affects pregnancy, but also if women have collapsed after conception, they will increase the possibility of women’s abortion or premature birth, and may even cause childbirth difficulties and affect the healthy development of the fetus.

Therefore, for women who want to have children, during the process of pregnancy, if a collapse occurs, it is necessary to check, treat and condition in time. When it is cured, a child can be asked.

1. General situation: one to two weeks

Generally speaking, patients can be carried out one to two weeks after the collapse of the patient, so that the pregnancy rate can be increased.Pay attention to maintaining sufficient nutrition, eat more blood supplement, exercise more, and enhance your immunity.

2. Stability: Observe one to two weeks

After the collapse of the bleeding, women can observe another one to two weeks. During the period, they can confirm their own situation and understand whether they will still have a leak. If the body is unwell, it can be quickly processed.

Clinically, women have basically returned to normal in about ten days after the collapse and bleeding.During the recovery period, the body is relatively weak. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid injuries to women. When the body is not fully recovered, it cannot be carried out in the same room. Everyone should pay attention to it.

In clinical practice, the cure rate of leakage is very high, and the treatment time is relatively long, and gradual treatment needs to be performed.In terms of treatment, drugs can be used for treatment, such as Bloodan Capsules, Nv Gold Pills, etc.

Usually, you can also take the drugs of nourishing yin and kidney to condition the body, such as Ning Ning Shen Pills, which have the effects of nourishing liver and kidney, Ningxin and soothe, and can slowly regulate the weak body after healing.In addition, patients must pay attention to personal hygiene and pay special attention to hygiene during menstruation.

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