Female teachers are pregnant for leave. Parents are worried about their children’s performance to the Education Bureau to sue. How to deal with it?

There are more than 20 days, and the new school year will begin. I believe that a lot of students will find that my teacher has changed?Among these changing teachers, there are many, because they are pregnant for leave.Once the parental feelings, they may go to the school to "discuss" or even "sue" because they change their teachers to influence their children’s performance!So, how do we treat and deal with such problems rationally?

I understand the field in the field of education the most. Welcome to pay attention to Sanshui and Sanxin and understand the views of Sanshui and Sanxin on education issues.

Teachers have the right to get pregnant for leave, and students also have the right to enjoy justice. The conflict between the two tests the management wisdom of relevant departments and schools, but only by understanding each other can they truly solve the problem.

It is necessary to figure out the question "Teacher’s pregnancy, and parents go to the Education Bureau to tell the Education Bureau to delay their children’s learning reasonable". We need to analyze from multiple angles and aspects:

Fertility is basic human rights.Internationally speaking, the Tehran Declaration in 1968 has clearly announced that fertility is the basic human rights.Subsequently, the "World Population Action Plan" in 1974 and the United Nations international conferences in 1984 and 1994 were further clarified (the Chinese government sent members to participate and expressed recognition).

In China, Article 51 of the "Women’s Rights Protection Law" promulgated in 1992 stipulates that women have the right to give birth to children in accordance with relevant national regulations, and they also have the freedom of fertility.

Based on this, we can be sure that as a female teacher, we have the right to give birth according to law. Naturally, there is the right to ask for sick leave because of pregnancy (it must be issued a certificate from hospitals at or above the county level).

Of course, teachers’ pregnancy leave is not a strict fertility leave. According to the regulations of various places, they can only be treated in accordance with sick leave.For example, the area where Sanshui and Sanxin are located, 1/22 of the basic performance of the sick leave for one day, and the accumulation of sick leave for more than 60 days, the annual assessment is not qualified.

The current talent selection mechanism is still based on grades. Naturally, parents care about their children’s future and future, and they will definitely pay close attention to their children’s academic performance.

And we know that the biggest difference between education and any other industries is to "kiss their teachers and believe in their own way", that is, the harmonious relationship between teachers and students and familiarity between each other will directly affect students’ learning interestEffect.This is the fundamental reason why parents have caused collective dissatisfaction because of changing teachers.

Sanshui and Sanxin have handled similar events many times, among which most of them are caused by teachers from asking for maternity leave or pre -pregnancy disease leave.

Since teachers have the right to fertility and have the right to ask for sick leave in accordance with regulations, and parents pay attention to their children’s academic performance, is it reasonable?This is the third point I want to say:

We say that parents’ moods are understandable-without good grades, how can they be admitted to good study, the chance of finding a good job in the future will also greatly reduce-thinking in other ways, everyone can understand.However, in order to "sue", there must be relevant laws and regulations. According to the international conventions mentioned earlier and domestic laws, anyone has fertility. Teachers naturally have them.The basis.

However, as a school and the government, if you want to do "the education of the people", we must fully understand the needs of the people. As a parent, you must also think about the problems with multiple angles. You cannot just stand on your own side.Therefore, how to solve this problem, Sanshui and Sanxin combined with many years of school management experience, and believe that:

We know that since the second child policy is relaxed, the school is often stretched when they arrange work. The most important reason is that in primary and secondary schools, the proportion of female teachers has too much.Some survey reports show that starting from 2003, the proportion of female teachers has risen all the way. By 2014, the proportion of female teachers in the country, primary and high school, all over 50%(see the figure below)!So that some people are worried that the future Teacher’s Day will become "Female Teacher’s Day"!

The data of the "Beijing Primary and Middle School Teacher Teacher Teacher Teacher Teacher (2010-2015)" data is even more shocking."Whether it is elementary school, junior high school, or high school, the proportion of female teachers has been rising in general. The proportion of female full -time teachers in primary schools exceeds 80%in 2015 (see the figure below)."

The higher the proportion of female teachers, the more female teachers during the birth period, the higher the proportion of leave for fertility.

And male teachers will not have such problems.Therefore, at the national level, we need to take measures, especially economic incentive measures to attract more male teachers to join the teacher team to effectively avoid such problems.

As a school, it is at the forefront of resolving such problems.But only when the prevention is not occur can it solve the problem before the contradiction broke out.Individuals have adopted the following methods during school management:

The first is to do a good job.Through the visit of female cadres, they have a timely understanding of the ideological dynamics and latest progress of female teachers during the birth period in order to plan ahead and plan the teacher team in advance.

The second is to train teachers.Generally speaking, parents do not care about whether teachers have giving birth, they are worried about affecting their children’s achievements.If there are better teachers, can parents rest assured?Therefore, the training of teachers is a strategy to cure the standard.Of course, this project is really huge, and it is difficult to see results in the short term.

The third is to do parental work in multiple levels.In response to the concerns of parents, the school must fully understand, so that parents have a certain psychological preparation in advance, and then do a good job of dredging all psychology through the original teachers, class teachers, and parent representatives.Sanshui and Sanxin once cited the teacher for leave before pregnancy, and repeatedly convened the family committee and parent representatives to make a meeting to explain and explain the work -let parents do the work of parents, and the effect is often better than the school to guide the work.

A few years ago, almost all schools had written or unwanted fertility rankings -this was good for school arrangements, but violated the law and violated the laws of biological laws, and even inhumane.

As a teacher, we must fully consider the concerns of parents. Under possible circumstances, do a good job of maternity planning in advance.However, please note that no one or an unit has no compulsory requirements, nor can it be abducted morally.

There is a colleague in Sanshui and Sanxin, who has not been pregnant for many years, and finally pregnant, but because of the critical period of the third year, he has been painful to the flow of people -this decision made all parents and children cry!Sanshui and Sanxin also admire it very much, but it does not support it!

But if possible, early planning of fertility can avoid some problems.However, this has some difficulties and is related to everyone’s physical condition.

As mentioned earlier, parents are concerned about their children’s achievements. The teacher can understand, but it is not reasonable and legitimate. So what should parents do better in the face of changing teachers?

The first is to recognize the benefits of changing teachers.The vast majority of people think that changing teachers is harmful and no benefit. In fact, in the long run, changing teachers is good.For example, contacting different teachers and accepting the education of different teachers can make your own thinking diverse, and the ability to communicate with people will be improved -imagined that in the future, can you choose leaders and companions?

The second is to guide the child to treat the original teacher correctly.For children, especially children in elementary school, the teacher is very strong. Once the teacher leaves, they will be sad for a long time.Then, at this time, as a parent, we must guide the children correctly, let them keep their concerns and love to the teacher in their hearts, and use better learning and performance as the best gift to the teacher.

The third is to guide children to treat new teachers correctly.In front of the children, parents have to say the various good teachers in one aspect, and praise the new teachers to let the children get close, trust, and admire the new teacher."ah.

In short, in the face of the problem of taking leave because of pregnancy, relevant government departments, schools, teachers, and parents must find ways to think in other ways instead of blind accusations. You must know that the more contradictions, the worse the impact on the child.In the end, it was only a child who was hurt.

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