Fetal stops and ectopic pregnancy, so I have a healthy fetal heart!

Although I now check the fetal heart sprouts, there will be a variety of concerns and inspections in the back, but I am still happy now. I hope some women who have experienced as me should not be discouraged by me.

First fetal stop

I was pregnant for the first time in August in August 2016. At that time, I hadn’t got married, but I have been together for a long time. My husband especially hoped that I was pregnant. Later, I learned that my husband was particularly happy after pregnancy.After two months, I went to the hospital for examination. There were only 40 days on the list. As long as the fetal buds could not see the fetal heart, the doctor suggested that one week later reviewed. At that time, there was no experience in the first pregnancy.Go again a month.So in less than three months, my husband felt that my stomach had not changed at all, and it was still so small. I said it may be because I was too thin, and the thin people didn’t look obvious.

I went to check it for a long time. I heard the news that the news was soft and uncomfortable. I felt that the world was dark. I still had to accept the facts. I went to perform surgery the next morning.Stimulating, I thought that the child would be good, who can think of it suddenly gone, I can’t sleep, I kept crying, my husband still comforted me not to cry. Anyway, I still have it when I was young, but my husband couldn’t help crying in the middle of the night.When I saw him crying, I couldn’t help crying again, so I cried with the two of him. He also cried and said my baby, my baby … Now I still write it.I cried, and I made a month of empty confinement.

Two ectopic pregnancy

After three or four months later, I was accidentally pregnant and pregnant in February this year. I was only postponed for 4 days and I started to test the urine test. I hurried to the hospital for examination the next day.Later, I heard the doctor said that the extraterrestrial pregnancy was so scared. My husband and I were uncomfortable. He watched others checked that they were all happy. Why do we want to do this? LaterAfter half a month, the hospital seemed to be in the hospital.During the confinement, I want to wait for me to exercise more to condition my body.

I knew the mother gang later. I saw that the rope skipping rope after pregnancy was good for the fallopian tube after pregnancy, so I went to the confinement to check the block. Because the doctor said that it was gone for a month, it was gone for one month., Before the mass, you ca n’t jump before it eliminates. It is not easy to bleed and danger. However, the review has disappeared. After half a month, I started to skip the rope every day.Firm, then jumped for almost a month and started to become lazy. Just jump three or four times a week for a month or two. After a week or two, it jumps twice or three times in the next week.I have been soaking my feet every night, and I also apply hot salt for more than half a month. I saw it in my mother’s help. I thought about it for one month when I was pregnant next year.Slowly conditioning is not that the body really can’t afford to torture again and again.

I did not expect that September was in the middle of the night with my husband last month. At that time, he and I went to work. I had been sleeping and died.I was pregnant and shot in. I suddenly asked him at the time, because I was scared, so I ca n’t do n’t fall asleep and get up and do it. I also dripped a lot. I thought that it should not be pregnant.

My last menstrual period is August 23rd, and there will be a little blood flowing out on the morning of September 18th. Generally, menstruation will be postponed for two to four days, but I still think that my aunt is coming.After eating a little bit in the morning until the afternoon, I haven’t digested it, and it is still good.

Having a healthy fetal heart

I was pregnant on the 20th, and he and I were worried.22 Going to the hospital for inspection is too small. I ca n’t see it outside the palace. The doctor asked the 10 post -examination to review it. I was very worried.So fast, I knew it was in the palace, and I was relieved. I took a list for the doctor to see the fetal heart buds. I was so excited that I couldn’t bear to leave and repeatedly asked the fetal heart three times?Is everything normal?I am 6 weeks now +2 ask the doctor how many days have you been on? She said that there are 33 to 34 days, um is accurate, so I went home happily, and I was very excited to report to her husband on the way home.I am happy, saying that I must be happy every day, and I hope our children are healthy.

Therefore, some mothers do n’t have to worry too much about stopping the pregnancy tire. It is normal to stop the tire at once. It is necessary to see why it is more than two times. Do n’t worry too much about ectopic pregnancy.It is taller than normal people, but only 10%of people will be outside the palace again, and 90%of people will still be pregnant in the palace, and the skipping rope is really helpful for ectopic pregnancy.It’s not easy, let’s cheer together to welcome our future baby, right?

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