Five abortion in pregnancy during pregnancy, the first two can be avoided. Specific mothers knew early to prevent early prevention

The sister -in -law is 35 years old this year, and recently, Xunzi checked that she was pregnant.The family conditions are not very good brother, and the first child is a son, so the people in the family are not very optimistic about the baby to give birth to this baby.The first is that Xunzi is 35 years old, belongs to an elderly mother, and there is a great risk of pregnancy.Secondly, everyone considers that the first child is already a boy. If the second child regenerates the next boy, families who are already economic tight will become more difficult.

The whole family thought that the two sons would need two real estate to marry their daughter -in -law in the future, and they shook their heads to persuade the sister -in -law not to give birth not to give birth to a second child.But the sister -in -law felt that since the child has come, it means that there is a fate with her. Specifically, men are women, and they do n’t know yet!The sister -in -law is determined to keep the child and give birth to him.But the sister -in -law was also afraid that her body could not bear the impact of the second child, because she was thin and looked like a bad care.The sister -in -law was afraid that the child would have a miscarriage when he was halfway, so he went to the hospital for detailed consultation.Doctors told Xunzi that there are 5 abortion, and the first two can be prevented.

1. Chuererive abortion

This miscarriage is manifested as a slight abdominal pain and a small amount of bleeding within the first three months.This mild threatened abortion can be prevented and remedied. Moms do not need to worry too much, just keep their mood comfortable and cooperate with doctors for treatment.

2. Recessive abortion

The cause of implicit abortion comes from the endocrine disorders of the mother and the rhythm of excessive life, that is, there is no rest and too busy.In this case, as long as the mother is adjusted according to the doctor’s suggestion, it can be avoided.

3. Unavoidable abortion

The inevitable situation includes the baby’s lesions, or gene disorders.In fact, this abortion is good for the family.Because most of these fetuses have congenital defects after birth.No family wants to have an unhealthy baby, isn’t it?

4. Complete abortion

Complete abortion is uncontrollable.The main symptoms are a large amount of bleeding and severe pain in the abdomen of the mother. All the uterine contents flow out of this situation cannot be remedied and cannot be recovered. The mother can only accept reality.

5. Incant abortion

Insufficient abortion is also unavailable and preventive.He may not be so thorough compared to completely abortion.In particular, the mother, especially in the second two cases, should adjust her mood and adjust her body in time. In order to prepare for the next pregnancy, do not pay attention to their bodies and leave sequelae.

Since choosing a child, abortion must be something that mothers don’t want to encounter.So how to prevent and avoid the first two abortion?First of all, mothers must do it, have sufficient rest time, secondly to avoid excessive exercise and some difficult household chores, or some housework that requires a lot of physical strength, and you must avoid your stomachs. Try not to travel out as much as possible.EssenceIn terms of working environment and personal emotions, parents must be cautious.Don’t regret your life because of your own care.

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