Five years of pregnancy and no fruit due to chocolate cysts, Chinese medicine helps for 3 months and has no surgery.

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When it comes to chocolate, people will flash various "sweet" pictures in their minds, but today’s "chocolate cyst" encountered by Ms. Zhu’s hero Zhu is a "demon", which is the culprit that leads Ms. Zhu infertility in 5 years.

Five years of pregnancy encountered "Qiaoqian" stopped road tiger

Ms. Zhu, 34, has not been pregnant for 5 years after marriage.In 2017, Ms. Zhu, who had just entered the marriage hall to prepare for pregnancy, was informed by the doctor that the bilateral ovaries had "chocolate cysts" during a examination, which was like Ms. Zhu who was in the sweet stage of marriage.It is recommended that Ms. Zhu undergo bilateral chocolate cysts and removing surgery, but she has not been pregnant after surgery, which makes Ms. Zhu very distressed.

In September 2020, Ms. Zhu was introduced to Hunan Women’s and Children’s Hospital by a friend to find Dr. Zhou Wei for consultation. Dr. Zhou Wei passed the three -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound and related inspections of the uterus.Functional decline (AMH: 1.48), pelvic inflammatory disease, considering that Ms. Zhu is not large (the right side of the right side is 11 × 9mm, the left side is 15 × 14mm), and the ovarian function is not good. Dr. Zhou Wei decided to lead ZhuWomen’s border adjustment is prepared for pregnancy.

Endometriosis is the truth of "ingenuity"

Dr. Zhou Wei introduced that the full name of "Qiaoqian" is actually ovarian chocolate cyst, which is a common type of medical endometriosis.

What is endometriosis?

Endometriosis is that the endometrium should be honest in the uterine cavity, but for various reasons, it runs away from home and runs to other places, and the most common is to run into the ovary.

The endometrium that is "run away from home" is the same as the endometrium in the uterine cavity, and periodic bleeding occurs with the menstrual cycle, but the blood out of the blood does not have the discharge channel like "vagina", so I have to hoard in the ovaries.There are more and more blood accumulated by the ovaries. It looks like the chocolate sauce we eat, so we call it "cockpie", which has nothing to do with whether we eat or not chocolate.

How to make a strange cymbal lead to infertility

About 30%-50%of patients with endometriosis are accompanied by infertility. The ingenious pocket causes infertility is all-round, and it has adverse effects on the entire pelvic cavity.

First of all, the clever sac has caused the ovarian reserve function to decrease, the sinus follicle decreases, and the fertility power decreases; if the ovarian surface has membrane -shaped adhesion, the mature follicles cannot be discharged.

Secondly, the clever capsule causes pelvic adhesion, causing the fallopian tube to be unpopular or obstructed, and the encounter of sperm eggs is hindered to cause infertility.

In the end, there are many non -infectious inflammatory factors that can produce a cockpit. These hidden killers affect the micro -environment of the pelvic cavity and the uterine cavity, which is not conducive to the implantation of fertilized eggs.

Traditional Chinese medicine help, successfully conceive without surgery for 3 months

Dr. Zhou Wei introduced that when I encountered a clever cysts like Ms. Zhu, and the cysts were not large (those who did not have surgical indication below 5cm) and accompanied by ovarian functional decline, they could use Chinese medicine internal medication and Chinese medicine and external treatment method. OneIn terms of traditional Chinese medicine, the kidney and spleen are used to promote ovulation ovulation. On the other hand, Chinese medicine internal medication is used to clear heat and detoxify the external application of traditional Chinese medicine and improve the pelvic environment to eliminate the inflammatory factor. The two are in parallel, which can shorten the pregnancy time and increase the chance of conception.

After the three -month cycle conditioning, Ms. Zhu successfully conceived, and the family was happy.However, Dr. Zhou Wei reminded that for women in childcare, chocolate cysts cannot theoretically unsteady. Although the cysts during pregnancy will basically not grow and even shrink, they still need to be checked on a regular basis.

▲ The professional content of this article was reviewed by Zhou Wei, a traditional Chinese medicine and gynecological expert of Hunan Women’s and Children’s Hospital.Dr. Zhou Wei, known as the "youngest Zizi Guanyin", has helped more than 100 women in half a year of the clinic for successful pregnancy.

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Hunan Medical Chat Special Author: Tao Weijuan, Hunan Women’s and Children’s Hospital

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