Folic acid is a longevity element. It is recommended that middle -aged and elderly people: eat 2 more high folicular vegetables, strong physique!

Hello everyone, I am Xiaoxin.Once a person gets older, all aspects of the body are not as good as before. Many middle -aged and elderly friends have begun to develop downhill. In addition to eating some health care products, they should pay more attention to improving their daily diet.

We usually choose some high foods such as protein, calcium and lecithin, but in fact, it is an indispensable element, which is "folic acid".

It is a "longevity element", which can help the body well for the elderly, help delay aging, such as frequent insomnia, dreaming, memory loss, and physical weakness can be very good.Big treatment effect.

Therefore, it is recommended that middle -aged and elderly people eat more foods with high folic acid in their diet, which can strengthen their physical fitness while letting the body eat and healthier. Today I will share the two "high folicular vegetables" with you.Do it!

The first: pork liver

The content of folic acid contained in pork liver is rich in, and the content of folic acid contained in every 100g is 425 micrograms, which can make the body play a good role in preventing virus infringement and enhancing immune function.

There are many ways to cook pork liver. For home -cooked recipes, you can choose to steam, braised and salt to steam them … There are many ways to do it. Next, I recommend a delicious method for everyone.

Recommended recipe: Stir -fried pork liver

Prepare ingredients: pork liver, green onion ginger and garlic, corn starch, dried peppers, barbecue


1. First, cut the fresh pork liver into a thin thick piece, cut it all into a large bowl, add an appropriate amount of water to clean the pork liver, and wash it with your hands slightly.

2. Remove the washed pork liver, control the dry water and pour it back into the bowl again. Add an appropriate amount of salt, baking soda and green onion ginger, and mix them with your hands again.Clean several times.

3. Then drain the water again and put it in a bowl, add salt, pepper, and corn starch and stir well after marinating for 10 minutes to make it easy to taste.

4. Cut the green onion ginger, garlic and dried peppers, cut the green onion and green section and put it in a bowl for later use; boil the oil in the pot, and then add the oil temperature to 70 % of the heat.Fry the water and turn it over, the process is about 15 minutes, and then remove the oil control.

5. Then remove the fried pork liver and leave it for later use, and then boil the oil again. After the oil temperature becomes hot, add the onion ginger and garlic to stir fry the aroma, and then pour the dried peppers into the stir -fry.

6. Finally, put the pork liver into the pot, stir -fry the medium heat, pour the two spoons of barbecue materials and mix well. Sprinkle the onion section and mix well before the pan.The delicious stir -fried pork liver was made.

The second: bass

The meat quality of the sea bass contains a large amount of nutrients such as vitamin elements and folic acid. It is very rich in nutritional value. It contains the high -quality protein content of oil. The fish is fresh and delicious. It also has health effects for different types of people.

There are also many ways to make sea bass. Common ones are braised, stewed soup, dried soup, and dried … The methods of cooking after each cooking make most people praise it.Everyone unlocks delicious methods.

Recommended recipe: steamed sea bass

Prepare ingredients: sea bass, green onion ginger garlic, small red pepper, steamed fish soy sauce


1. First prepare a fresh sea bass, clean it with water, and draw a flower knife on both sides of the fish. The sides of the fish must be opened on both sides of the fish, which is convenient to taste.

2. Then cut the green onion ginger in another bowl, add salt and a spoonful of cooking wine, stir well to get the green onion ginger juice, then pour the juice on the fish, apply them to the meat quality of the fish evenly with your handsPut on the side and marinate for 10 minutes.

3. Then prepare a larger plate, put two chopsticks, and put on the sea bass to make the bottom of the fish better cooked. A few ginger slices and green onions are placed on the surface of the fish.The fishy smell.

4. Boil the water in the pan, boil the water and put it in a steamer, put the fish in the pot and cook, cover the lid and steam on high heat for 10 minutes.Cut, cut a small amount of small red pepper and cut it into filaments for later use.

5. Finally, open the lid, remove the sea bass, pinch the green onion ginger on the fish with chopsticks, pour the steamed fish water and pull out two chopsticks; pour the appropriate amount of steamed fish soy sauce and soy sauce in the bowl.The spare green onion ginger red pepper is sprinkled with the fish body, and it can be drizzled with a layer of hot oil to explode the fragrance, so a fresh and juicy steamed sea bass is ready.

Summary: Folic acid is an essential element in our human body. It is recommended that you eat the above two "high folicular vegetables" in your daily diet, especially middle -aged and elderly friends.Health, make your physique stronger!

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