Foling flat and sleeping in the middle of pregnancy will not only cause fetal hypoxia. These damage, I know that I have benefited early

We all know that Moms in October are a very hard thing, especially the pain of separation, and it is unbearable to ordinary people.And even some daily small things have been greatly limited. For example, sleep, normal people want to sleep, but mothers can’t.After all, at this time, the baby is still so fragile in the mother’s belly, and it is likely that it will cause incredible harm because of a small mistake.Especially in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, Baoma should pay more attention to, such as lying flat.

A netizen left a message under an article about his mother’s sleeping posture: When I think of the first time I conceive my son, I do n’t understand anything, and I do n’t have so many platforms to learn knowledge.I wanted to lose my temper all day, and I didn’t tell the doctor.The child is really very difficult to be born. I love to make trouble at night. I am 3 years old together. It is really too difficult

Xiaomei is now 6 months pregnant. One day at noon, she felt sleepy after lunch, and because she didn’t want to move her body, she simply lay down on the sofa.But she didn’t sleep for a long time, and she felt that the baby in her stomach started to move, and she felt a panic, and she suddenly woke Xiaomei.Xiaomei thought of reacting it. It should be sleeping too comfortably on the sofa, so she lay flat for a while. This is the baby protesting for herself.

Since then, Xiao Mei has paid great attention when he sleeps, and never let herself sleep flat.After a birth checkup, Xiaomei asked the doctor, is it very uncomfortable for the baby when lying down and sleeping at pregnancy?After listening to Xiaomei’s problem, the doctor told Xiaomei very seriously. In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, do not lie down flat and sleep. The long -term flatness has disadvantages to your baby or to you.

In this regard, some Baoma may disagree with it, and they don’t sleep on their stomachs. They are so heavy. Only lying down is the most comfortable.However, in such major events, there must be no luck. Bao moms are everywhere because of the inappropriate sleeping position that causes the baby’s hypoxia. Nowadays, we must really pay attention to this problem.

1. Compress the mother’s spine and cause kidney damage

If Mom is still lying flat and sleeping in the later stages of pregnancy, the weight of the abdomen will cause great harm to Bao Ma’s spine and kidney, and it may also suffer from hemorrhoids.Some Baoma found that after she was pregnant, her lower limbs were always swollen. In fact, this is likely to be caused by the influence of flat laying.

2. Baoma can easily feel disgusting and dizzy

If Bao Ma often lay down flat and sleeps, then the blood supply to the heart will be found in the later stages of pregnancy, and the other sleeping posture will be reduced a lot.The importance of the heart is self -evident. If the blood supply is too small, then the mother is prone to various diseases, and it reflects dizziness or vomiting.

3. Babies are prone to hypoxia or even asphyxia in the palace

When the mother’s stomach was small in the early pregnancy, the baby did not feel anything about flat lying, but as Baoma’s belly became bigger and bigger, flat lying became a sleeping posture that the baby was difficult to accept.When lying flat, the uterus will have strong oppression of the baby, so that the baby will have hypoxia. At this time, the babies will be expressed by fetal movement.If Baoma still doesn’t pay attention, babies are likely to cause umbilical cord around the neck due to the severe fetal movement, so we don’t need to say that everyone knows.

Therefore, the mother of Baoma should try to lie on the left side when she is resting. This is the best sleeping position for the baby’s development. It can also be replaced by the left and right, but remember not to lie down for a long time.And you should start paying attention to the sleeping position in the second trimester, so as not to hurt your baby because of great intentions.Mom, how do you sleep after the middle of pregnancy?

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