Folklore: Daughter -in -law gave birth to a dead baby, and the father stole the placenta in the middle of the night, Taoist priest: Kill chicken quickly

The story takes place during the Yongzheng period of the Qing Dynasty. There is a gallery village in Huainan. There is a surname Fang in the village. Everyone likes to call him the old man.Not long ago, the daughter -in -law’s daughter -in -law was difficult to give birth and gave birth to a dead baby. Because of this, he had a trouble with his son because he had to bury the child’s body.

Lao Fang’s head was lost in his early years.Awu Congying learned, and Lao Fang had high expectations for him. He also wanted to ask him to inherit the mantle and become the new Mr. Yin and Yang.

Who would have thought that Awu didn’t catch a cold at all. When he grew up, he ran outside the village to study and traveled for three years before returning.Seeing that his son was so resistant, he stopped saying much. Awu also married his daughter -in -law soon, calling as Rongyu.

I do n’t know why, the old man ’s head is very resistant to the marriage, and he also said that his son was not in line with the eight characters of Rongyu, and there would be a problem after marriage.At the beginning, Awu did not believe that it was difficult to marry Rongyu, and Rongyu was also very angry. He became pregnant less than half a year after marriage.

Rongyu’s character is gentle and good. Although the old man does not like herself, she still works hard and is very filial, which has gradually accepted her.Unfortunately, the accident happened on the day of the basin.

At the beginning, I was very smooth, but I do n’t know why, the old man was very nervous, and he asked his son to find a few more maternal women to help. One must not cope.At the beginning of Awuqi, at noon, Rongyu suddenly had difficulty giving birth. A mother -in -law really panicked and quickly went out to seek help.Fortunately, Lao Fang headed a few more people in advance, which relieved the situation.

The crowd has been busy in the middle of the night, and finally gave birth to the child on the next day, and Rongyu was also tortured by half of his life.Unfortunately, the child was still dying early. Several mothers took the child to the father and son, and looked lonely. Looking at the child’s body, Awu was distraught, and the old man on the side was much calm.

In the local area, early children need to be buried as soon as possible, so as to allow the soul to rest in peace and return to the local government as soon as possible to avoid chaos.After discussing with his wife here, he decided to bury the child three days later, buried with the child, and the placenta.

I do n’t know why, the old man, who has always been in accordance with the rules, rejected the proposal, saying that he did not want to bury his grandson’s body, and even sneaked into the room to steal the child’s placenta while he did not pay attention to his daughter -in -law in the middle of the night.Awu was a bit difficult to understand, and wanted to go back to the placenta, but the old man said that he had a way to save the child and hoped that he believed himself.

Awu was very sad, thinking that his father was stimulated too deeply, and he was talking nonsense. After all, people’s dead lamps were destroyed.Seeing that his father was unwilling to listen to persuasion, the couple did not dare to continue to delay, so they had to bury the child’s body temporarily.It is precisely because of this that the father and son quarreled and completely made trouble.On the day of the funeral, Lao Fang did not appear, but some people said that he saw him running to a stream in Houshan and threw a burden into the water.

After listening, Awu immediately realized that his father was thrown on the placenta. He was worried that his father couldn’t think of it, so he sneaked to find it.As soon as he walked to the river, he saw his father, but at this moment he had removed the placenta that was thrown into the water, and hugged the placenta to continue to the depths of the forest.Seeing that he was curious, he secretly followed him, trying to see what his father was doing.

Soon, the two came to a huge locust tree one after the other. The old Fang had a word and started to chine the hole without saying a chisel.A large hole and put the placenta in.

After doing all of this, the old side did not leave, but leaned against the tree and picked up.Awu wanted to step forward to discourage, but was worried about quarreling with his father, and chose to hide in the dark and watch him silently.Unconsciously, the next day, after dawn, the old man immediately took out the placenta and walked along the forest road, and Awu continued to follow behind.

I don’t know how long, the old man came to a mess. After choosing a place, he dug out a large pit and buried the placenta into it.The practicality of Lao Fang’s head was too weird. The more he felt wrong, the more he felt wrong. He was worried about the accident and finally chose to come forward to comfort his father. The old man was very happy to see him.In front, I kept thinking about: "It’s almost true, it’s almost going, and you can rest assured!"

But his father’s crazy appearance made Awu very worried. He advised his father to go home with himself. As a result, the old man did not listen, but he yelled at him to leave.Awu couldn’t go down the mountain temporarily, but in order to figure out what his father was doing, he immediately asked a Taoist to help.

After hearing the ins and outs of the matter, the Taoist screamed badly, and then took the couple to the child’s grave, and yelled, "Hurry up, kill the chicken, just collect the chicken blood and collect it!"

Awu was stunned, but he returned to the village to kill chickens according to the Taoist priest, and got a lot of cocks.After the Taoist priest got the rooster blood, he immediately spilled him on his child’s grave, and used the blood of the rooster to paint a gossip array, and set up a god table in the center of the eye to prepare to open the altar.

The Taoist priest explained to Awu while preparing.On the dead baby, the dead baby is likely to start to live.

However, this is evil surgery. In addition, the death of a person’s death is the cycle of heaven. He is going against the sky. Even if the child can live, it is likely to be other horrible things.According to Awu’s description, I am afraid that the old Fang head has completed the four items of Jinmu and soil, and it will be worse. If he is unexpected, he will come to dig a grave at night to take away the baby’s body.In any case, Taoist priests must prevent this method from being completed.

Awu was shocked after hearing it. He didn’t expect that his father did so much. It turned out to be to resurrect the child.

In the middle of the night, as the Taoist priest said that the old man appeared with the placenta, and saw that the Taoist had a chicken blood on the beside the grave. As Mr. Yin and Yang, he immediately took out the spell from his arms and prepared to break through.EssenceBut as a yin, the placenta is most afraid of the blood of the rooster who is Yang to Gang. Although he is comparable to the Taoist priests, the placenta may have the possibility of collapse at any time.

Seeing this in the dark, Awu and his wife rushed out immediately, crying and kneeling in front of the old side, advising him not to be obsessed.When the old man was in his head, his tears flowed down instantly, and he cried: "My child, I have to do this, otherwise you have no children in your life!"

It turned out that the reason why the old Fang head rejected Awu and Rongyu’s marriage was to find that they were not in harmony with their eight characters. In this life, he was destined to have no children.The five elements of the five elements are back.

After learning the truth, Awu and Rongyu cried completely into tears. The two rushed up and hugged the old man tightly, and said that even if there was no child, they didn’t want him to happen again.Under the consolation of his son and daughter -in -law, the old man finally let go of his obsession, and the placenta in his hand was completely broken.

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