For 3 months of unemployment, I had a job but didn’t want to do it. I figured out these 3 points to make the right choice.

After being laid off by the unit, I have been living at home, from the beginning of the self -discipline to the blindness of today.At first, I also carefully made the children’s delicious meals every day, but as the school was on vacation, the meal was too lazy to make it.

This state is confused about the future and dissatisfaction with the current life.Just between this decadent, I received a call from my colleague. He said that I should have rest at home and should come out to find a job.

When he heard his introduction, I was still very excited, indicating that I still have some value, which can remind me of my colleagues.I know that people are 40 years old, and they are not easy to find a job.So I have never taken the initiative to find a job.

Subsequently, I went to the company introduced by my colleagues "forced". Needless to say, the interview results were very satisfied. The other party hoped that I would go to work immediately.I hesitated inside.After this rest for a while, I was afraid to enter the workplace again.

First of all, I do n’t want to live a duplicate life anymore. I can buy all my time at a salary of 2000-3,000 yuan per month.

Secondly, we learned from the other party that there are only 5 days of rest every month. There will be more overtime when there is no holiday.And when I am middle age, it is when there are old and young, and the child is still in elementary school. It is the summer vacation. I take the child alone. If I go to work again, I feel that I do n’t have time to accompany her.

Also, I am 40 years old. Even if I earn for 10 years, I can only earn 20-30,000 in a year. I still have to return to life again, but I lose it with my child.Make her fascinated on her mobile phone and develop bad living habits.

Because if I go to work, she is alone at home, and there is no adult at home. What she wants to do?After careful consideration, I decided to resign.

Anyway, it is already laid off now, and you may wish to live a way now.It turned out that I planned to take a break for a while, took my children to stroll around the summer vacation, and increased my knowledge.I don’t want to be a mother who does not talk about credit.

I have heard such a sentence, no matter what job you choose, you must be prepared to leave at any time.I used to think that I was ready to leave, but when I experienced it myself, I realized how helpless and confused the process was.

In this era, after three years of short stagnation, the original development trajectory has undergone uncertain changes. If you want to copy the life of his predecessor’s experience in the past, you will only get your hands.

There is no clear pursuit and goal, even if you give you the power of your helm, you will be afraid, because you do not believe in yourself and have no sense of security.

In this world, there is no work that can do it for a lifetime, if you want to live a life with a sense of security.You’d better have these 3 capabilities first.

Master of Management Peter Drucker said: "A person’s learning ability is his core competitiveness." No matter where you are now, how miserable you are, as long as you have a copy to calm down and learn to grow up for life and growth for life and growthWith the ability, you have the most powerful weapon to reverse the fate.

The classical teacher said: "In the era of this knowledge explosion, people did not fight and do not learn from people, but cognitive efficiency." Knowing how to build your own knowledge system can be done not to be confused by the surface of life and make it.New results.

Some people say that life is a circle of painting. Some people are repeated on the circle in their lives, but some people use a point on the circle to innovate the line that belongs to their own life.

Action depends on the idea, and the idea depends on cognition.Those who do not understand the break of the situation can never get out of the cage of self -restraint.Zhang Ruimin, the founder of Haier Group, said that the reason why Haier could get out of the predicament was because of the traditional thinking of thinking.

During the break, the height of your life is determined. As Hu Zhe said in "Unlimited Life", the challenge in life will make you understand what kind of person you should be.

The reason why mortals are ordinary is that they always say that they will only say that they do it after the conditions are mature.The reason why successful people can succeed is their extraordinary determination and execution.

The reason why Columbus can discover the New World is because of his powerful execution.He once said that there are many things in the world very simple to do, but the biggest difference is that he has done it, but you don’t.

Sun Zhengyi, a famous investor, also said: "The three -year -old ideas plus first -class execution power will always be better than the first -class ideas and the execution of the third -rate." Executive power is the combat effectiveness of your success.

There are many possibilities in life. How to choose is the key to determining your life.Only before choosing, please create these three capabilities to see the ending you want.


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