For a year and a half of pregnancy, I am promoted to be pregnant with a male baby twice!

I have always wanted to post records to share the process of preparing pregnancy. I was delayed to the prospective mother who is now in June. I have been happy during pregnancy. I have forgotten how I worked hard to prepare for more than a year ago.

I am a 88 -year -old middle -aged woman. My husband is one year old. After we ended 9 years of long -distance running at the end of 2015.After 4 months after marriage, I bought ovulation test strips, eaten folic acid, and started to prepare for the baby with confidence.Before that, contraceptive measures have been taken, and it has never thought that it is difficult to prepare for pregnancy.

In this way, when I started preparing for pregnancy, my aunt began to be inaccurate and gradually gathered.Later, the doctor said that I was diverse. Although it was not easy to get pregnant, I was very optimistic at the beginning. I knew that many sisters could finally get pregnant. My aunt’s cycle has been more than 30 to 50 days.The stubborn polycystic of my aunt for a few months is not serious, so refer to the various methods shared by everyone, drink black soy milk, exercise, etc.It was still fruitless all year round, and the weight increased by more than ten pounds and did not reduce it. The confidence had been defeated and disappointed countless times. Finally, I decided to pull her husband to see a doctor in the reproductive aid department to the urban hospital.

When I went to the reproductive department, I checked the blood of her husband to check the semen. The sperm vitality of my husband was about 70%. The problem was not big. If you prescribed some medicine, there was nothing wrong with him. After that, I just accompanied me to see it.I monitored the follicles for a month, and I did n’t see the follicles grow up once a week. The comprehensive blood reported that it was still polycysts. Let me eat it for a month for a month. I came to my aunt after 28 days.Back, I am very happy to go back to

Checking that there are many small bubbles on the one side, let me take another month of medicine.In this way, I ate Da Ying for two months. During the period, I went to do a fallopian tubal angiography. The sour process will not be mentioned. The result is good, and the fallopian tubes on both sides are unblocked.Then start preparing to promote the arrangement.

For the first time, I was as nervous and looking forward to when I was preparing for pregnancy. After a few days after ovulation needle.On the eleventh day, I finally didn’t live and tested it, and I was a familiar big white board. I almost didn’t cry!Waiting for my aunt to come and go to the doctor to say that the row failed.The doctor said that it would continue, you still don’t have to be nervous when you are young.So I ate more 5 days of Curmifen and other follicles to mature to promote exclusive needles.Talking about this time, I asked me to travel to Sanya, Hainan, in order to disperse my attention.So in order to make travel time, I was busy working every day. In order to wear a bikini swimsuit, the exercise continued. I went to run with my friends every morning. I still ran after the ovulation needle., Just a trot jog.The time to travel is just about ten days after the promotion is promoting. I am still afraid that the aunt in the middle is a pity that the aunt is coming to play. It is a pity to buy a big fire bird floating. I can sit on it to play with water.In this way, I prepare for travel every day. It is very fulfilling, and the attention is not in the case of pregnancy at all. Only the work of travel is waiting for the travel days.

2. If you do n’t worry about pregnancy, do n’t have to look at all kinds of Chinese medicine and gynecology, let ’s go naturally, and you can go straight to the reproductive pregnancy department if you are anxious to get pregnant.3. The polycystic is related to endocrine. Do not resist Western medicine and western medicine. Although traditional Chinese medicine also has a role, it has a long treatment time.In addition, I have to pay more attention to work and exercise. I was preparing to resign myself in the year of pregnancy. I was very busy with work. I often stayed up late and worked overtime. I rarely walked in front of the computer all day.The cycle also lengthened.So work schedule and exercise are particularly important!

4. If you are busy with work, you can ask the leader to ask the leader to adjust or change the job. Do not resign at home to concentrate on pregnancy without necessary. Only focusing on pregnancy not only takes time and energy, but also makes your other half of the pressure.Ability is also a great comfort.5. Do not set symptoms after ovulation. I have been confused many times. There are various symptoms after each ovulation.In the end, I did n’t feel much after ovulation this time. I started to feel chest pain when I was almost in bed. At that time, I was able to test it.So there is no egg for nervousness.After ovulation, find something to divert my attention. It ’s okay to run and jump. I was still jogging in a few days after ovulation. I also had a bicycle. I should have a bed time in the past few days. I play with the pool every day.In short, relaxation is more helpful for pregnancy.6. Different places for twice.When the follicle was promoted to 18mm for the first time, it was poured on the same day.The second ovulation promoted the follicles to 24mm. Only the next day, I went to push down. After arranging two days of homework, it was monitored and determined that it was lined up.

My baby just passed the four -dimensional day before yesterday. The doctor hinted that it was a male baby. As long as he was born safe and healthy, he was satisfied.

Through these, I still have the dietary recipes bought by the trustees here. Everyone has the problem of irregular menstruation to private.

May your sisters on the road to pregnancy upgrade soon!

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