For the first time, go to cupping, not safe?Beauty artist pointed at the fire extinguisher with a smile and said safety

Humor jokes: The company’s owner and the manager of the personnel department are Weng Yu.This morning, the manager called him to complain.The boss asked doubtfully: What’s wrong with you?Are you crying like this?The manager then replied: Dad, my wife and I quarreled again last night.The boss asked: Is the quarrel abnormal?As for crying?He cried and said: Of course, not only the quarrel, she also started, and she slapped me.Now I ca n’t even get in the company’s door, and I ca n’t recognize my face!

Humor jokes: After studying a master’s degree in Peking University, I entered an IT company as a supervisor.Because I have received higher education, the female boss attaches great importance to me.After get off work last night, the female boss took me out for dinner.Walking, I suddenly held the female boss in my arms and said, "Don’t move, my ex -girlfriend in front, you cooperate with me, I will tell you a secret!The female boss had to follow suit.After walking for a while, I said that this secret was that I didn’t know that woman at all.

Humor jokes: quarreling with my husband, my husband smiled and said to wash my face.I lay on the sofa, asked my husband to apply the mask, apply the mask, apply clean milk, massage, then wash it off with water, then apply the essence, and then pat my face!That guy, shocked the sky, I burst into tears!After the shooting, I looked at the slightly swollen face in the mirror, and looked at the proud husband, I think, I am a routine business!

Humor jokes: I went to the south a few days ago to travel on a business trip, and the moisture was heavy.My colleague suggested that I go cupping, but it is wet.Because this is my first cupping, I asked worried: Is your cupping safe?Beauty masseur said with a smile: Safe!Absolutely safe!Do you see the bottle of fire extinguisher in the corner?If it will be burned in the future, the fire will be extinguished in the first time!

Humor jokes: The fat man could not find the object because of fat. Recently, he always devoted himself to female colleagues, but the female colleague had been married for two years. Do he want to ask a female colleague to introduce the object?In the office, the gossip four colleagues ate melon one by one: two people are suitable for age, but female colleagues are so slim, can they see fat?In the morning, the fat man asked a female colleague what to eat at noon?Then the fat man bought a meal for female colleagues, and he bought two of the same meal by himself.The fat man was talking about what he ate at night in the afternoon?Their topics seem to be inseparable from eating.A month later, fat and female colleagues became fat.Female colleagues are very happy, and fat people are also frustrated.The female colleague said to the fat man: At noon, I want yesterday’s set meal.Do you have two copies too?The fat man smiled and shook his head: I want to lose weight, just eat the same package as you, your body is very good, you can lose weight with you, who thinks we are all fat.Female colleagues laughed and trembled: The fat man is too interesting!I want to prepare for pregnancy, who eats these to increase fat, who will let you follow up?Essence

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