For the first time, it’s best not to be abortion.

When some young people are in love, due to the vigorous secretion of hormones, sexual relationships abound.However, because you are young and ignorant, many people do not understand some contraceptive knowledge, which eventually leads to unexpected pregnancy.Pregnancy is very scared for those who are not ready to get married.After all, you are young. It is the period of hard work of the career. I do n’t want to be held by children like this, so many young people will choose to go to the hospital for people in this case.

The flow of people is a remedy after contraceptive failure, which will not have much impact on the health of most women.However, it may also promote some women in some gynecological diseases, which will affect fertility.

My former colleague was quiet (pseudonym) and talked about a boyfriend when she was 20 years old.The two did not have a long time to live together. Because they were young and ignorant, and the two people lived together, they hid their families, so they were pregnant.At that time, I was really young, and I didn’t think about getting married so early, so they finally decided to go to the hospital to do the flow of people.

After a few years, her boyfriend had a successful career. Not only did I buy a house, but I still had a lot of deposits after buying a car. It was already a local rich man.At this time, the two had begun to plan to get married.So at this time they intend to have a child.

But they were pregnant for many months, but they still did not succeed.Finally, they both went to the hospital to check.The results of the test were blocked by the woman’s fallopian tube, and there were some problems with men’s sperm.In this way, quietly embarked on a long path of medical treatment.

I remember when she was chatting with me, she said that she went to the hospital for treatment yesterday.But that day, when her boyfriend came back to see her, the two couldn’t help but did something unspeakable.(Her boyfriend is doing business outside)

After many treatment, she still did not succeed.During the past few years, she has been to large and small hospitals.Just when she was about to be desperate, she was ready to give up, and suddenly she was pregnant.Recently, she heard the news of her successful production and was happy for her.

Flowing wounded

Although many people only know the flow of people, they still choose to do it without a way.But some people feel that there is nothing!In addition, many hospitals or magazines now promote painless people, and the price is super cheap.This will make some young people want to move.

With the development of medical technology now, it will take anesthetic when doing the flow of people, so patients do not feel any pain, and it is over for ten or twenty minutes to lie down, that is, it is only spent some money.This idea must be wrong.

Although the pain of abortion is not strong, whether it is drug flow, curettage, or induction of labor, it is still very big to women’s physical damage, especially when the operation is unsuccessful.

The flow of people can easily cause complications

Many of the people who choose to be people now are unmarried or students.They are pregnant, and they must be hiding the flow of people from their parents.After the flow of people, they must not get enough care and rest, and they may continue to work or go to school.After the flow of people, if you don’t pay attention, it is easy to cause complications.For example, gynecological diseases such as pelvic inflammatory disease, menstrual disease, adhesion of uterine cavity, and fallopian tube blocking can affect women’s fertility.

However, the main reason is that because women who have no birth have been closer to the cervix and a long neck canal, it is easy to cause damage and adhesion during surgery, and cause complications of artificial abortion.Of course, after treatment, most of them can be cured, but some will not heal for a long time.

Therefore, from a scientific perspective and the safety of fertility, it is best not to do the flow of people in the first child.

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Some young people may do something that should not be done under the vigorous secretion of hormones, which leads to unexpected pregnancy.But these two people did not treat each other as the object of marriage, and finally had to make the worst plans.But after the flow of people, we must do the following precautions:

1. Be sure to pay attention to personal hygiene, keep the genitals clean, and change the underwear frequently.

2. Do not take a bath within half a month.If you take a bath, it is easy to make some bacteria enter the vagina or pelvic cavity.Generally, abortion surgery must be performed through the vagina, so if there is bacterial invasion, it can easily cause some complications.

3. Sexual life must be prohibited within one month after abortion to prevent infection.

4. It is best not to rush to get pregnant after abortion, because the endometrium after abortion takes 4 to 5 months to fully recover normal.If you are pregnant again at this time, it will be unfavorable to the growth of the fetus and future production.

Compared with the flow of people, it is best to prevent it and take contraceptive measures.It is best to take some contraceptive measures when you have not planned to get married and have not yet prepared for your mother.

Male condom

Male condoms can be said to be the gospel of unmarried women.For unmarried women, the best way to contraception is to let the other half use male contraceptives.There are also some inferior condoms on the market, causing contraceptive failure.Therefore, buying a condom must go to a large shopping mall to buy some formal condoms, just in case.

Ordinary contraceptive

Some men feel uncomfortable, so they are unwilling.Then women can take some contraceptives at this time.General contraceptives and emergency contraceptives must be clearly distinguished!If you want to get pregnant again after taking contraceptives, it is best to get a baby in half a year after stopping the medicine.

For the first pregnancy, you can do abortion surgery, which will affect the body.Therefore, in order to avoid physical sins, it is best to take some contraceptive measures.

Sisters, what do you think of the flow of people?Whether there are some first tires around you to have a flow of people, and the story of influence on the subsequent fertility, welcome to share!

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