For the first time, the tomato persimmon is made.


Tomatoes are a kind of fruit and vegetable food that we often see in our daily life. Its nutritional value is very high. It has rich vitamins raw, and cooked eating also has various nutrients needed by various human body.The most classic dish is tomato scrambled eggs. Almost everyone will make it. A person who can’t cook, but it will make tomato scrambled eggs, which is an essential skill for young people.This also shows that many people like to eat tomato scrambled eggs, but this time does not share this method this time.To share is a five -star recipe.

I have seen this tomato practice for the first time. After eating, it is amazing. The taste of sweet and sour and glutinous rice is the highlight that the meat filling and shrimp are brewed into the tomato.The method of brewing into fruits and fruits.The mouth of the shrimp meat is fresh and tender, with sweet and sweet tomatoes, the taste is rich in layers, it is very refreshing, and it is not greasy at all. You can eat three directly.There is also a layer of sour and staggered juice on the surface.

This is a very nutritious and healthy approach.Friends who lose weight can also try. With a little staple food of low sugar, it can be said that it is a satisfactory fat loss meal.For the first time in this method of tomatoes, I was very satisfied after trying it. I like to eat it and share it with friends who are interested.Friends who lose weight or like refreshing food can try it. Friends who like it can try it when you are free. Let ’s share detailed production steps below.

【materials needed】

Three tomatoes, one piece of pork, appropriate amount of shrimp, appropriate amount of salt, appropriate amount of pepper, appropriate amount of cooking wine, an egg white, an appropriate amount of starch, an appropriate amount of oil, appropriate amount of green onion ginger, appropriate amount of starch water.

【Production steps】

1. Prepare three tomatoes and hit a cross with a cross on the tail.

2. Cut it at the root and dig out the flesh inside.The flesh is kept, and the soup is boiled in the back.

3. Chop a little pork and set aside.

4. Remove the head and shell.Shrimp is cut into small particles for later use.

5. Mix the minced meat with the shrimp, add salt and pepper, cook in an appropriate amount of cooking wine, and stir well.

6. Pass into an egg white, a spoonful of starch, and finally add a spoonful of edible oil, stir well and marinate and taste.

7. Fill the fillings into the tomato.

8. Steamed cold water for 15 minutes.

9. Pour the oil and add the onion ginger and stir -fry.

10. Then pour the shrimp head and shrimp shell, and fry the shrimp oil.

11. Pour in a large bowl of water and boil on high heat.After the water is opened, remove the shrimp head and the shrimp shell.

12. Pour the tomatoes and flesh in and cook him soft.

13. The steamed tomatoes are taken out and buckled it on the plate.Tear off the surface of the surface.

14. Tomato soup filter out the tomato skin.

15. Add salt and pepper, pour the appropriate amount of starch water, and cook it until thick.

16. Drizzle the tomatoes and sprinkle some shallots.


1. There are not too much pork filling, and three can be filled in about 150 grams.

2. The seasoning is adjusted according to personal taste. Those who like to eat sweet can not add salt without salt, add some tomato sauce to thicken.

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