Foreseering disaster in the dream, some can escape



The story I want to tell today is actually a bit sad, and it comes from the personal experience of a beautiful girlfriend.It is not the kind of "beautiful girl" that everyone calls anyone, but a real beauty. She looks like Chen Zihan, who played Yin Li in the 2003 version of "Tianlong Babu"."Recognized" by the passengers next to it, chasing a photo.

The beauty is from Wuhan. It happened that Chen Zihan also native of Wuhan, so next, I will call her on behalf of Yin Li.

Yin Li said to Mr. Vientiane: "I want to talk about what, you may feel nothing, but I feel very magical."

When Yin Li was young, the family lived next to a university, and the building was built in 1980.It is rumored that during the War of Resistance Against Japan, the area where this building was located was 10,000 pits.Later, in order to dispel evil spirits, the universities were built there, because the number of college students and the heavy yang, I hope to calm down.

When I was very young, there was a fortune teller that Yin Li was relatively strong, and she didn’t know what it meant. Anyway, she often had a dream since she was a child, and almost every time in the dream was chased by the devil. She followed a large group of people.Stopped and kept hiding.

With Yin Li’s nightmare, the content is basically devil.He was eighteen years old, and Yin Li finally left the old house and went to Hankou to work.She rented a house and lived in a nightmare. Even if she dreamed, the most fierce was just quarreling with people. She would no longer dream of the Japanese.


At the age of 26, Yin Li quarreled with her boyfriend. The mother was distressed by her daughter. She asked her to go back to the old house for a while and calmed down her mood.Yin Li was actually very resistant to her heart. She didn’t like to return to the old house. Even during the day, she always felt that she was particularly scared when she stayed in the room and didn’t know what she was afraid of.

But you can’t always use this reason to refuse the mother’s kindness. It is not only hurting, scary, and unclear.So Yin Li went back to the old house and lived.

Unexpectedly, it’s come.

For three consecutive nights, Yin Li dreamed of her father. His father in the dream was bloody, and he was chopped a lot of knives. He kept struggling and shed a lot of blood.

Yin Li had a psychological preparations about returning to have a nightmare, but she was strange and nervous.On the afternoon of the third day, she called the father in a business trip.After listening to what dreams she had done, my father smiled and said, "I’m pretty good recently, and I have a medical examination. I have nothing to do.

Yin Li said, "I really dreamed of the same thing for three nights. It’s terrible. You are careful when you go out recently. Otherwise, go to the hospital to check it carefully?"

His father was very upset, but he was still a little superstitious. After listening to Yin Li, he went to the hospital and did a more comprehensive medical examination.After a week, my father called Yin Li, and the results of the medical examination came out. In the late stage of cancer, the doctor said that he could not live for half a year.

This was a matter of 2006. It didn’t take long for Yin Li’s father to leave.The father and daughter are connected, and Yin Li’s dream is accurate, which is a sign.In Zhihu, there is a hot post. The question of discussion is "Will there be a sign before the death of the loved ones?" Many people wrote their answers, which is eye -catching. Interested friends can go and see.


After a few years, Yin Li returned to the old house to live again, and the nightmare came again.Yin Limeng came to her mother, and was pressed into paper people by the falling cabinet.The dream was terrible, and Yin Li woke up directly.

With the last lesson, Yin Lifei asked her mother to go to the hospital for examination. The mother couldn’t hold her, so she went to the medical examination. As a result, she was scared. There was a bad thing in her body to operate.

The hospital arranged a large surgery for her mother. It took a long time. There was an accident during the process, and the mother was almost dead.It may be that life shouldn’t be absolutely. The mother took a trip at the ghost door and picked up a life.

If it wasn’t for Yin Li, her mother would not do it.If some later discovered, the problem would be serious.The remembrance was scared.

Because of these two things, Yin Li didn’t want to return to the original house in this life.She felt that the dream of doing at that home was particularly accurate.

After moving away from the old house, she still dreams, but she won’t dream of the Japanese anymore.Later, the old house was demolished, and Yin Li felt like this, and no longer had to go back to live.

Yin Li said that she is telling real people. The old house was next to WHLG University. It was called Sygc College before, and did not know if the college students living inside had any amazing stories.


Yin Li did not believe in these things that before. After experiencing these incidents, she felt that there must be some unknown rules outside the human perception system that promoted the operation of the world.

With the understanding of Mr. Vientiane, this rule exists, and it is called "Tao" in the Tao Te Ching.

The place where the old house is located must have a problem (the child of Yin Li’s neighbor’s house is almost the same age as her, I do n’t know why, I always jump off the building), but not everyone who lives there has such experience.

It may be because Yin Liren is relatively simple and has few thoughts. It is like a radio with a high sensitivity of an antenna and accidentally received a strange channel. The local area is special and the signal is extremely strong.

Some people must cultivate the day after tomorrow (real practice, this is only the ability to bring in the process, and should not be attached to this purpose), and some people are born with a wide range of channels. If they are guided a little, they will be purely familiar and free.EssenceOf course, Yin Li didn’t want this kind of ability, she felt terrible.

What if it is you?Do you want to?


Foreseering disaster in dreams usually occurs between the best relatives. The heart is connected, and the quantum is entangled with quantum, which is strong and real.This is not a new thing. Many friends around you have talked about similar things, and there have been many records since ancient times.Ji Xiaolan in the Qing Dynasty talked about something similar to Yin Li in "The Summer Record of Puyang":

There was a family slave on the ancestor of Ji Xiaolan, named Da Yue, who was only fourteen years old.His mother dreamed that Da Yue was tied up and placed on the chopping board. He was slaughtered. He was full of blood. The person who fucking swords and swords, specializing in his key parts, seems to be very puzzled.

The mother was very scared. After waking up, he called Da Yue to follow him and told him seriously that he should never be in dispute with others, otherwise there will be a blood disaster.

Da Yue listened to her mother very much. Don’t hurt her. It was peaceful for a while, but it should always come.

One day, Dayue went down the river to catch fish with people in the village. He was very powerful and caught a big fish. The wild fish of that era was quite large and had two feet long.Da Yue was very excited, standing in the mud on the shore, raised the big fish to everyone.Speaking of time, the big fish suddenly twisted his body, and the big fishtail was like a slap, and he slapped him heavy.

Da Yue’s left face was recruited, and it was planted in the mud.The big fish took off, and jumped into the water three or two times.

Everyone laughed, but saw that the moon didn’t get up for a long time, so he hurried forward to help, only to find that he was full of blood and lost his breath.It turned out that a broken bowl was trapped in the mud, and the gap was very sharp. It happened that the temples that stabbed Da Yue were weak.

Unexpectedly, the nightmare of Da Yue’s mother was really a warning. The scene in the dream is similar to hell, but the disaster is unsatisfactory, and it is fulfilled in another form.

The old saying: Yan Wang teaches you to die, who dares to stay to the five.Facing the warning in the dream, some people were slow, thinking that it was just a nightmare; some people were keen and immediately mentioned alert.Someone can escape, some people can’t avoid it, and those who can escape the calamity are the people who accumulate good and virtue.The so -called poor life, its own fixed number in the meditation.

At this point, Mr. Vientiane suddenly discovered that Yin read the yin and was away from the fire (gossip Li Gua).The house she lives is heavy, and the fire represents the nervous system and eyes. The rare name of "Yin Li" has not appeared in my mind. When I first knocked on the keyboard, the spirit machine was grasped.Similar to plum blossoms, she actually coincides with her experience.

Sure enough, Vientiane all has mysteries.

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