Forty -two -year -old ringing is a blessing or a disaster

When I was informed by the doctor, I was stunned at fourteen weeks of pregnancy.

I repeatedly asked the doctor to verify, "Did you test the error?"

The doctor’s expression was serious and gave me a white eyes.She asked me to carefully see the B -ultrasound printed by the computer.

Looking at the small embryo shadow on the B -ultrasound, I was embarrassed and helpless.There are 10,000 reasons in life in life and the current family conditions that have been warned me that I have no conditions to ask this child.

The daughter was about to take the entrance examination immediately. At this critical moment, what she needed most was the care and care of her mother.

My husband and I run a husband and wife shop. When I am in one point, all the burden will be pressed on him alone. In addition to operating a good business, he has to pick up his daughter to school.And he would not have the trivial matters of laundry and cooking.Both of us are people in other peoples and their loved ones are not around.For a long time, who can help us help us with their lives.

What’s more important is that it has not been prepared in this regard. This is a biggest difficulty in us, and it is also the biggest difficulty.

The more I thought about it, the more I was chaotic. After a few minutes of my thoughts, I asked the doctor if the doctor could be the flow of people immediately.My heart collapsed tightly, and my palms were sweating.

The doctor was silent, and I was even more nervous, like a child who made a mistake, waiting for the doctor to deal with it.

The doctor looked up and looked at me. His eyes were a lot soft, and his voice became mild.

"It is normal to fall off after a long time. This is God’s will! This is also a fate. You can consider it clearly. Go back to discuss with your lover and make a decision."

A older sister who was older than me came to consult a gynecological department. She may have heard my situation, and she also voted for charity and talked.

"Yeah, this shows that this child has a fate with you. If you are a girl in front of you, maybe this is a boy! Want, others want to ask for it!"

I am not a person who is easy to say by others, but this time, my hard and cold heart becomes soft.

I have no position, no claims.This is not because he is a male light and a woman, but because he believes in this so -called "fate".

After I was uneasy, I trembled and asked the doctor with my lips. Was conception with a ring had any effect on the fetus.

The doctor said that this situation varies from person to person. This ring has some effects on the fetus. Some people will also abortize naturally in the middle and late pregnancy. If you are sure that you want this child, you must check it regularly.

My slightly relieved heart was hanging again, and the flavors were mixed.

I am forty -two years old and belong to older conception.Generally, normal people are at this age. If you want to determine the regeneration of children, you will repeatedly weigh the advantages and disadvantages.And I still have a ring with a ring, and my body is very thin.

Contradictions and concerns are about to destroy my fragile nerves.

This age that the world is regarded as "forty is not confused" has become the most confused time in my life.

Lonely me, standing in the lively crowd, is small and helpless.

I walked back in a heavy step, and I walked for more than 40 minutes for ten minutes.

On the way, I used WeChat to tell my husband roughly, and the B -ultrasound also sent him to him.

Back in the store, I thought he would be as worried as me, who knew he said lightly.

"You can be pregnant with the ring, it seems that we should buy Liuhecai."

The guests happened to be in the store, and he went to business again.I sat aside, and my heart was messy.Perhaps men’s nerves are better than women, and maybe he can’t realize the physical and mental exhaustion of women when giving birth.

Yes! How can there be a real feeling in the world?

In the next days, I continued to struggle in confusion and fear.At night, I was hard to sleep, and I couldn’t sleep in various postures.My husband might notice my pain, touched my hand, and comforted me.

"Don’t be tangled, let’s ask this child. You have a good appearance, and there will be nothing. You go to the hospital for a medical examination."

I "um", I felt calm in my heart, and fell asleep deeply.I slept very well on this puppet, and slept until dawn.

I have never told my daughter.It was not intentional concealment, I really didn’t know how to talk to her about it.

Because pregnancy is not in our plan, it is just a cause and a special situation.On the one hand, she is still young, and there is no need to bear pain for her parents’ troubles and even affect her learning. On the other hand, she is worried that she is opposed to crying.Because many similar events are seen online.

Paper bags can’t hold the fire, what should happen still happens.On Saturday, my daughter wanted to use my mobile phone to do an extra -curricular job, and accidentally saw the B -ultrasound picture of the pregnancy test.Sensitive and intelligent, she blushed, and ran over with her mobile phone and asked me. What was going on.

She asked me when she would conceal her, and I persuaded it to be comforting and raising the field.Not only did her daughter not listen, she was crying even more. She locked herself in the room and didn’t want to care about me anymore, and she didn’t eat dinner.I said it, she refused to open the door.

After a while, a quiet sound in the room had no clip.She didn’t make trouble, but I panicked, knocked on the door, and wanted to talk to her again.However, the door could not be knocked out. I was even more anxious. I twisted the door handle hard and was too hard. As a result, the door lock was twisted.

The door opened, and she still ignored me. She just looked down on the paper to draw something, and she was unwilling to eat.

On Sunday, my husband and I discussed bringing my daughter out to disperse, and then chat with her.Her daughter was sitting in the back seat, and she said, the more she said, and pointed the finger directly to her father.

Her husband drove focused on, endured a word, and his daughter vented.The daughter was unreasonable, saying that her father was an old -fashioned, he was a male, selfish, and didn’t care about women. Why did he want to have a son not to discuss with her, and did not ask her not to agree with her.

Her husband finally couldn’t help it. He raised his voice and wanted to suppress his daughter from the momentum.

"Why are I old feudal and selfish, I don’t know if your mother is pregnant with a boy or a girl. Besides, what our adults do not need to pass your consent."

"I am also a member of this family, why do n’t go through my consent?"

The daughter was right and cried again after speaking.

My husband no longer said, I persuaded this from the middle to comfort the that, but the two sides were not pleased.My daughter blame me too much to hold my husband, and my husband blames me to break the daughter.

Is this all my fault? Why is it always me? I said to myself.

"If not, I simply do the abortion, so you are happy?"

"That’s your business, you make a decision yourself."

My daughter went back to me and then played her mobile phone.Her husband swallowed his mouth and increased the throttle.

Later, our family went to Guangzhou to watch the exhibition. On the way back, the daughter no longer made trouble, and the person became gentle and smooth.

When she returned home, she pulled my hand and asked me to go to her room.Inside, she closed the door and hugged me crying.

"Mom, I checked it online, and the flow of people is dangerous. If you go to the flow of people, will you die?"

"It is possible, but not necessarily." I stroked my daughter’s hair and said helplessly.

"Mom, I don’t want you to die, you are born, it is best to be a girl, the name must be raised by me. When you are born, you have to raise it yourself. Don’t give it to your mother -in -law."

I held my daughter tighter, she was more kind and sensible than I thought.In order to work, I stayed in the countryside for three months to bring her mother -in -law for three months. The mother and daughter suffered.She doesn’t want to let her brother and sister repeat the same mistakes.

The daughter also gave Dad three chapters, asking him to do more housework in the future, and care about his mother.Husband agreed happily.

In the following days, the family took care of me.The husband’s help handles do some heavy housework, and the shopkeeper also learned to buy food and cook.

When her daughter goes to buy with me, she always holds my arm to help me, although I have n’t been awkward for the time being, so care is.She always rushed to mention heavy things, and always protects me, reminding me to pay attention to pedestrians and vehicles.

I regularly go to the hospital for a check -up. I was particularly nervous before each examination.

The stomach is bulging day by day, and everyone is commented and guessing that I am pregnant with a boy or a girl, but what I am most concerned about is whether the fetus is healthy.

Before the due date, I returned to my hometown to prepare for delivery.Her husband took the business in the shop alone, washing, cooking, doing hygiene, picking up his daughter to school, and getting busy every day.

But I can only be in and waiting for medium days.One night when I dreamed of a dream, I dreamed that a gray -black snake went straight into my body. I woke up with me, and I was awakened.

I quickly picked up my mobile phone to see Zhou Gong interpretation.There is a saying: dreaming of snake metaphors will have a boy.Another saying is that snakes represent villains, and things that mean bad disasters.

I have a lot of thoughts, trying to stay calm, and comfort myself in my heart.

"No matter what happens, you must look at it. It’ s blessing or a disaster.

The next night, my stomach was sore, and my uncle hurriedly sent me to the hospital.After a whole night’s pain, the amniotic fluid finally broke, and I went to the operating table.

I cooperated with the doctor’s instructions, forced, inhaled, renewed, and then inhaled. I continued a few times, and finally gave birth to a baby boy.

The child is cute. I am the only one in this outbound room and the oldest one in this morning.

Looking at the little pink face of the little baby, I was pleased and happy, and everything was relieved at this moment.

A few months later, my husband took me and my son back.Our family is reunited again, and its joy is mellow.

Now the son is almost three years old, lively and cute.Her daughter was admitted to college this year and learned the major she wanted to learn. She was smart and sensible.Husbands are still warm and considerate, and relatives and friends are also harmonious and friendly.

Love is the spring breeze, which can make flowers.Love is the sun, which can warm the world.Love is a bodhisattva, who can Puandu beings.Therefore, we must love everything around us, because it can maximize the happiness we want.

Whenever we, we should not worry too much about what has not happened.Many times, things are not always as bad as we think.Everything must be correct, let it go, and let it go.Let the one that should come, go.

What we have to do is to face everything frankly and work hard to live every day.Treat others well and treat yourself well.Always hold the biggest expectations for the future. I believe that tomorrow will be better, everything will really be better.

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