Four reasons lead your palace Han, send you a trick to drive the cold, it is very detailed!

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Author of this article: Gao Rongrong

Speaking of the uterus, we often think of a very famous word -Gong Han. The maintenance of the uterus and the prevention of the disease are closely related to the palace cold. The focus of prevention is to "warm the palace."

Today, we specially invited Teacher Gao Rongrong to tell you what is going on with "Gong Han".

Gong Han, as the name suggests, is the cold of the uterus, and there are some sayings called kidney deficiency palace cold and blood.In the true sense, Gong Han is the lack of kidney yang in the body.

Gonghan accounts for about 50%of gynecological diseases and gynecological infertility. The uterus that Chinese medicine is called is not only the room for breeding the baby, but also includes the gynecological reproductive system and related functions, collectively referred to as the cell palace.

The cold of the uterus is not a single disease, but a summary of the clinical symptoms of the cold manifestations of patients in Chinese medicine.

We can test whether we have a palace Han: 1. I often feel that the complexion is very poor, especially the position of the face is green, and the energy is bad.2. Stop handle in the lower abdomen, and feel cold.3. The leucorrhea is many and clear, and it smells fishy.4. The menstrual period is either early or after the wrong.The amount is small and the color is darker.5. Looking at your tongue, you will find that the tongue coating is white and slippery. What does it feel like slippery?Just like the tongue can reflect, it feels like a mirror.6. Afraid of cold, I often feel that my waist and knees are sour and cold, and my hands and feet are cold.7. The complexion is dull or pale, like the face is not washed, and a layer of sand is covered. The paleness does not mean very white, and there is no gloss, as if anemia, slightly blue.8. "Sexual interest" is not high, and has not moved for a long time.The uterus is too cold, and the quality of the endometrium is not good, and a embryo cannot be given normally.

What are the symptoms of Gonghan?You can take a look at these symptoms, and you can deduce yourself in the reverse.

1. If the cold palace is severe, it is easy to accumulate fat in the lower abdomen.

2. It is prone to problems such as gynecological inflammation, uterine fibroids, infertility, and habitual abortion.

3. Dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation … the main manifestations of some cold disease.

4. Vaginal secretions have odor, increase leucorrhea, abnormal menstruation, and unable to secrete mucus normally, which may cause discord of sexual life.

5. Old, ugly, spots on the face, and acne.The face is yellow and long spots, and it is a brown sliced spot.Acne is also closed, or the color is relatively darker.

Congenital constitution:

Born in the cold, and this cold does not necessarily come from the mother, the physique of the father will also affect the child.Although not 100 % inheritance, from the perspective of living habits, regional characteristics, and genes, cold parents are more likely to have cold children.

But this is not absolute. If the parent’s body is adjusted, the child can have completely different constitutions.

living habit:

Poor living habits may cause cold palace, love cold drinks, be greedy for cool, air -conditioning temperature in summer is too low, exposed waist and ankle in winter, etc., will accumulate inferior roots.

Many young girls don’t care much and feel that they have no problem, but when they are a little older, all kinds of problems are showing.

Fast weight loss:

Fast weight loss, the body lost a lot of energy substances in a short time. In the process, there was symptoms of yang deficiency, causing the body to become cold.

And because of the loss of energy and material and lack of qi, the cold evil will also attack the body and attack the uterus.


Women need to consume a large amount of energy and substances for women, and abortion is equivalent to the energy material in this process, and it will also lose a large amount of qi, blood, yin and yang.

If after abortion, do not pay attention to cultivation, then the damage caused by miscarriage to the body this time is not just consumption of energy material, qi and blood, yin and yang, but also causes cold evils.Essence

Seeing this, you should understand why the maintenance of the uterus should start with the warm palace?Maintaining uterus and preventing diseases is the first principle.

Internal cold takes the principle of supplementing the kidney yang, helps us fight against the cold evil, and then add some warm fever to the warm palace.

The external cold should be driven by the principle of driving, scattered cold, wetting, and promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.Foreign cold can be treated. It must have a brother -wet, cold and wet together, it is difficult to eliminate.

It is necessary to disperse the cold cubes that have been frozen there, then remove the wet, and then solve the problem left by it by promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.It is a big principle to remove the ice cubes and remove the garbage tissue that has been attacked around the ice. This is a big principle.

How to do it?


Women cannot be greedy, so they should still eat hot and warm food in daily life.For example, red dates, ginger, brown sugar water we often talk about.

You can also drink hot spicy soup, hot and sour soup, etc. before meals. It has a better cold effect.

In daily life, we often stay there after the rain is dripping, so cold, but take a hot bath.

But if you touch the tip of your nose and ears with your own back after the rain, it is found that it is cold, indicating that this cold evil is not the cold evil on the surface, and it can’t dispel a hot bath.At this time, you have to drink ginger brown sugar water, five slices of ginger, put two spoons of brown sugar, and cook for ten minutes.

Drink all 300 ml to 500 ml of water. You must feel that the whole body is warm from the inside out, and the tip of the nose will not be cold. Otherwise, continue to drink after drinking the next day, continue to drink, or drink continuously until continuously,It feels like a slightly warm hair and warmth.

living habit:

If you move, you can use yang. You can take the method of fast steps to mobilize the body’s yang to run in the body and remove the cold.

There is also a very important way to avoid the cold, which is more important than exercise, because in fact, many people are not very exercise, but avoiding cold must pay attention from all aspects of life.In addition to dressing well, there are many small details.

For example, when lying on the table at noon in winter, it is actually easy to be invaded by the cold. Be sure to cover your back and waist on your body.Or have the opportunity to go out and walk around, touch fresh air, and dry the sun.

Raising method: Soaking feet -The method of soaking feet in the warm palace

10 grams of wormwood, 10 grams of safflower, 6 grams of cumin, and boil in the water for 15 minutes. After the water temperature is appropriate, soak your feet.Boil, place it in the time when you can soak your feet, soak for more than 20 minutes.

It is the best feeling that it feels like being soaked to touch the neck. At this time, it is completely unobstructed by the Renmai and Du veins, so there will be a slight sweating on the neck.Take attention to avoid sweating.

In this way, the role of soaking feet is to warm the palace and cold, promote blood circulation and stasis, and clear the meridians.


The warm moxibustion of the warm palace can moxibustion Qihai Point, Guanyuan acupoint, uterine acupoint, and Shenli acupoint.

Qihai Point directly goes down in the middle of the navel 1.5 inches.

Guanyuan Point, 3 inches straight down in the middle of the navel

The uterine acupoint, the middle of the navel, go straight down 4 inches, then open 3 inches to the side, one left and right

Shenxian acupoint is the belly button

Moxibustion starts at ten days before menstruation, moxibustion is one hour a day, and a course of treatment for ten days. The menstruation stops moxibustion and insists on the three menstrual cycles.

You can soak your feet every day, or you can not soak your feet when you can moxibustion.

You can also make a nine son Fuyang Bao to correspond to Gong Han.100 grams of cassia seeds, 100 grams of peppercorns, 60 grams of white mustard, 60 grams of Joan seeds, and 60 grams of psoralen, put them in a cloth bag, and add a thicker cloth bag outside, you can use a microwave oven.

It can usually be used in the position of the neck, shoulder, waist, abdomen, and knee joint.The warm palace is mainly used in the abdomen and waist.

The Paudi acupoint at the waist is that we often say that there are eight holes in the lumbosacral region. It is the projection area of the uterus in our back lumbee.

The warm palace can also drink, ingredients: 60 grams of jujube, 20 ml of ginger, 10 pepper, 500 to 800 ml of clear water, an appropriate amount of brown sugar.

First slices the ginger, the jujube will be removed, and the pepper grains are cleaned. After the water is boiled in the pot, put red dates, ginger, brown sugar, and pepper.Boil medium heat for five minutes, then replace it with low heat, and boil for 10 to 15 minutes.

Drink in ten days before menstruation, take 14 days in a row, and insist on taking three menstrual cycles.

If Gonghan is particularly serious, you can moxibustion and drink the four -thing soup of the warm palace at the same time. If it is not so serious, pick one.

In the above method of warm palace, people with cold and cold in the palace will have very obvious effects after use, and their bodies will feel comfortable.

Note: People with mild uterine fibroids can also be used, but if your uterine fibroids are greater than 5 cm, there may be uncomfortable symptoms after the warm palace. It is recommended not to use it.

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