Four years ago, the 67 -year -old aunt in Shandong was accidentally pregnant and threatened that he would not bother his children. What is it now?

"I want to give birth, no need to manage it when I give birth."

On October 25, 2019, Aunt Tian, 67, gave birth to a baby girl who weighed five pounds or two.

Overcoming the near -ancient age, the weak body of the disease, the puzzled eyes of the children, and the overwhelming evaluation, the two elderly people made up their minds to give birth to the gifts given to this day.

In four years, they passed by, and their sparse couples and her 4 -year -old daughter, how are they now?

One day in 2019, Aunt Tian, who was preparing lunch for her family, suddenly felt abdominal pain. She really often had abdominal pain and had no strength. This time, the pain was stronger than before.Down.

This is incomparable, and the results of the husband and wife can’t believe it at all.

"Auntie is nothing, it is pregnancy." The doctor’s calm tone did not reduce the impact of the news.

"I am 68 this year, she is 67, you are not kidding a doctor?"

Although rare, the doctor still confirmed this fact: Aunt Tian, 67, was pregnant.

Sentences and rationality are tearing with each other. Aunt Tian and Uncle Huang discussed for a long time. In the end, they couldn’t make up their minds completely.

Doctors said that because pregnant women are older, and they are sick before, the risk of fetal preservation is higher.

Aunt Tian’s physical condition in recent years has indeed been not good. Previously, she was admitted to the hospital because of a sudden cerebral infarction. She said weird. Since the hospitalization, some strange reactions have occurred in her body.

Since 2015, Aunt Tian has often dizzy, feeling that her chest tightness is short, and her body is weak. At that time, she only thought that it was overworked and went to the hospital for examination. The doctor also said that there were some qi stagnation and blood stasis.In 2018, Aunt Tian was diagnosed with a cavity cerebral infarction, and she was old, and it was an unavoidable thing to get sick.

After treatment for a while, the doctor prescribed some drugs that softened blood vessels and promoted blood circulation and removing blood stasis. As a result, they took medicine and stopped for more than ten years.

Aunt Tian was a doctor before retirement. She had worked in the municipal maternal and child. She thought it should be a reaction caused by the drug. Although she was scared, she didn’t care too much.

Uncle Huang always couldn’t rest assured, asked the nurse, and was told that it was a normal drug reaction.

The regular holidays that come every month on time given Aunt Tian when they return to their youth, but the routine holiday suddenly disappeared again. It was thought that the drug response finally passed. Now it seems that it is because of pregnancy.

Aunt Tian and Uncle Huang have two children, both of which have passed the age of forty years. If you are young when you are young, you are the joy of being a husband and wife. You only need to make a decision with their hearts., I have to consider the opinions of her brother and sister.

Uncle Huang on the phone seemed a little embarrassed, but he told a pair of children about his wife’s pregnancy.

Sometimes, silence is also "deafening", or Uncle Huang took the lead in opening: "The fetus is still the stage of fetal buds. It is a bit unstable. You need to be hospitalized to observe. You come to the hospital first and then discuss it."

The 67 -year -old natural conception is also a strange thing for the hospital. When shocked for an incredible life, the hospital also needs to inform the risks.

For older pregnant women, coupled with the history of cerebral infarction and the entanglement of chronic diseases, the insurance is still determined as soon as possible. The hospital needs to take measures immediately.In fact, doctors are not recommended to protect their tires, and the risk is too high.

Son and daughter’s attitude is also very clear: disagreement.Parents are close to 70 years old. Whether children can be born safely, who will raise, and who educate them, these issues have to be considered as children.Moreover, parents already have two children, and they may face super fines.

But in the hearts of the old couple, how big it is to give up such an old age, how big it is, and it is not easy to give up.

Facing the stubborn parents, the daughter said directly: "If you want to leave this child, don’t recognize my daughter." The son was not so decisive, but the meaning of expression was almost the same.

For them, parents have a stable pension. They usually bend and tease their dogs. They take their children to visit at the New Year.

This child who appears out of thin air will undoubtedly make such a life completely in the past. In the future, there may be endless torture, and they will come because of the child’s arrival. They do not want to accept this result.

Before retiring, Aunt Tian was a doctor. Uncle Huang was a lawyer. The current retirement pension has more than 10,000 a month, which gives them confidence.Aunt Tian said to her children, "I want to give birth, the child does not need to control it." She understands the children’s concerns, but she is also angry with their attitude.

Although there are many strange eyes and remarks in the process, the child has come to this world smoothly.It is a girl. She was not born at birth, but Aunt Tian said that her child was healthy, and there was no difference from the full moon. In the little body of five pounds, she was full of her parents’ love.

Uncle Huang, who was the dad, became the happiest man in the world. He was busy replacing the comfort of the past. The family and the hospital were running at both sides of the family."Father" is all this newly born elf.

Although Aunt Tian had just experienced a cesarean section, her little daughter’s little face really made her think of how to think of it. She felt that all her suffering was worth it.According to her, the younger daughter and the eldest daughter looked very similar when they were young, and she seemed to return to more than forty years ago.

Since Aunt Tian has been born to give birth to a daughter, the family has received great attention. Sometimes they also put some photos of their daughters on the social platform to share joy.Questions, but they still think that the child is blessed, and she is the right decision to give birth.

Uncle Huang named the younger daughter "God".Aunt Tian looked at the baby girl who was sleeping in her arms, and could not help but say: "I think she will thank us when she grows up and bring her this world."

They are the blessings of each other.

Since the "popularity", Aunt Tian and Uncle Huang have become "celebrities". At first, they went out with God -free. Someone misunderstood that this is the granddaughter.It’s right.

However, there will still be some troubles to come to the door.One day, the two took their baby at home, but there were guests visited. Do not ask for it, but what I asked was outrageous: "Mr. Huang, please tell me the secret of having a child, I will definitely give it a lot."

Similar things are more than once, and it is not surprising to see too much, but they also admitted that there is no so -called "recipe", and everything happens naturally.

What is gratifying is that the heat not only brings trouble, but also brings opportunities. Xiaotian has received a lot of attention. Her strange life is still a cute appearance, which undoubtedly has become the best "traffic password".

In 2021, Uncle Huang opened the video account of a platform. Under the company’s operation, it quickly increased powder, sent videos, and opened live broadcasts. By sharing the growth process of Tianci, the account also made some money.

Faced with the accusations of using his daughter as a "wealth tool", Uncle Huang admitted that he would save the growth fund as a heavenly gift to ensure that the child grew up and receive education.

Although the eldest daughter and son never appeared in these videos, Aunt Tian and Uncle Huang obviously did not have been affected too much. They made a choice, so they were the biggest thing they are now.

However, there are indeed very much risks with 67 -year -old daughter. It hurts the mother’s physical damage. The consideration of the two children is not unreasonable. As they said, the mother’s health, the growth and education of the sister, these negatives of these negatives, these negativesThe influence is likely to bear them.

Their reactions can be understood, but in the face of their parents, if they consider the problem from their own perspectives, although they may not be very wrong, they will look ruthless.

Recently, many netizens have discovered that Aunt Tian has not appeared in the video for a long time. Some people broke the news that since fertility, Aunt Tian had three retinal surgery.It has not appeared in the video for a long time because of hemiplegia.The unprecedented account number also seems to confirm this on the side.

As soon as the news came out, the entire network was uproar. Some netizens who had previously opposed attitudes even said at this time, pointing out that the choice of the old couple had caused this result.

Faced with overwhelming doubts, there was no official response. In this year’s Father’s Day, Uncle Huang released a video of celebrating the festival with heaven, breaking some rumors.

The videos of a family of three appeared together and walking out of the way, which also made the previous rumors of "hemiplegia" not attacking themselves, but from the video, it can be seen that Aunt Tian’s right leg is really stiff.Essence

In any case, I hope Xiaotianci can grow up happily, and also hopes that the two elderly people are as saying: "Health is 100 years old."

Life is always surprised to us. Aunt Tian, 67, ushered in the gift of God after a serious illness. In the face of this accident, they did not panic and accepted it frankly.

Under the reality of aging population, and young people’s lives are becoming more and more overwhelmed, no children have children not only make many young people worry, but also become the troubles of some big and old couples.Factors such as attitude and other factors are difficult to fully take into account.

But no matter what the choice, it should be the result of thoughtful."Born" is a real problem, but sometimes, the real problem may also need some "idealism" answers.

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