Frequent cramps during pregnancy, you need to pay more attention to these daily taboos, less stimuli, cramps can be relieved

Crassing during pregnancy is a very normal pathogenic phenomenon.All of this is due to the increase in the burden on the leg muscles of pregnant women, and the proportion of phosphorus and calcium in the body is unbalanced.Coupled with too much walking during pregnancy, standing for too long, this will make the calf muscles sore, and cramps will occur.In the face of these situations, we should pay more attention to these daily taboos.

Frequent cramps during pregnancy, you need to pay more attention to these taboos

If you really talk about this, then you should first have taboos.I have to say that some pregnant women are still working hard during pregnancy, such as often trekking or doing some strenuous exercise.Especially in the work, women have to invest all their energy into their careers, so that they will make themselves very busy and exhausted.

These women have the same characteristics, that is, they will stand frequently, so that they will cause excessive fatigue.The tension of the muscles is not eliminated, and excessive acid metabolites will stimulate the muscle caused by cramps.This also tells us that one thing is that during pregnancy, do not overwork. This approach has no good for our body.

If you really use your legs, you should soak your feet with hot water. It is best to take a hot bath and massage your feet and legs at the same time, so as to reduce the accumulation of lactic acid and avoid leg cramps.

In fact, some pregnant women have never noticed their bodies, so that their bodies are always in a passive situation.If you really want to avoid such problems, then we should avoid cold. The calf muscles are often easy to cool. This is because it is stimulated by cold, which will cause spasm and cramps in the leg muscles.

Most of them will appear in autumn and winter, because some women often love beauty, they will wear less clothes in autumn and winter.This approach itself is incorrect. In the winter, we should wear thicker pants as much as possible. Cotton pants and pants must be worn.Do not reduce wearing for beauty, this will only make your body worse and worse.

If a woman maintains some position for a long time, it is also easy to cramp.I have to say that some pregnant women have poor habits, such as often leaving Erlang’s legs.Such a sitting position itself has no benefit to pregnant women. Such a sitting position is most likely to cause leg venous pressure and blood flow to be blocked, so it will cause blood flow stasis.

When blood stasis reaches a certain degree, leg spasm will occur.Therefore, when you are sitting, you must sit normally. Do n’t raise Erlang’s legs. It is not good.

Furthermore, many pregnant women will feel that sleeping more during pregnancy is good for their own body, and this idea is incorrect. Don’t feel the better you sleep.If a woman sleeps for a long time during pregnancy, then the blood circulation will slow down, so that the metabolic wastes such as carbon dioxide will be piled up in their bodies, and at the same time, it will cause muscle spasm.

This also means that we can wake up naturally every day. We can do it at other times. Through exercise, we can not only reduce the condition of leg cramps, but also make our bodies better.So don’t feel that you should lie at home every day during pregnancy. This is a very incorrect way of doing things.

There is also not wearing high heels. Many women like to wear high heels, but we also need time. If you are really pregnant, don’t wear high heels.The height of the shoes and heels of pregnant women should not be too large, otherwise it will make women’s legs very tired, so it is easy to cause leg cramps.

We can wear flat shoes or sneakers in daily life. Of course, air -mats are also good.The biggest advantage of this kind of shoe is to fit the feet, and at the same time, it can be close to the feet and feel comfortable to wear on the feet.In this way, there will be no problems in the process of walking, and it will not make us feel too tired.

After the child is completely born, we will choose high heels, and at this time there will be no different pools.Therefore, it can be seen from the angle of the side. Women at different stages have different choices of shoes. Do not wear wrong shoes.

In fact, it is normal for women to have leg cramps during pregnancy, but we can also avoid such problems in a series of ways.As long as you can pay attention to these daily taboos, at the same time do not have too much stimulation, cramps can be relieved.In the face of this problem, we should also treat it with caution. Do not make the body of pregnant women worse, which is not good.

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