From pregnancy to three years, two years

” ” “: Chocolate cysts caused by endometriosis of uterine endometrium are difficult to get pregnant.EssenceToday, the eldest capital is in the sixth grade, and the second child is also in the third grade. The experience of the pain and happiness is about to be forgotten by me. It takes some time to record.

Ready to make a baby: I am 25 years old and my husband is less than two years older than me. Two young people started to buy a house in vain in Shenzhen, carrying a mortgage, and did not dare to ask for a child.By the age of 27, I urged my family, and I felt almost a baby.

Sunny Thunderbolt: Make a good mind in the end of 2009. At the end of 2009, during the Chinese New Year, menstruation arrived as scheduled. The dysmenorrhea from the beginning of the tide was even more painful.After the sheets, the second driving went to Peking University Hospital for examination. The B -ultrasound found a chocolate cyst on the right, and the six sex hormones were checked to show that the testosterone was high.The mood was suddenly hit to the bottom of the valley.So from the 2010 New Year, I have put pregnancy to the first thing.

Active treatment: I found a bunch of infertile groups on the Internet in Shenzhen, and added one by one, so I couldn’t go to work well.see a doctor.The number is difficult to hang. After hanging up, I found that this is not to look at it once or twice, but a long -term difficult process.

Chocolate cysts are actually a manifestation of endometriosis. It is that the endometrium is not accompanied by menstrual discharge after the endometrium falls off. Instead, it goes to the ovaries and parasites.EssenceThe treatment method of chocolate cysts is generally to control the menstruation without coming. Otherwise, it will grow again and again with the arrival of each menstruation.The best way to control is pregnancy, and taking medicine.Take medicine is obviously not desirable.If you ca n’t control it, it will be surgery to be more than 5cm long. I ’m afraid that the cyst is too large or reversed in the abdominal cavity infection.

The treatment of Western medicine is on the one hand to take Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine and proprietary Chinese medicine, and on the other hand, monitoring ovulation is actively pregnant.So I opened the course of seeing a doctor once a week. Because the doctor was quite hot, we had to get up at five in the morning to go to the city’s maternal and children to register and queue up. Every time we prescribed the medicine, and then monitored the follicles. Except for the B -ultrasound, the body thermometer sent by the doctor.The first thing every morning is to fill the body temperature and curve.Every day in a group of hundreds of people, I have seen some people who have not been pregnant for a few years, and some people report the goodbye after watching it for a month or two.I also checked my husband to check sperm. There were more sperm deformities, and the activity was not good, but the doctor also said that as long as a man has a living sperm, he can get a woman to get pregnant, but he also prescribed Chinese medicine for conditioning.I opened the journey of Chinese medicine for our husband and wife for more than half a year. Sometimes I even drank it. I drank each other’s medicine with each other, and the two medicine jars in the family cooked the medicine.

Pregnancy is like making the original bullet: pregnancy is eager, often running the hospital, and you can’t go to work.In the end, you can only resign at home passively.At home concentrated on pregnancy, it really opened a health life. Soaking your feet and moxibustion (burned a few holes in the sheets and wooden floor at home), cooked medicine, and cook well.Keep in the hospital. If you hear the doctor every week, you will be happy for a long time.

The middle husband’s company organized to go to Lijiang to play, and I also followed my heart. After I came back, I felt that this was not appropriate for a long time. Instead, I would think about it. I went to work again. I went to a listed company. On the first day, I would arrange me to work overtime.I wanted to resign at the time, and the leader later stayed and stayed.

In fact, the pressure of her husband is also very great. The B -ultrasound is monitored to the ovulation period. The doctor began to arrange the homework, and after the arrangement, the husband hinted that the husband would work well at night.As a result, it is often on that critical date, and her husband is forced to do it with pressure [cover your face]

By September, the aunt was late and felt that there was a drama. I tested the two bars with shallow and looming, and quickly went to the hospital to draw blood. The show was really pregnant.The mark was not deepened, and the HCG value of the blood on the next day also fell. In the end, the blood collapse, and the doctor said that it was biochemical, but the fertilized egg was unsuccessful and dropped.At this time, the pressure continued to increase, and my cyst has grown to 5cm, and it is the critical point of surgery.The doctor encouraged me that the lowest certificate of biochemical can be used to get pregnant smoothly, so that I will continue to make people not stop.

Difficult to protect the fetus: By October, I suffered a lot of pressure and finally got pregnant.[Yeah] But it is just the first step of the Long March, because it is a baby who has not been able to get it, pay special attention and be careful, and find that the progesterone is low.Time also make up HCG.Go to the hospital the next day to draw blood to see the value.So I often went to the hospital to queue up in the morning, and went to work after drawing. I went out to the hospital in the afternoon to see the results. The doctor adjusted the medication according to the numerical value of progesterone and HCG.Weltone represents the mother’s environment. If there is a shortage, it is necessary to supplement progesterone. HCG represents the growth of the child, which will usually double the next day.

So I took blood 17 times in the past three months. I insisted on playing with progesterone for three months in the morning and evening. Because the progesterone was an oil agent, the buttocks were swollen, and I could only use a towel to apply hot compress.Also insist on drinking Chinese medicine for tires.Because he is a sister of Xiang, the taste can only eat a better appetite.After three months, it was difficult to survive.The smell in the office cannot be smelled, and you can only move a stool every day and sit in the corridor.When I went to the hospital for MT screening, I found that my chocolate cyst was larger than the child.

It was difficult to cook for 34 weeks. After a weekend at home, I finished lunch at home. When I woke up, I got a bit anxious. Suddenly I felt a twisted belly, and I couldn’t bear it for half an hour.Qiaoqian’s condition, the doctor immediately returned to the hospital for hospitalization, and the initial judgment was that Qiao Qiao was crushed to the abdominal cavity by the child. At that time, I asked me if I was born in advance. In view of the 34 weeks, the doctor still took me a tire protection and so on.Conservative treatment measures.In this way, after staying in the obstetrics for a week, he returned home.

Surprise Maternal Girl: Going home has not come out until the due date.I was hospitalized again, and I have lived for a period of 9 days after a week.In the course of a caesarean section, the doctor said that he did not find a cyst, nor did he peel off the cyst skin.Born is a girl with 7 pounds and 6 two wrinkles.

After the surgery, the baby will be pushed out together on my feet

It was a surprise for the first time. Before a night, the child spit coffee -colored liquid was hospitalized and was hospitalized by the freshman.Looking at it for a while.

My husband was taken with a camera at the time, and looked at the camera every day. Sometimes he sobbed

Postpartum depression: After having a daughter, she quickly forgot the experience of hardships and seeking baby, and lived an ordinary and happy life.However, after going to work three months later, I found that my tailbone was broken. After sitting for a long time, my butt was numb. The more powerful was that the legs were numb.So I opened a year of hospital examination and did a nuclear magnetic resonance in the tail. Anyway, I couldn’t sit for a hard bench.I couldn’t resign.If you resign at home, you have no intention to look at the baby. You can only let my mother -in -law bring me. My mother -in -law is in my fifty -year -old age and helps me bring it well.Then I exercised, moxibustion, and suspected that I was uncomfortable wherever I was. This year, I successively made the lumbar magnetic resonance, gastroscopy, laryngoscope, breast color ultrasound, etc., and finally realized that I had postpartum depression.After finding the reason, it was relieved.

Unexpected second child: I resigned and returned home to raise my body. It is estimated that the daily routine is laws. The exercise is constantly. The juice is playing every day, and it is harmonious with my husband. The two people take a walk every day.The liquor ignition and the zodiac will massage me for a month.One day I found that I was very tired, my husband stayed at once, and bought a early pregnancy test paper at 10 pm, and there were two bars in a few seconds.At that time, he scared him and shouted two in his mother -in -law.The next day, I took me to a woman and children to find an expert, saying that I could ask for the children of the zodiac. The doctor said that as long as I can get pregnant smoothly, and this does not toss, it proves that the fetus is healthy.It’s right.My husband was not assured and took me to Hong Kong to find a doctor.Finally, I decided to cherish it well, after all, Erbao came inadvertently.We didn’t go so much to protect the fetus, so we went to the hospital to open a little luteal ketone to eat, and did not take blood.Then during pregnancy, I also tossed my house and went to the hotel for more than a month, and rented a house for three months.In short, it is brave.After a full moon, I made an appointment for a cesarean section, and it was a baby with 7 pounds and 6 pounds. The boy, made a good word.The doctor said this time to peel off the skin of Qiaoqian.

The boy’s head has no hair, and the jaundice is high

The second child who got the accident was made by me.

Breast milk for more than a year after giving birth, menstruation did not come, and menstruation came after weaning. I listened to the doctor’s advice and went to Man Yuele’s ring.One.This uterine endometrium is really tossing me. I can’t get the class often, and the painful death is to roll the sheets.When I was a girl, I took a lot of medicines, and I would be solved by taking a fen every month.So now many people tell me how to detoxify that you go to Man Yuele?Is it bad?I don’t listen to it. For me, it is the greatest happiness to not pain in menstruation.

Now the 11 -year -old daughter has grown as high as me, and her son has reached the age of mischievous.It is said that women have a child and the scars forget the pain. I remember that this difficult process does not feel bitter but a painful and happy experience, but if I let me come again, I do n’t have any time at the age of 40. I do n’t have any time.Courage.So it is destined to waste a three -child fertility indicator.

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