Funny!Changde women’s uterine mouth opens abortion, obstetrician exquisite "lock doors" to protect pregnancy

Ms. Zhang successfully kept the fetus.

Red Net Moments Changde February 22 (Correspondent Yu Ting) "October in October, Ping An Birth" is the wish of every mother to bred a baby.Recently, Ms. Zhang, a pregnant woman who was only 20 weeks pregnant, came to the obstetric outpatient clinic of Xiangya Changde Hospital due to her lower abdomen pain and a small amount of brown secretions in her body. I accidentally found that her cervix had expanded.Risk of abortion.The obstetrics and anesthesia surgery department performed an emergency cervical ring, and the fetus continued to grow in the mother’s uterus.

At 20 weeks of pregnancy, the palace mouth is wide, and the risk of abortion will

Ms. Zhang, a 22 -year -old pregnant woman, experienced a thrilling day.Soon after getting married, she was pregnant with my beloved baby. The whole family was very happy, but at 20 weeks of pregnancy, she found that a small amount of brown secretions appeared in the vagina, which made her panic.

As a result, Ms. Zhang was accompanied by her family and went to the obstetric clinic of Xiangya Changde Hospital.The gynecological examination found that at this time Ms. Zhang had 3 cm in the mouth of the palace, and the cervical mouth was clearly visible to the amniocemic cysts."It is inevitable that there are miscarriage, and the cervical function is incomplete!" Li Limei, deputy chief physician of obstetrics, immediately diagnosed and immediately arranged for patients to be hospitalized. At the same time, Zhang Fei, director of obstetrics, reported his condition.

The situation was urgent. After Zhang Fei came to the ward, she asked the medical history in detail to learn that Ms. Zhang had an occasional distension discomfort a few days ago, but she did not pay attention.Zhang Fei instructed immediately to inhibit contractions, prevent infection, and improve related inspection and inspection.While comforting her anxious pregnant women, she informed that her cervix was very relaxed and did not have the function of normal cervix. The only effective treatment was to perform emergency cervical rings and lock the "door" of the cervix.Such surgery is difficult, technical requirements, and many postoperative complications, but this is the only hope!

"If you don’t have surgery tonight, there may be abortion!" After full communication, pregnant women and family members agreed to choose surgery.Immediately improve the preparation of surgery and contact the anesthesia surgery department for emergency surgery.

Emergency cervical ring tie, "red rose" to protect the fetus

After the anesthesia was effective, the surgery began. The vagina saw the amniotic sac out of the cervical mouth during the operation. It can be clearly seen through the amniotic sac.It may cause the fetal membrane to break.

Facing the living little life, Zhang Fei, Li Limei, etc. are more careful than usual operations and softer than usual."Red Rose", after the postoperative examination of fetal fetal hearts and powerful, the surgery is successful!

At present, Ms. Zhang is undergoing tire protection under the guidance of obstetric experts.I hope that the next time, Ms. Zhang and their babies work together to successfully give birth after full moon.

According to Zhang Fei, if pregnant women with incomplete cervical function can be used in time to avoid abortion, premature birth, etc., many pregnant women have not been timely or have enough understanding of this disease due to the lack of delivery.It is easy to delay the optimal treatment time, and eventually abortion and premature birth.

Zhang Fei introduced that the current cervical ring tie operation is: 1. Preventive cervical ring tie operation: There have been many times of natural abortion or premature history, or ultrasonic examination of the cervical length of <25 mm.Spell.2. Urgent cervical ring tie operation: On the premise of excluding early production and premature peeling of production and placenta, physical examinations have found that the palace mouth has expanded, and even the amniotic sac has taken off the cervix.Cervical ring tie operation.This technology has been successfully carried out in obstetrics, the technology is very skilled, and high -level medical care provides high -quality medical care for pregnant women.

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